Date: 15th January 2015 at 10:25am
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Blackburn Rovers Manager Gary Bowyer’s coming under some pressure now, however, should we stick with him or is it time for him to move on??

A recently started thread in the VBer forum on this issue from dallydally has been looking to ask this question, is it time to call time on Bowyer’s reign? Click Here.

These the thoughts that were shared by dallydally: “For me enough is enough. That display today was a disgrace – not enough players willing to fight and demonstrate commitment – but worse than that was the tactical ineptitude of Bowyer. I can’t give you the exact detail on the stats but basically against the top sides we just aren’t good enough. At best we draw or get the odd win but last season and this its simply been not enough points against those with whom we are supposed to be in competition for a promotion spot.

“Taylor probably deserved his place after last week at Charlton but at half time is was patently obvious that the formation wasn’t working and he had played his one decent game of the season. The midfield looked totally out of balance and the only crosses coming from the wings were from the two full backs. I expected some changes at half time to formation and players but no GB – as usual – stuck to his “plans” demonstrating his stubbornness and tactical failings. A quality Manager doesn’t just change personnel he alters the format. All GB did was to swap like for like apart from taking off Baptiste and putting Marshall at full back. What on earth was that about?

“In a nutshell how come Dunnie – who is by far and away the best at opening up defences – not come on in the game. If he isn’t fit why is he on the bench? If he is fit he should have played some part today. Charlton last week was irrelevant against league success. Stuff a good Cup run; the league this time is our last chance in a long time of the Premiership but under this guy’s stewardship we can forget any lingering hopes – and increasingly that is what they are i.e. lingering – of progress.

“Don’t misunderstand me he deserves much credit for the stability he has brought after a torrid spell but he hasn’t what it takes to manage a side out of this league.

I’d think it’s safe to say that this is one against Bowyer staying!!

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