Date: 17th September 2008 at 2:27pm
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Blackburn Rovers midfielder Carlos Villanueva is already eyeing a permanent deal at Ewood Park, despite being on loan and only having played one game.

Carlos, speaking to, said ‘I was really happy with how my debut went and my aim now is to keep performing to that same level,’

‘My main goal this season is to get as many minutes as possible in the Premier League.

‘At the moment I’m only here on loan but I’d love to stay here for many years to come.’

I think we all agree that Carlos has bags of potential and will be a big player for us this season. I can’t wait to see him eased into action and given a free license. He can really unlock defences.

Once he is up to the right speed for the Premier League, Ince will unleash the monster!!!


13 Replies to “Carlos Wants Permanent Ewood Move”

  • Seriosuly, though nice words from Carlos. It shows that Ince is treating him right and has made a good impression on him. It wont be long before we reap the dividends and see Villanueva winning us games.

  • I too have big hopes for this guy…as well as I had for Vogel. I really hope it is just due to injuries and lack of fatigue that Andrews and Reid is choosen before them. Villanueva and Vogel are my prefered central midfielders…Dunn can join if we play with 5 in the mid.

    And a possible signing in Ugur Yildirim as a right midfielder…he has a killer right leg at set pieces – he can really curl them. He has just asked for his contract to be terminated at his current club, so that he can join another club as a free agent – and therefor outside the transfer window.

  • When the time is right (this weekend I personally think?!?!) Incey will unleash him on the Premier League, and when he does watch out!

  • Guys, unless i was watching the wrong player at Grimsby then Villenueva wil NEVER play in central midfield as part of a two!!! He would always have to be joined by two stronger guy cos he’s just too weak to hold his own!! Vogul has never been anythin other than average….. to my mind it’s between Grella, Reid, Dunn and dare i say it Andrews who playes at the heart of our midfield. They are the only ones who can cope physically with the task!! Andrews looked ok against Arsenal…………………

  • That he did mani. Andrews didnt look great but did an ok job. Better than the Axe would I say. I think Villanueva should be given a run on right wing at some point. I agree with Walker, he has been held back… but when he is unleashed, watch him go!!! matty to start tomorrow!!!

  • Did Andrews play against Arsenal??????? He was on the pitch…. that i know… I thought he was just a spectator. He was very very poor indeed, well out of his league…. time of Carlos to get a run out, especially with Dunny gone… he dosn;t need to be big – he can sit behind a front one or pair of strikers… stick the Axe or Reidy or Tugay behind him. With Peds and Brett on the wings….

  • A bit harsh SIM, thought Andrews was better than Reid against Arsenal…..i was more down on him than most but credit where it’s due….he’s got good energy and does get in to the box…Tim Sherwood-esque??????

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