Date: 31st December 2008 at 10:01am
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Carlos Villanueva has been told he will not be bought permanently by Blackburn manager Sam Allardyce. Carlos himself is quite philospohical about the whole thng and will look back – whatever happens – at a positive experience on the whole.

The Chilean arrived at Ewood Park on a season-long loan from Audax Italiano last summer but Rovers are not prepared to part with £5 million to sign him permanently, the deadline for such a move was on the 28th of December.

Villanueva was an Ince signing and is popular with the Rovers faithful but Allardyce has the same concerns as us all – Carlos is lightweight and hs struggled to adapt to the physical nature of the EPL.

Carlos, speaking to the LET said, ‘I am not currently playing. I know they will not use the option to buy me. I’ve been told that since the moment the news came up.

‘Everything has been quite difficult to me. I thought I was doing my job well and reality changed suddenly from one day to the next.

Carlos still has plenty of time to make an impact and with the skills he has will be able to affect the first team in a positive manner.


9 Replies to “Carlos Told He Won’t Be Kept On At Rovers”

  • It’s a shame that Carlos wont be staying but I cant say I have seen enough in him to warrant £5 million out of our limited budget.

  • Carlos will be a hot in the EPL, wheter is with Rovers or with someone else… It’s a pitty that it seems it won’t be with Rovers after all

  • personally very dissapointed, really wanted this lad to get a chance and im sure one day someone is gonna be paying 30 million plus for his services, this is one we have let slip

  • I am not sure about that personally. He def has the skills but it does look like he would be best suited to the Spanish or Italian leagues… just my two and a half euros.

  • This is a shame but we haven’t seen enough to justify paying £5 million have we. Maybe he will be one that got away, but only time will tell.

  • Maybe Glen but what if we pay £5 million and he carries on as he hs so far? The chairman will be scrutinising every penny in this difficult economic time.

  • He will be a quality player lads, but we cant afford to spend 5 mill on a aplayer who wont be ready for 2 years, best of luck to him

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