Date: 4th November 2009 at 7:03am
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First of all. Let me get the report out of the way.

Today’s press is reporting that Big Sam Allardyce has placed a 3.5 Million Pound transfer fee on South African International Benedict McCarthy. The 31 year old is apparently unhappy with the lack of appearances as he aims to make a return to the National team in time for the World Cup.

Allardyce is quoted saying

“At his age I`d understand if he wants to play first-team football. At the moment, he can`t get it here”

This is bound to cause a stir with the Ewood faithful, with many still remembering Benni’s 20 Plus goal season at Ewood, and the talent he has infront of goal. Sam continues….

“There is a price to be met if someone wants to buy Benni McCarthy. But we would have to have a replacement for him to allow it to develop “

Another replacement? Hmmm, whats Kalinic doing then? We lose Benni, we then have Jason Roberts, Franco Di Santo (til January), Nikola Kalinic, David Hoillet…..all bar Jason Roberts have any premiership experience.

What proven striker can we sign for 3.5 million pounds in this time and era…..

Not Happy Sam!


20 Replies to “Bounty Set for Benni Mc?”

  • Well I’m assuming Benni will only be sold in January, which will mean we don’t have Di Santo anymore, so it’ll be only Kalinic and Roberts (Hoilett isn’t a Big Sam type of striker) so a replacement would be needed. Heskey is looking more and more likely.

  • Well I’m assuming Benni will only be sold in January, which will mean we don’t have Di Santo anymore, so it’ll be only Kalinic and Roberts (Hoilett isn’t a Big Sam type of striker) so a replacement would be needed. Heskey is looking more and more likely. Or Ellington 🙁

  • lol ellington and heskey…..darn we would struggle…..Im thinking a move for Alan Smith might be on the cards! But NO! Benni will stay…surely….hopefully?

  • I think the price set (if its true) is fair. But Sam is right in saying that we need a replacement first. Smith is a midfielder now, Ellington is not good enough, Heskey is a possibility but not a direct goal scoring replacement. So who is? Simeon Jackson of Gillingham is a good shout as he scores for fun in League One, is a big guy and strong. Apart from that – going abroad will likely be considered.

  • Benni wasn’t happy last season either when he wasn’t playing – if he was showing signs of a 20+ goal season, BSA would select him. If it’s time to move on then so be it but I think that a direct replacement will cost more than £3.5m – could this mean the sale of another player? Maybe it’s time to realise some value from him while he still commands a transfe fee?

  • As if the Walker Trusties would give us the whole £3.5 million back as well. More likely we would get something like £2 million back.

    No doubt we will sell Benni for £3.5 million, get about £2 million back from the Trusties, and Sam will moan about not being able to sign anyone half decent for the money he has. It will run right up till the end of the transfer window, and we will end up signing some lump like Nathan Ellington! NOT HAPPY

  • If we really get 3,5 million pounds for Benni, we should pay Real Madrid 250 000 pounds for Ruud Van N and put the rest of the money in his pocket for 1 year deal 😛
    It has to be something like that. I don´t think I want anymore players that need two seasons to get fit for PL. Then they will have experience in Championship league aswell. We have to buy something solid. And don´t say that Heskey is the man, he´s not. Then we should buy Marcus Pedersen instead.

  • Sas dude you didn’t turn the italics off on the text (so I’ve edited this to make it the case.) I think it would be a mistake for us to sell Benni, who I think should be given more of a chance. I’d think it even more of a mistake if we sold to a side down the bottom as he might come back to cause us trouble!! £3.5 million seem pretty low doesn’t it though!?

  • Tombo: Maybe a little bit harsh to pick Ruud as an example.
    But how can 3,5 million help us to get a good striker nowadays?
    My example isn´t logic, but it´s not so logical to think 3,5 million can persude a striker who can score goals from day 1. Kalinic was worth 6 million, he will be good. But how many times do I have to say that we can´t survive PL with players who need 2 seasons to get fit for PL level??? Isn´t that quite logical?? 3,5 million today is like 5 quid for us normal people. Its 2 cheap pints 😛

  • Dont want Benni to go.. just see this happening….. Big sam replaces our quality with “big sam style players” with little money.. If we go down.. big sam will be sacked, and then we will end up with a bunch of big players with little quality to try and get us back up, with no money..? Proven premierleague players? Emile Heskey? Proven to be crap..

  • The best way to spend this money is to buy Franco Di Santo. Lets try to save them till the day Franco demands transfer. The day is coming closer. He will never be a first team choice in Chelsea. With all the class midfielders who definitly knows where the goal is, 4-5-1 is not a unfamiliar tactic in Chelsea. S Ancelotti, get rid of Franco, soon 🙂

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