Date: 9th December 2010 at 2:13pm
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Lets face it, Sam Allardyce is stubborn.

He’s the most stubborn person weve ever had manage us, but its not a bad thing. Sam Allardyce likes to do things his own way, and it usually works.

We question his tactics, after all, 4-5-1 is not everyone’s favorite tactics, but then we have good results, like 3 – 0 against Wolves.

We say we under achieve at times, but we still finish in the top ten and have good cup runs. Weve called for his head numerous times…like when he sold Benni McCarthy (go team Benni!!) (Ed – How’s team Benni doing nowadays? ;)) or after bad results like 7-1 against Manchester United.

But time and time again he proves us wrong, like the 3-0 against Wolves. We questioned his signings, like when we signed Diouf. Diouf came with a reputation, he couldnt get in the first team at Sunderland, but he has done fairly well in a Rovers shirt.

Or when he signed an unknown French player from the 3rd tier in France, not good enough surely? But no. The Zonz came in and was one of our best players last season. So its safe to say that Sam Allardyce likes to do things his own way, and this is where our problem lies.

Our new owners like to do things their own way too. They have had talks with Kentaro, a footballing-sports agency, over which way the club should go forward and what targets we should be looking at – this is not good.

Sam has always liked to do things his own way, and hes good at it, so why should we deny him the money we have been waiting for?

So what if he wants to sign a player weve never heard of? Its worked in the past. Sam has nothing to prove, he’s done the job we employed him for, and so he doesnt have to take stick from our new owners.

I fear he will leave if the board signs players behind his back, and I certainly don’t think he liked Desai saying that we need to play more entertaining football.

Sam Allardyce might mot be everyone’s cup of tea, but in his time at Ewood he has shown me the light. I was dissapointed when we first hired him, but now I would not have anyone else… Except maybe Jose Mourinho.

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14 Replies to “Could Sam Quit?”

  • I feel the same. If Sam wasn’t in control of the signings I couldn’t blame him one bit for walking out. On the other hand we are only really going off what the LET is telling us. Kentaro’s role has never been fully clarified. Who is to say they aren’t there merely to advise the Rao’s on how the whole transfer malarky works and thats it? On the other side they would probably want to shoe in some of the talent in their name, but putting names forward for Sam to look at and the Rao’s actually signing the players behind Sam’s back based on what Kentaro says are two completely different things.

  • Sam has to be able to sign his own players.
    Any interference from any source would without doubt undermine his authority. Something that any manager with anything about him would not tolerate. If Sam walked who would want the job under this scenario?

  • its always difficult for a manager when the clubs is taken over and I can see Big Sam and the owners falling out sooner rather than later, for the sake of the club I hope he stays with you as I think he is a very good manager and has done really well for you.

  • A win against Wolves isn’t as impressive as you make it out to be… I’d be worried if we lost…. FYI we played 4-4-2 against Wolves….so 4-5-1 didn’t prevail in the end…
    N’Zonzi had a brilliant first season….but where is he when not injured… He also bought Kalinic for 6 million…. What is he doing these days ?
    The problem with Sam is he’ll sign players he’s played with before….which to be honest consists of mainly Bolton players and reserves who never made it big… Out of our current targets only Keane is worth praising….the others are Santa Cruz (injury prone) Bentley (lost his shine and to be honest i wouldn’t want the two-faced snake back) and Jo (need i say more)

    Kentaro look outside the bubble that is the English Premier league…. Rovers knew of their involvement before they signed… Sam is stubborn up to the point where he even said he might not spend any money on players if he had his way…. if he wont sign anyone new then we’ll have to find someone who will….

  • FYI Hax09, we did play 4-5-1/4-3-3 most of the game.. not 4-4-2.. Roberts as a loan striker with Diouf and Emo on the wings.. Gamst Jones and Dunn in the middle.. Also which Bolton players has he signed for Rovers? Only 1.. El Hadji Diouf.. who has been one of our best players this season.. Kalinic and N’Zonzi are both injured. your talking about signing new players? not before used in the prem? : N’Zonzi, Kalinic, Givet, Goulon, Salgado,

  • We played 2 up front… Diouf and Roberts with Jones, Emerton, Dunn and Pederson in middle… and Salgado, Givet, Samba and Nelson at back….
    Also I said HE’LL sign…not HE’S signed…. I seem to remember being linked with Kevin Davies, Kevin Nolan and Teymourian at the start of the season…that’s how Sam is…
    I just meant that the players Sam is mentioning isn’t all that ambitious…
    (Other than N’zonzi and Salgado )
    Kalinic has had enough time to make an impact…and he hasn’t performed in comparison to his price tag…
    Givet’s performance has been dwindling
    And so far Goulan has been terrible (but its early days for him so I wont write him off yet)

  • Well, lack of control was one of Sam’s problems at Newcastle – something they didn’t listen too and then hired Keegan and Wise…

  • glen i hate to say it but i’m sure there’s a number of clubs in the middle east that would like to bring in a higher profile manager and sam loves going on vacation over in dubai.

  • If we beat Bolton we’ll go 6th in the league – we wouldn’t be accepting Sam’s resignation then… the new owners need to back Sam. Mike Ashley didn’t at Newcastle, look what happened to them. (Come to think of it look what’s still happening to them!) Sam has done a good job with us, we need to support him and moreso the owners

  • For me Sam has earned a crack at the January window for his work over the last two seasons. Not many managers can do as good a job as Big Sam is doing right now with what he has to work with.

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