Date: 26th April 2007 at 11:40pm
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Vital Blackburn’s most recent poll, suggested by suggested by MikeyGamst asked, “Would signing Jason Koumas be a good idea???” It was a close call but most say yes!

Welsh International Jason Koumas worked with Mark Hughes at International level, so he is a player that he knows very well. Koumas has been linked with Rovers several times in the past and with him now expressing his desires to return to the Premiership (with or without West Bromwich Albion) he is being linked yet again. 57% would welcome such a move.

However, 43% would not. I can’t speak for this amount as to what their reasons are but I’m sure they are valid ones. Maybe his lack of experience at the highest level (International football aside obviously) is a factor?

So in summary
Yes – 57%
No – 43%

With Craig Bellamy being linked with a return to Ewood Park, rumours linking Benni McCarthy with a move away as well as Jason Roberts the current poll, suggested by sasman is asking, “What will be our starting striking combination next year?

As for what you think, cast your vote and why not have your say on the latest polls findings?

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11 Replies to “Bring in Jason Koumas!”

  • I’m VERY much for Koumas arriving, so if we could get him I don’t think it would be bad. I don’t really think he can be judged on previous Premiership experience because he doesn’t really have much does he. He didn’t see eye to eye with Bryan Robson when West Brom were previously in the Premiership so didn’t get much game time did he. Sparky knows him well from his time with Wales so if he likes him that will do me, but NOT at the £5 million quoted as we could (if true?!?!) get Fabrice Muamba and have PLENTY of change instead for that amount!

  • I think Koumas is a top drawer player the only reason to doubt is his discipline. As for nex year, Jason Roberts will still be here. We just need to make sure Benni is as well. Just think…. McCarthy, Roberts, Derbyshire and possibly Bellamy… unbelievable but i like it.

  • The starting lineup should be Roberts and Benni, i keep saying it but i def think that Roberts has exactly wot Bellamy has but with strength too. We have to stengthen the midfield a bit b4 we start thinking about another striker that we dont really need! If we can get that wee man Fabrice of the Gunners then that will be a start, I like Koumas but i think we can get least 2 good midfielders in for the price that WBA would want for him. Add to this a riteback and there u go, competition all round

  • I’m with you Clint, what will Bellers bring us that a fully fit and firing JR won’t?!?! Bellers isn’t really much of a team player is he, JR is. I am convinced that if he stays fit he can score as many, maybe more goals that Bellers would and will create a whole host more! Benni (he’ll stay, I worried for a while but feel he’ll stay) and JR are the pairing for me with Derbs and maybe even Garner and Di Vita starting their progression through we’ll be set up nicely, maybe add a free, low priced, maybe even loan signing for the added back-up then look at other areas more.

  • Right back… I work at Sheff Utd Academy and we could do a lot worse than sign a lad called Derek Geary down here…

  • I think Bellamy did wel at Rovers and would do again, but you have to remember that HE was the big name player at the time and the team played to his strengths, this time around we would have Benni and Roberts, it would be lovely to have 4 ( inc Derbyshire ) quality strikers at the club but with Hughes able to unearth diamonds for next to nothing in every other position, why spend £6m+ on a player that we dont need?! I would look to the rest of the team and make sure we have enough quality backup throughout. Stikers can always be loaned, especially if they are to be 4th choice, plus theres always the Jeffers option, I personnally think he’s done and more suited to Champoinship football but u never know wot Hughes in the pipe line, wherther its bringing Craig back or any of the above I;ll trust his descisions, he’s not been wrong b4

  • Not a bad player is he this Geary, could be worth a pop, especially looking long term but where would this leave our own youngsters long term, does this not send out a message to them?!?! Andre Ooijer is still the man fro me at right-back next season.

  • True Clint, Sparky isn’t often wrong (if ever!) wehn it comes to transfers so we’ll know he is doing what is right and we’ll trust this.

  • I think Bellamy will bring that extra edge of quality to our attack again, something that has been lacking alongside Benni. Matty has all the attributes to be a star and I think he will but I would happily have Bellamy back. As for Koumas, no thank you. He is a talent but he has had his day and he obviously isn’tcut out for the prem. Let Dunny excel in that roile in my opion.

  • not too keen on koumas think right back needs sortin and think we could give one of the younger lads a game the likes of kane and nolan! would like to see us get a young midfielder in cos he wont cost that much and sparky can see potential where no one else can!

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