Date: 24th January 2007 at 1:23pm
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Blackburn Rovers have offered incentive after incentive to reward fans this season. Following the increased television revenue John Williams thinks other clubs should follow suit.

After the record deal the Premier League clinched for overseas rights (£625 million) which will mean top flight clubs will earn around £40 million each per year Rovers chairman John Williams thinks clubs should reduce ticket prices to counter the falling crowds:

Our view is that some of this new money must be returned to our supporters in admission prices.

Most clubs, apart from the biggest, have a problem with crowds.

It is crucial that the game remains a live spectacle.

The Premier League is becoming increasingly predictable. While it is good we still have a title race, most people can name at the beginning of the season who the top four clubs will be.

Although we have to remain as competitive as we can, we are committed to returning some of the increase in TV money to our supporters from next season.”

Rovers are one of the best, if not the best at offering fans deals, so with these set to continue next season, maybe even get even better due to the extra money coming in an average attendance of 21,621 in a stadium that hold 31,000 is likely to increase.

It’s not all about match day tickets as people have to travel from all around so this isn’t always practical but cheaper tickets will help won’t they? Let’s face it if clubs wanted to reduce tickets they can, but not all will want to or indeed need to…

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10 Replies to “Clubs Should Give More Back”

  • With the MASSIVE TV increase clubs should give more back! The costs of tickets arguably are not Rovers main problem as before deals they are probably the cheapest Premiership club around anyway it’s the spread of the fans we have. The location doesn’t help with the draw of big crowds. London clubs have draws from all around, Midlands pretty much the same. Rovers have a battle with the likes of Man United, Liverpool, I guess you even bring Man City, Everton and Bolton into the equation as all are close enough to offer competition. From a young age kids often go with the bigger club but with tickets being reduced they can be caught early, families could afford to take them so they’ll be had before they can look elsewhere. This should in theory work for most offer clubs looking to increase gates, keep them cheap, get new fans in while you can and they’ll get hooked before they can go after one of the big four! If clubs WANT to reduce tickets they can, if they will or not will remain to be seen?

  • all i can say, is i logged on and say that geezer massive nose starring at me while i ate my lunch, how off putting, maybe you should take some of the money and get him surgically done, if ya catch my drift 😛

  • LMAO, quality. Mind you, Jol looks a tad “unusual” don’t you think? I hope this happens and all clubs get in on this but if you are Arsenal/Liverpool competing agains Billy big pockets at Chelski, you are loathe to A) cut back on your profits and B) Give up ANY of the money given from the Overseas TV deal. The 2nd tier of Premiership clubs and down it could work for, I dont think it will work above that level though.

  • Rovers have always been a “value” club, ticket prices are still expensive overall but in comparison with other clubs they are cheap.

    I live in Swindon and they charge me £19 a game plus £6+ for my son – for league 2!!! Hence why I don’t go anymore. For a few quid more (except the travelling), it better value to watch Rovers.

    Even in the legendary Jack Walker era when we were the richest club our admission prices were great value. You don’t see Abramovich doing this – despite his Billions.

  • Surely if the stands were fuller, like when you were a good team the overall average seat price could come down, your fairweather supporters are letting the club down.

  • col8 and PUREGOLD talking complete bobbins again. Oh well… it makes my afternoonseeing two people trying to talk good football when they dont know how too. Come on Rovers!

  • Aint that why the premiership “rich members only” club was formed back in 92 ,the only ones who have really benefitted are the RICH who have just got richer,the middle tear of the premiership are peddling hard to stay where they are and seeing their gates fall because realistically there supporters know theres no way they can win the title, so whats the point going every week , and the yoyo clubs at the bottom are just that ,on holiday for a year or two before returning to the coca cola where at least its competative and not so predictable and ticket prices are a little cheaper . And when the prem eventally becomes 16 teams that cake is cut up even larger slices go to the BIG teams ,How about passing some of that cake down the leagues ,cut matchday ticket prices encourage new support or our national game, which was for the working classes ,will ,as its going, be for the prawn sandwich bridgade only.

  • Totally agree with you Monty. If i had my way, id divide the money up akin to how the NFL do the Draft system….the worst team gets the best pick in the draft, ergo the worst team (position 20, bottom of prem) gets the most money, the champs get the smallest slice. Can you imagine Billy big pockets at Chelski and Dein at Arsenal, along with the uPVC lot at Man Ure aggreing to that? but it would definatly benefit the clubs. The same should be done for each league. The reward for finishing top of Championship should be promotion, trophy and least amount of TV money. This would level the playing field somewhat i feel

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