Date: 13th January 2010 at 8:28am
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Rovers boss Sam Allardyce is facing a backlash in the morning papers with many suggesting that the Rovers boss is close to losing his job.

The Daily Mirror is the main one which states that two bad showings against Aston Villa in the Carling Cup and against Fulham on Sunday will seal his fate.

An angry minority of Rovers fans is slowly turning into a majority as performances have dipped dramatically in recent weeks.

There have also been reports that players are not happy with the public criticism of them by Big Sam and there was also a heated slanging match after the 4-1 reverse at Man City on Monday.

Adding into this that the travelling faithful also ‘mocked’ the long ball tactics in the crowd at Eastlands as well – means Allardyce is losing the crowd as well.

The Rovers board does contain some strong Big Sam backers (including John Williams) but the more neutral members are really strongly starting to doubt his ability to keep Blackburn Rovers in the league.

So there we go, Sam seems to be on a slide to losing his job… the players have turned against him (allegedly), the board are losing patience and the fans are by the day revolting against the tactics!

Not good reading for Sam this morning.

Oh and the Mirror also throws a bone that the availability of Mark Hughes interests the Rovers board… they may even be prepared to pay to change management again.


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  • I doubt Hughes would come back.. and also if he did would probably not be as good as before. But saying that if he definitely said he would come back then we should jump at the chance!!

  • Interesting but still he is is boss, so let us now just get behind the team and win the match against Villa…..cheers

  • I have to admit I have defended the team and manager to my friends since his appointment, and I am losing patience fast! I listened on Five Live on Monday night and it sounded woeful. The difference when describing both teams was laughable, every time City got the ball you felt like something was going to happen, the neutral commentators were getting excited, when rovers got the ball there was an inevitability that with in the next 30seconds we would give the ball away!! I am not looking forward to the three matches coming up that I have the privilege of having paid to go watching in person. Why can he not see that it’s just not working?! I remember when we got relegated last time round, it was the same excuses, the balls just not falling for us, we should have taken our chances, we could of had more points!!! it’s all too fresh in my mind!!!

  • ive been sniffing around whilst in the pain of summer uni… article of the week…..full stop…..also i noticed your cheap shot in the match report….watch it delap!!!!! lol cheers for that buddy…..looks like people are finally agreeing with the Sas…. Allardyce, time to go…….though we are leaving it too late now, action must be taken soon

  • I don’t think changing the manager will help – we got rid of Ince, replaced him with Sam – which I was against in the first place – yet people cheered eventhough we knew what we’d get in terms of football style. Now things are back to the way it was before, so we want to sack the manager again! This costs us a lot of money which we don’t have. I’m sure we will stay up this season – although we will suffer with lack of entertainment – but you need to ask yourselves – 1. Is there a better manager to replace him (I don’t think Hughes will return) 2. Should we be pointing the finger more at the players for poor performances – i.e. not taking their chances to score (again which we had plenty of chances against teams, there is a lack of fight and determination) 3. Will getting a new manager in improve our situation – we have limited funds for players, and would we get an experienced manager to win a relegation scrap?

  • I personally am not convinced we should sack but like the board, a couple more performances like Monday and I am going to start agreeing with Sas… and nobody likes that!! lol

  • I agree, it does seem like the players are just not fighting for the results, no matter what the formation/tactics. Changing the manager is not ideal especially if you look at what else is out there, but can anyone seriously say that we have played a good game since MacDonald(hint) handed the reigns back?

  • Oh come on guys, why we getting dragged in to this??….the margins are soooo small in these games..we’ve drawn 5 out of the last 10 and could esily have won 2 or 3 of these…(Samba from 3 yrds in the 89th minute against Sunderland rings a bell)……more to the point, name me one manager who has a better chance of keeping us up?? I dont see an alternative, do you??

  • I’d take it with a pinch of salt Mikey, their “exclusive” is regurgitating stuff written on the BRFCS forum, of which the journo that wrote the story is a member.

