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At Vital Blackburn we openly encourage you, the members and Blackburn Rovers Football Club fans to get involved, im_a_blackburn_rover has done just that. Please read on…

Football wouldn’t be the same without its supporters. As many people in the game state, the fans at any club can almost give the team ‘the 12th man’ through constant cheering, chanting and singing.

Many of you (including myself) are perhaps regular spectators at Ewood Park, and most probably play your part in supporting the team. However, wouldn’t it be great to improve upon this atmosphere that is created at Ewood? In a recent chat on the forum with Hughes Da Man, it was agreed that an article should be posted on the site in order to get your views, comments and ideas on creating some new songs for matchdays. Just imagine, a song or chant that you, the Blackburn fan, have created being echoed around the ground for many years to come. I for one see this as quite appealing.

If you feel you can create the greatest Rovers song to ever hit Ewood Park, or whether you fancy adding something just for fun, leave them as comments below or send them to Hughes Da Man on this email address You never know, some of them may be being bellowed out of Wembley come Cup Final day!


This is great stuff im_a_blackburn_rover exactly the kind of thing this site is all about. People’s views and opinions are what we are after, sharing them and then others sharing theirs in return in my opinion makes for the best kind of debate. Ideas with thought and effort behind them from the heart make for the best viewing more often than not.

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32 Replies to “Can You Hear the Rovers Sing????”

  • I don’t exactly have one for the long term per say but with Lucas Neill’s return to Ewood Park with the Hammered fast approaching I have a little something for him! Obviously I hope he gets a decent reception for all he did for the club but he has to expect some banter for the circumstances of his departure and this could be one for him?. It’s in the style of MICHAEL JACKSON’S ? BLAME IT ON THE BOOGIE? ahem, clearing my through? “You didn’t go for the sunshine, might have gone for the biscuits, can’t have gone for the trophies, you went for the money!!!”

  • Doh, how has Ripley polled 39% as Rovers best right winger…His crossing was atrocious!!! HDM, not sure about the chant….
    Great news that Wembley is finally being handed over and that the preliminary snagging has been completed. Wouldn’t it be fitting that Rovers played the first final there as one of the league’s founder clubs. If we win it would complete the treble of Prem champions, FA and League cup winners all in the last 12 years – only Arsenal, Man U and Chelsea can boast that!!

  • That would be some record to qual wouldn’t it. Not many clubs could boast being as successful as us over the past what decade and a bit could they no matter how big they think they are. Trophies don’t lie do they! As for he poll Ripley was in the right place at the right time, he was a quality footballer in all fairness though. As for my song didn’t think it was that bad off the top of my head 🙂 Wellsy sing us a song, wellsy, wellsy sing us a song…

  • Ok to DJ Otsi’s “Hey baby”……

    Heyyyyyy,Heyyyyy Lucas, Gree-dy!! (Instead of Hoo Haa), Your on your wayyyyyyyy to the Championship…….

    I think that would catch on…….What do you reckon….

    Your right about Ripley being in the right place at the right time. He did his bit defensively (and lets be honest SAS aside the team was fairly defensively focused with Batts and Sherwood) and was part of our solid midfield – I just found him massively frustrating beating players with ease and then hitting defenders almost all the time with his crosses.

  • Now that’s a good one Wellsy I like that, nice and simple and a perfect football chant, although I still don’t think my one was too bad 🙂 Mr Egg Head (the Hammered’s chairman) gets his buscuit business mentioned too; maybe Lucas is partial to a dunk with a cuppa?!?! I’ve had a go, Wellsy has had a go (a better go if I’m honest) anyone signs us song, anyone, aynone sing us a song!!!

  • Personally, ive always liked the “We can see you sneaking out!” chant when the opposing fans are leaving early when their side is getting their arse handed to them by the Rovers!

  • LOL, yes, i believe there has been more than a few occasions when it has indeed been aimed at the part timers in the Riverside!

  • BomBom sing us a song, BomBom, BomBom sing us a song… and for that matter govtpros sing us a song, govtpros, govtpros sing us a song 🙂 Come on guys you know you have something in your locker.

