Date: 1st August 2006 at 1:13pm
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Join one of the fastest growing football websites out there, in Vital Football, and show your true feelings and thoughts on all that is Blackburn Rovers and football in general.

As fans you can`t lurk in the shadows festering on those issues that “grind your gears” or get the juices flowing. If you have something to say, or an issue to raise do it, and do it today! You can`t complain that no one is listening if you won`t speak up in the first place. Vital Blackburn is the place to be if you have a story, or message you want to get across to fellow Rovers fans the length and breadth of the he globe.

Send any articles you may well have to me and I`ll give them the once over, your work could soon appear on this very site so all can admire and share their thoughts on your topic or issue. Join in the debate in the forum if you have an issue but feel an article isn`t the way to do it, start a new thread and we`ll join the discussion. Why not talk with other supporters, put forward your views on the events surrounding Rovers, and indeed other clubs.

With the help of family, and possibly friends as news surrounding Ewood Park breaks it will be on Vital Blackburn as fast as humanly possible, where at all possible before anyone else! Vital Blackburn will bring you the latest transfers, possible moves, injuries, match previews, reviews and more, but all this may well indeed need your help, so sign up today and have your say, get those articles and poll ideas coming in.

Come on Rovers fans you know who you are. Vital is FREE to join and takes a mere few moments of your time. Those of you already registered must know other Rovers fans so get them signed up. Fans of other clubs you must also know Rovers fans so get them here!


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