Date: 4th October 2008 at 10:34pm
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Ewood Park is the venue for todays premier league fixture between Blackburn Rovers and Manchester United. Morten Gamst Pedersen returns to the starting line up, as well as Andre Oijer who replaces Danny Simpson due to loan rules. Matt Derbyshire starts up front, whilst Warnock and Tugay hold there spots in the centre of midfield.

It was Rovers who got of to the brighter of starts between the teams, with a neat interchange between the defence and midfield, setting up Matt Derbyshire. A neat through ball sent Derbs free, however his shot was parried by Van der Sar, and hurriedly cleared by the Man U defence. Roque Santa Cruz looked to threaten, taking on his marker and out muscling the Man U defence, however, the final product was lacking. Emerton tried his luck from far, narrowly missing.

Man U also had there chances, with Berbatov setting up Darren Fletcher, the young striker unable to find the back of the net. Moments later, Ryan Giggs tried his luck, with Brown forced into a great save. Controversy struck, and as always, not in our favour. With a Wayne Rooney cross in the air, Brown attempted to climb up for the ball, however he was bombarded by Vidic and Wes Brown. Wes Brown ended up making contact with the ball, which found its way into the back of the net, however Vidic, made contact with our keepers neck, who fell to the ground. Referee Howard Webb felt there was nothing wrong, to the outrage of Paul Ince and the Rovers fans. 1-0 Man U

Rooney had the chance to send Man U to the lead 2-0 up, however his close range effort was denied by our keeper who definately was earning his penny today.

As the second half flowed on, Roque Santa Cruz was forced of the field, with Jason Roberts taking his place.Not too long after, Man U were on the front foot again, Cristiano Ronaldo showing his dazzling skills, leaving Olsson in the mist. After skipping past Olsson, he hit the by line, cutting a delightful ball into Wayne Rooneys path, who blasted it into the back of the net. 2-0 Man U

As the game ticked on, Man U could have opened up the score line with Berbatov, Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney all having clean chances. However Brown stood up to the task in goals, showing Paul Ince exactly what he is capable of

Full time

2-0 Man U

Manager Rating
I dont usually fill this box, but Ince was of the mark today. We really needed Warnock in left back, his experience would of benefited the defence. We could have tried either Villanueva or Andrews in the middle, but Warnock was needed in defence


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  • the reason for that is simple we like the rest of the premiership know we play 12 NOT 11 playing you..BUT INCES tactics were DIABOLICAL last season we played the top 4 home and away and drew 3 of the 4..The reason was we played to defend and hit on the counter..sadly your ‘big time xx’ needs to buy his own brain and stop asking fergie what to do..and needs top play players who have played for INTERNATIONALS and other great European teams like VOGEL of Inter rather than his big time charlie freind from MK DONS who could not score in the championship but expects him to score in this league..

  • If everyone’s theories were right and we got every decision, we would go SEASONS UNBEATEN oz. We came to Blackburn last season and had two clear breakaways called for offside and about THREE penalty and never got ONE of them! This referee favoring us makes no sense! I guess Vidic wouldn’t even have been sent off some weeks ago if every decision went our way

  • Ow my player ratings didnt come out, forever i call it how i see it, the decision didnt go our way, however, over the course of the 90 minutes, Man U were definately value for their money

  • Any team, any line up, any formation and Im afraid we wouldn’t have beat United, they were well worth the win and were/are the better side. We move on to bigger and more important games against Bolton and Middlesbrough. Sounds mad but its true.

  • Cheers, sasman. I am however a bit surprised at how different you look this year. Could it just be from the sales of Bentley and Friedel?

  • do me a favour oz and stop saying ‘we’. because ‘I’ as a Rovers fan am not scared of admitting that Man Utd do not get favouritism or decisions going their way. how on earth can you say this when they have had massive mistreatment from the FA over the past 10/15 years. its one of the reasons that a lot of United fans dont support England.
    and also, Fowler and Andrews didnt play!!! so don’t bring up that rubbish youve been spurting allover the message board for the last 2 months!
    We had a decision that didn’t go our way..and??. we’ve already had bad decsions go our way this season too. so take the rough with the smooth and admit that when we lose 2-0 against arguably the best club team in the world, it isn’t the worst thing to happen to this club.

  • and before u mention it, i meant andrews didnt start. 20 mins of a match when we’re already 2-0 down doesnt deserve any blame does it?