  • I doubt the board will sack him as long as we arent in the relegation zone. I’d wager Sams brief before the season was to remain in the league and so far so good. Of course there are issues and it does seem as if something is amiss in the dressing room, what with the Dunn and Mccarthy rumours. I’d back Sam to be here come seasons end but if we have survived by the skin of our teeth I think it will be time to look elsewhere.

  • I don’t believe this for a minute – there’s always the BSA haters that will use any excuse to stir up trouble. Unless there is a major rift behind the scenes I can’t see Rovers changing management now – the main reason above all is that it would be difficult to appoint a new manager before the transfer window closes. If they were going to do it they would have done so in November or December (as with Paul Ince) to give the new manager a chance in the transfer market – what can a new manager achieve when the window closes???? Secondly Rovers are playing in the Carling Cup semi finals – the story will look pretty stupid if BSA manages to lead Rovers to Wembley!!! The danger for BSA will be if Rovers flop (as per Monday’s non-performance) and they lose the next two home games – if that happens and Rovers risk nose – diving then the picture may look a bit more bleak! As for the players, they should resent being criticised – on Monday night THEY were terrible! If there is a trouble maker in the dressing room then he needs to be rooted out and booted out!

  • PS Has anyone considered the timing of this report? The eve of the Carling Cup and an attempt to distract Rovers’ attention from the task wouldn’t have anything to do with it??? Or am I being too cynical?

  • We won’t sack Sam. And there’s no reason to go after Hughes. Plus, the irony would be incredible if Burnley had signed Hughes. They would have our old manager, we would have Bolton’s and Bolton now has Burnley’s.

  • Allardyce is ill is he not? That’s the only explanation i can fathom for how inexpelcably sheite Balckburn appear to be.

  • Personally I’m not sure I’d be looking for a change just yet and even if we did why would Sparky come back?? He left us as he felt he’d taken us as far as he could so wouldn’t the same just happen all over again?? We’ve very much taken our eyes of the prize with everything except the Carling Cup so this better be worth it or Big Sam might find himself in a spot of bother!!

  • Whilst I don’t believe we will sack BFS anytime soon, as we are not a sacking club, something has to change. I don’t get to see many matches being half way around the world so I listen to Radio Rovers on t’internet and even the guys who broadcast on there sound depresssed. In all areas of the pitch we seem weak. Our defence just lets in too many goals, our midfield gets overrun and is completely lacking in ideas and our goal scorers couldn’t score in a brothel!!!
    I have to say a lot of this has to be laid at Big Sam’s door. His constant moaning and negativity must get to the players. We’ve all had bosses who are like that…everything’s someone else fault.
    This is similar to Ince and in complete contrast to Hughes. How often did you hear Hughes say such negative things? Even though he had no money he got on with the job. Yes he was castigate the players when they needed it but never in such a public and regular manner.
    I was ambigious when Alladyce was selected. I realised that he had done a good job at Bolton (although despite what the press always say they had not done as well as Rovers had in that time) and thought that he’d been a bit unlucky at Newcastle. He seemed used to working on a shoe-string and we all know of his track record of getting the most out of ageing players. That surprises me the most in this whole debacle…the way he has spoken about McCarthy, Roberts and his other “senior pros” makes me wonder about what approach he took at Bolton with Campo, Djorkejee (sic) etc. I doubt if it was similar to this. Perhaps the problem is that he feels frustrated because he should be at a big club and coming to Blackburn was a backward step for him. Let’s give him to the summer or if we drop into the relegation zone before getting rid. Unless Hughes is willing to come back, in which case I will show BFS the door myself. Allardyce has to get us in the final of the Carling Cup and comfortably mid-table for him to silence the critics.

  • LHrover. It isn’t BSA that is selling the best players – RSC & Warnock were sold to keep debt at bay – BSA has less money than any recent manager. Unless he lets some of the older (under – performing) players go, he can’t get in younger, faster energetic players in the Kallanic & Hoillet mode. If our ‘star’ players performed then fine but some of them are not performing to their potential – they need to go and pave the way for the future stars.

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