Date: 19th March 2007 at 10:33pm
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It was a pleasure to sit down and watch Blackburn Rovers’ FA Cup Semi Final opponents decided in the company of Mark Hughes this evening.

OK I didn’t technically sit down and watch the game with Sparky, but he was a studio guest on BBC One’s Match of the Day Live this evening, which was good to see. It was good to see Sparky away from the stress and pressures of the touchline, seeing him nice and relaxed, enjoying the show and having a laugh.

As we all know Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur are both much better than what we saw for the vast majority tonight. What we saw in a cat and mouse first half was neither team wanting to lose, before the game opened up somewhat in the second half. However what I saw shows that we have more than a chance in the Semi Final against our now revealed opponent Chelsea.

Obviously I’m not naive enough to base our chances of victory on this game, none of us are but we should have even less reason to now fear Chelsea. Fearing Chelsea will almost certainly see us eliminated in any case.

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11 Replies to “Bring On The Chelsea”

  • I’m really looking forward to the game, the FA’s dream final is still on but ourselves and Watford will be looking to gatecrash the party, and why not? Will it be fourth time lucky for Rovers against Chelsea this season?!?! Again why not!

  • I feel a Watford Rovers final coming up 🙂 hmmm just like i felt three points were in the bag against WH 🙁

  • Chelsea at Old Trafford? Anything is possible in the Cup and it would be hard enough whether it be Chelsea or Spurs… They have shown that they can come from behind as well… but anything can happen in a semi-final – I (for the first time this season) wanted United to win (as much as it grated on me!) for IF we beat Chelsea and get to Wembley then UEFA beckons again… and after that the league can go hang! If it is Chelsea v United final what happens to the extra spot for the UEFA that usually goes to the runner up? 7th in league with 8th going to intertoto?

  • BR have nothing to lose, people expect it to be a Manyoo-CSKAhelsea final, how nice it would be to see BR up-set the FA’s applecart

  • Yep – If it’s a Manc/spartak final, then the Waffa spot goes to the league, which we might stand a chance of getting anyway. Ideally though, i’d like the spot to go to 7th spot in the league because we finished 6th and won the FA cup 😉

  • I’m 50:50 at the moment on which way things will go, nearer the time I’ll be more in favour of either way. It’s a tough call. Had we played this tie a few months back we’d have lost, but now it’s a REAL tough call. For our sakes I’m with others and as much as it pains me I want United to win their Semi to ensure we make the UEFA Cup even if we lost in the Final, but to also free up another League space should we lose to Chelsea. It would be awesome to upset the FA applecart col8 and have a Rovers – Watford final, which WOULD I feel make a far better Final than Chelsea – United anyway!

  • we are due a win over the russian and his mega stars, they’ve beaten us 3 times already this season. I would just LOVE a Rovers Watford final just to stick 2 fingers up to all the suposed experts preying for a ManUre Chelski final, plus it will be great for the first game at new wembley to have absolutely NO superstar teams. I think, all players being fit, we can take them, but it might just take some of that West Ham luck to do it.

  • lol, yeah it may just take some of the luck the Hammered have deserved for us to make it through. It would be GREAT wouldn’t it mate!

  • I think the as was siad that surely we have to beat Chelsea sometime and hopefully with the final as an carrot to dangle in front of them it should motivate the players enuff, anyway its not as if Chelsea have really stuffed us and having watched them play Spurs , now i know they won, but i dont think they are playing well at the min, there is a lot of long ball to the forwards for the calibre of players they have to play, stop Drogba, and rattle Terry, who is by far their best player, he holds the team together, then with a bit of luck, we have a hope

  • i think big Samba will be a match for Drogba, and Nelson is a rock, so with these two in the middle of a solid defense you never know, we are short in midfield of a true battler, as in Robbie Savage to disrupt the play but Mokena has shown he can do a job in there. Wot im trying to say is that i do believe that on the day we have a chance

  • We certainly have more than a chance Clint totally agree. If we don’t believe we can win we don’t have a chance.

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