Date: 16th January 2015 at 2:20pm
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Blackburn Rovers Manager Gary Bowyer’s coming under some pressure now, however, should we stick with him or is it time for him to move on??

A recently started thread in the VBer forum on this issue from dallydally has been looking to ask this question, is it time to call time on Bowyer’s reign? Click Here.

These were thoughts that were shared by dallydally: Click Here.

Uncle Jack’s Nephew’s thoughts were: “A year or so too late, fans have realised that being ‘not as bad as Kean’ is not enough to warrant continued employment!

“Tactically, Bowyer is inept. He hasn’t learned a single lesson since his first match regarding defence, pro-active changes, accommodating creative players etc. etc. etc. At this point, he is not a rookie coach any longer. The team has been together long enough to stop being a work ‘in progress’ and if that team is too young and lacking leadership it is only Bowyer’s fault.

“As regards the magic word ‘stability’ that has kept him in a job (along with being ‘nice’). Well, stability only lasts so long. After a while it becomes stagnation then regression as others improve around you (Derby, Ipswich etc.). This is as true for our situation as it is for the Arsenals and Liverpools of this world who are trying to keep pace with the Chelseas and the Citys.

Another that’s against Bowyer staying!!

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