Date: 17th May 2007 at 4:10pm
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Vital Blackburn member r.waterfall asks, “Could Blackburn’s contracts, when buying and selling, be stronger?”

It was good news to hear from Mark Hughes that there was no clause in McCarthy’s contract, allowing him to leave if a bid for £X million was received. I am only just getting over last summer, when Bellamy left for what seemed then so little cash. I accept that he may not have come to Blackburn in the first place (if the clause had not been there) but surely it should not have been tied so strongly to a specific sum. More along the lines of ‘start negotiating up from a £7 million base to his then current market value’ (which may have had to be decided by an independent panel).

After him not being as successful at Liverpool, he may now only be worth £5 to £6 million. Could we not have included in the contract that sold him to Liverpool, a clause saying that we would have first option to buy him back at £1 million less than we sold him for. People will say ‘ridiculous’ but if Liverpool want to sell, that proves they think they were wrong to pay as much as they did. He is a year older and we have been without his services for a season, so why should we not get him back for a little less than we received?

Reverting back to McCarthy, can we believe anything he says any more? Just weeks ago he was ‘so happy at Blackburn – I owe Rovers everything for keeping faith in me and allowing me to achieve my dream of playing in the premiership’ etc.

Last week it was ‘I was misquoted – things were published out of context’ etc. Today he is as good as putting in a transfer request via the media, saying he wants to play for any team that is in the Champions League!

Sort him out Mark or we will have this to contend with all summer.




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  • I TOTALLY agree mate, he’s (Bellamy) done little really at Liverpool and whilst he hasn’t become any less of the player that we had originally WHY should we have to pay anymore than we did when we sold him, in fact why should we even pay that. WHY didn’t we have an agreement in place giving us first option (if he didn’t perform) to take him back at a fee fitting to his performances or at least on a par with what we got, arguably lower as r.waterfall suggests, so I do not feel this is “ridiculous” at all! As for Benni, again I agree, Sparky can dig his heels in with the VERY best of them, and sure we don’t want him cutting off his nose to spite his face (which he won’t, we know from the Lucas Neill scenario!) lets hope he shows him (Benni) WE (Rovers) have the power and not him! You can’t have your cake and eat it can you, which is something that Benni seems to want?!?! Obviously I want Benni to stay as much as the next fan but we can’t have him rocking the boat, as r.waterfall says sort him out Sparky! I’m sure he’ll be wanting words with him after his recently quoted (appraently) words.

  • Benni is prob hankering after his last big move b4 he hits 30, cant deny him this but I do think he’s more interested than Chelsea, yes he’s a very good player but Jose would have bought b4 now if he thought he’d add anything to Chelsea’s play, or maybe he thought Porto would stick the arm in on a transfer fee and now he’s thinks that Blackburn will sell for cheaper! I can see that Rovers have to offer contracts with clauses to get bigger name players and that these players basically negoitate these themseleves and put this the club instead of the other way around, as Rovers would have, im sure, insisted on a higher fee for wot was the star man at that time. I have said b4 that the club should have more of a say in these but the player has the upper hand in simply not signing! I dont believes that there should be release clauses bec, just as its not good for the club, who is powerless and has to let the other team talk to their player, again the tables can be turned but not for the smaller clubs, it seems that its a good way for the big clubs to steal the best players from the other clubs for next to nothingm then overload their own team with players that they simply cannot play. Bascially wot im saying is that the club that is paying an extraordinary amount of money to one player to play the game he, supposedly loves, they should set the terms of any contract and not any other way around

  • Agree Clint, players are given FAR too much power nowadays, but most clubs are powerless to do anything. He clearly (as you say) wants a move to Chelsea but as you’ve also said before if Mourinho really wanted him WHY didn’t he sign him before when he signed others he knew?!?! The big four pick and choose who they want from the rest, does playing the odd Champions League game really mean that much? Granted he could very well pick up FOUR winner medals next season, but you never know Chelsea might not win ANYTHING (not that likely) and Rovers may well win something, I’d NEVER bet against us in ANY Cup competition.

  • very true mate, take a look at Bellemy he may well end up with a Champions League medal, but with the amount of footbal;l he has played can he really say that he fully deserves it, not that he’s likey to care cos he’ll have a shiny new medal lol But on the other hand, if he had stayed, with him and Benni, as Roberts was injured most of the season, where would Rovers have been? Players will have to start to realise that its not all about the big clubs, yes its where every players wants to be and playing in the top competitions and u cant deny anyone this, as a footballers career is short but surely there has to be some players out there that want to play football week in week out and help to build a successful team with wot is seen as a unfashionable club, ie anything outside the top 4. Benni has to realise that he has signed a contract of work with a club and remember where he was b4 Blackburn came in for him – Porto’s bench!! now u tell me where were Chelsea then when he went for £2.5m, cos it wasnt a secret that Rovers were about the only club that took a chance on him

  • Another few things Benni could well do with taking into account. However, had Bellers stayed would Benni have arrived anyway though?!?!

  • I think he would have u know, as Hughes had been trying to get him for a yr and half b4 hand, I think it was always his plan to play these two together. Thats another thing, if Hughes trailed Benni for that long, where were the ‘BIG’ Champions League clubs then!! Certainly not beating down his down i’ll tell u that

  • Plain and simple, Bellamy would not have signed for us without the clause. The only thing i disagreed with was the fixed valuation of 5.5 million. Why the blue hell would we agree to a price that works out LESS than we paid for the lad?? Thats the clubs error IMO, not Bellamy’s. Unless we are offered a “Duffesque” amount for Benni, we should politely reply “pi$$ off you tight fisted, penny pinching bandits” and in the style of Tome Cruise, reposte “SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!” If Benni leaves for anything less than we pay for his eventual replacement, again Sparky, John Williams, the board, the groundsman and the tea lady all need a ****ing boot up their arses!

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