  • One song that never got going properly today (yet made me laugh) was to the tune of Celebrate good times by Kool and the Gang…. Relegation times, come on!! d d d d d d d d wahooo! As i said, m ade me laugh and with West Ham visiting next weekend………

  • This will catch on next week for sure. Not many people singing songs are there im_a_blackburn_rover! I’m a little saddened by this, thought more would.

  • You can put money on “Are you watching Lucas Neill” being sung – especially if as I suspect he won’t be playing.

  • Chris Samba needs his own song beyond “let’s all do the Samba”…

    My favs are…
    “Samba’s going get ya… Samba’s going get ya… la lah la lah”

    We dont need no Lucas Neill.
    We dont need no John Terry.
    No dark sarcasm from the telly.
    Pundits, leave our kids alone.
    Hey, pundit, leave our kids alone!
    All in all you’re just another**** to “The Wall”.
    All in all you’re just another**** in “The Wall”.

  • DB needs his own song….

    Bentley is a geezer, a cockney geezer…
    He is only happy, when scoring goals…
    He’s better than Beckham
    He should play for England
    So please don’t take my Bentley away…


    He’s a Bentley… not a Rolls
    He’s better than Golden Balls
    But he beacuse he is so nice
    he wouldn’t f–k posh spice
    (It’s a work in progress… help required)

  • Lucas Neill – (Abba Tune)… “Money, money, money”

    I work all night, I work all day, to pay the bills I have to pay…
    Lucas Neill,,,
    And still there never seems to be a single penny left for me…
    Lucas Neill,,,
    You have had your fun and now you’ve gone
    You are a greedy f*****g oz…

    Money Money Money….

  • – one for Christmas Time
    Good King Hughesy once looked out… on pitch at Rovers… when the team played round about… with passion and believeing… Brightly shown the boys that night… Though the task was ha-ard… but they still came through it… proving that they were ha-ard

  • Good stuff Ex Ewood, lets hope some of our efforts can catch on. What about this one instead of what’s that coming over the hill is it a monster, is it a monster… it could be “What’s that coming over the hill is it Chris Samba, is it Chris Samba”.

  • I thought there would be more. Im gunna try my luck, to the tune of Smile by Lily Allen which in fact could be sung for most of the rovers team. Tugay, oh you make me smile, you make me smile, we come and see you and smile! Burnley (or a certain naughty word beginning with the same letter), you will never smile because the lower leeeaagues can never make you smile

  • Brilliant im_a_, watched the quarter here in OZ with my bst mate who is a city fan, he got sick of me singing “shut up if you’ve won **** all, shut up if ….” and “Mark Hughes’ Blue and white army” etc I know he would appreciate some new songs for me to sing at him

  • There are a fair few for you to read through here AustRover and learn to sing next time, maybe you have some Chelsea or Spurs fans you can sing them to in the semi-finals!

  • Solid Pleasure Album Yello, 1980, Track Downtown Samba!

    This one’s called
    Now for you
    Downtown samba

    Canal Street’s where we dance
    We do the rhumba, samba
    The city’s hot, we’re almost naked
    It’s a scandal
    Night’s still young
    We do the samba with the congo warrior

    Downtown samba (2x)

    Hey you over there
    You shouldn’t dance alone
    Watch me come on closer
    Cause I am the one
    To dance with you
    All night long
    I’m dancing like a mambo
    Go go go for sambo
    Dancing, dancing, dancing
    Over there, mister
    Come see, you’ll see
    So dance the tango, tango


  • song for saturday….in between the lucas neil abuse obviously

    to the tune of the hokey kokey

    >”You put ya Argentines in, Ya Argentines out,
    >The Iceman comes and kicks the gaffer out,
    >Ya selling Reo-Coker & ya going down
    >That’s why we love to shout…….
    >Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ***ky, ***ky West Ham,
    >Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ***ky, ***ky West Ham,
    >Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ***ky, ***ky West Ham.
    >Misfits, has-beens, ha ha ha!!”

  • To Don’t cry for me Argentina………………..++++ ‘Don’t cry for me Arsene Wenger the truth is you missed our Samba…………(any one finish it off)? gotta get back to work!!! BBS

  • ok one more then i really have to go………….. (sang sweetly like a church choir)! All things bright and beautiful all creatures great and small (like a rowdy football terrace) Sambas gonna get ya (Rpt to fade………..)

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