Date: 16th October 2007 at 11:47am
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Vital Blackburn are pleased to announce that the latest Australian arrival to Blackburn Rovers will be to this very website with sasman joining the Vital Blackburn team.

Rovers have a history of signing Southern Hemisphere stars (mainly Australian’s) and sasman has the potential to be one of the very best, obviously Australia’s neighbour New Zealand have produced quite probably the GREATEST ever Southern Hemisphere import that Rovers will see, the legendary Ryan Nelsen!

Vital Blackburn’s MikeyGamst had this to say: “Frankly having an Aussie on board that can speak bitterly after the crushing Rugby defeat will only make things better!!!

Sasman’s primary duties are to get a debate going on what we feel the Rovers starting XI could be each week and he will also pay more attention to the reserves, something which this website tries to do, it is just hard to find the time (these were BOTH ideas that he brought to the table himself!!!) He will also play his part in reporting the breaking news, with his being based in Australia potentially meaning this site should never sleep!!!

Some of sasman’s theories are interesting to say the least, but he will be warmly welcomed onto the websites team of journalists (don’t take this too literally, as I KNOW some people use this as a weapon against us, but we are fans when all is said and done, some people expect us to be professional journalists, which we aren’t, well apart from roversman!)

He might not be available much at the moment, but BomBom still had this to add: “He wanted Rovers to sign Grella and Bresciano and now Vital Rovers are joining in by signing an unknown Aussie that hardly anyone has heard of either!!! Good to have him aboard and welcome from the land of my fathers!

All that is left to say now is to wish the self-proclaimed “Thunder from Down Under” all the best of luck, and welcome him aboard, no doubt the VBers will do just that.



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  • You will official be added to the Site Journalist team soon dude, this is being sorted by the Vital Football Admin team.
    Good luck dude, I’m sure you will do a great job. Welcome to the team!!!

  • Hey, cheers dude thats an awesome article, thanks too all the lads welcoming me aboard, im sure i wont let you down, would ya be able to make it Sasman lol, cheers mate

  • Welcome aboard dude Sas, great to see some foreign flair added to the line up, we will be a force to be reckoned with. I’m excited about this reserves focus. Sorry no quotes were forthcoming from me for the piece but having a sieve for a brian doesn’t help at times. Good luck on your debut piece pal.

  • roversman, by us not saying anything at all in quote form we said MORE than enough, he knows how we feel.
    Welcome to the team sasman, you’ll do us and Blackburn Rovers proud, from strength to strength for Vital Blackburn now, we would good before, we should be even better now!!!

  • Bents4eng – Good to hear from you dude, I don’t think we have much recently have we? And I was just thinking about you earlier when I was going through my emails and found one of your previously submitted articles.

  • Sasman, I backed your bid, so don’t let me down brother!!!! Jus kidding, Im sure you will be a great addition and do all the VBers proud!!!! Congrats.

    PS. hope to be back full time to entertain the VBers and annoy the Spuds fans soon. Miss ya all!

  • Miss ya to bombom…lol so who didnt back my bid hehehe nah thanks very much everyone for the support. I hope i can continue the great work HDM, Roversman, MikeyGamst and Bombom do, as well as the rest of the VBer Clan

  • dont give Bommy any bigger head than he’s already got lol!!!! just kidding mate! welcome aboard sasman, another great addition HDM!!! where do you find them??? I am in New York at the moment guys so if I am bit quiet at the moment it is because I am trying to find a yankee that doesnt call football soccer!!!!

  • mikey it wont happen they think the game they play with their hands is called football makes no sense to me at all they only kick it like once every four hours!

  • sasman – I was dead against working with an Aussie, tried convincing them all to say no but they weren’t having it 😉 lol!!! Of course I’m just joking, you’ll be a fine addition to the team, goo luck and most impotantly ENJOY!!!

  • I’m not envious at all of you being in New York MikeyGamst, MUCH!!! Lucky git. However, the “soccer” reference would drive me mad, there is only one REAL football, and that isn’t the one they play using their hands!!!

  • New York OR Sydney, I’d take either, but STILL wouldn’t accept the kind of football (Aussie Rules) that they play in Oz as being football lol!

  • To me, Football – Chicago Bears, Footy – Rovers, Soccer – something they only play in the USA, aussie rules – HAHAHAHAHA

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