  • well said ryan, well said, as for forever united, mate we are down a few players due to injury as well, david dunn and steven reid, as well as new signing vince grella, prob makes the team look a bit makeshift

  • I was in the Blackburn end, so didn’t see the first goal clearly, and I haven’t seen any replays (forgot to record MOTD, and wasn’t up early enough for the re-rerun…Completely forgot about MOTD 2!). It looked like it was either a howler by J. Brown, or he was fouled. My mate, who had the benefit of Setanta replays, said it was a bit both. Either way, you have to get on with it. The second goal was good play, but bad defending by Olssen. It looked like he tried to out-muscle Ronaldo, but failed. However, the high-light of the game for me, apart from Brown’s heroics against Berbatov, was Ronaldo tackling himself on the corner of the box. In general, I thought the referee was fair. He could have given Utd many more decisions that other ‘weaker’ ref’s may have given (Samba’s shoulder charge in Ronaldo, for example…). I was just disappointed by the lack-lusture approach after both goals went in. I thought the fitst 20 mins of each half we competed well, and where unlucky not to be in front (Derbyshires shot, which was well saved by Van Der Saar, the rebound nearly falling to Cruz…). But when the goals went in, it was uninspiring. This could be down to Utd’s passing, but they were passing unchallenged. The same for the second half. We got into them for the first 20 minutes. They score, we look like half the team we were. I have to agree, and I say this relucantly, with Oz, but bringing on Andrews and Treacy does not inspire the crowd or the players, especially when you have players like Carlos on the bench.

  • what a bunch of rovers fans last year when we went down against anybody hughes bought on forwards this jerk tsakes them off to replace by their new midfield MAESTRO a guy who couldnt score in 90 games in the league below..his tactics were wrong and if your down with 20 to go bring Villeneuve on..NO FRIENDS MEAN MORE..wont mention another international he has who played in last years 1-1 draw that wasnt in the squad might hurt some MKDONS FANS

  • Oz, sorry mate but you talk so negatively that you could be mistaken for a Dingle. I’m sure that i heard over the weekend that our points hall already is the best since we won the league??? We haven’t started brilliantly but we have picked up points in a very hard league (Look at how Spurs, Bolton, Newcastle and Everton have started). I also believe that our overall football has been much more expansive than under Hughes and the only teams to have outplayed us this season are Arsenal and United… this not acceptable to you??? How good do you think we can be??? Should we be beating the top four??..i don’t think so somehow. I agree with you that Ince got it wrong with the Warnock/Olsson situation but he was only staying loyal to a team that has won it’s last three matches!! Is 2-0 really that bad against United?? I think you need to get off his back and support our new manager who no doubt will make more mistakes but is taking us in the right direction when you consider the funds available to him!! We need our injured players back to fitness and we need to give Ince the time to build his own team, not squeeze Hughes players in to his system. No one has put any blame on a couple of our “star” players who have started slowly this year – Santa Cruz and Pederson have not really been at the races yet…..wait and see.

  • Oz seriously… We are in 10th and 3 of the “bigger” clubs are in crisis. Bill Shankly could of been in charge on Saturday and we still would of lost. The first goal was adefintie foul but their second goal was a beauty. Well done United. Hard luck Rovers… lets pick ourselves up for next week.

  • manni we didnt loose to these clubs last year and deffinately not in this fashion..we should have won HULL who have beaten ARSENAL but then that promoted team KNEW where ANDREWS place was in the the diVision below this is the league above and remember he didnt help promote them he was playing 2 divisions lower..LOL LOL

  • Again, I have to agree with Oz. We played a lot better against Arsenal and Man Utd last year. We had more determination, and a bit of fight. Trying to play attractive football against teams like Man U and Arsenal is not going work, as they are better at it us. I’m trying to like Ince, but as I have mentioned previously, he substitutions were a little strange.

  • yeah but we beat Fulham and drew with them last season. We beat Everton twice and drew with them last year… its all roundabouts isnt it?

  • thats it mikey we are never going to beat the top four on a consistent basis (if we did we would be one of the so called top four) but Ince has us beating the teams who will be in and around us. We have only beaten one team from the top eight last season (pompey) but this year we have beaten Everton twice and Fulham who look like they might be a handy outfit. Seriously lads look at the bigger picture.

  • Decimus / Oz, we are never gonna beat United or Arsenal unless there is a freak victory!!! I believe that u are deluded if u think that we’ve been on a par with these teams over the past few years…..i went to Old Traff last yr and we got slapped by united with no more than i whimper!! United at home is the only game this season when we didnt perform at all but injuries meant we had to play various players that would not have played and others out of position!!! I honestly thought we played well against Arsenal and on another day coulda gone in with 3-4 goals, Hull have shown what they’re about with wins at Arsenal and Spurs to mention a couple…….Decimus, Inceys subs werent too bad the other day when he brought Villenueva and Derbs on against Fulham and they added the winning goal!!! I honestly dont know what ur expectin guys, we are a top 8 team who’ve spent the least money in the Prem….be a realist!!!

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