Date: 19th August 2010 at 10:23am
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Prospective new Rovers owner has declared that if he is successful in his takeover bid then one of the first things he would do is aim to bring David Beckham to the club.

In what will be seen as either a brave move or an utterly bonkers one, Syed would look to bring one of his idols to Ewood Park… if the financial demands fit within budget.

‘I was 26 when I started following the Premier League. I used to like Blackburn back then and also used to follow Manchester United’s fortunes because of David Beckham,’ Syed told the Daily Mail.

‘If my finances allow and his intentions are positive then I would love to take Beckham.’

Bold or stupid?

Personally I will eat my left arm if we get Beckham…

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30 Replies to “David Beckham? Really?”

  • Bold but probably unrealistic. I would love Beckham, he would fill the void left by Bentley. But I don’t see it happening, if we go in for him so will a host of other clubs. I would like to see us sign another Bentley type player though, maybe even Bentley himself. Or Dos Santos from Tottenham.

  • Probably unrealistic but you never know.
    Perhaps he could be enticed by a player/Ambassador role, this would be still give him some games and as his career wound down it would not be humiliating if he was only selected as a sub. He could be guaranteed a place on the bench, if not as one of the selected subs then in his role as Ambassador (Suit and tie as in South Africa)
    Big stars draw supporters (and cash) for years to come to a club from outside the area. I lived in North Yorkshire and had no connections with Blackburn, had never even been there, but saw Shearer on TV, bought a season ticket that year and still buying one this season.
    Would place Rovers on the world stage quickly, be great to travel to the far east and see lots of blue and white shirts with Beckham across the back.

  • Boy can whip in a cross that is for sure but look at his wages?!? It would smash our structure right out of the park!!!

  • Exactly. This would be more of a commercial move than a footballing move. Big names sell shirts, and shirt sales generate money. I would prefer Bentley over Beckham. But maybe we could get both, Bentley for footballing reasons and Beckham for commercial reasons.

  • I doubt he would come to be honest, it would take a massive chunk of the budget in wages to get him here, and would he be that great at 35??

  • He would probably only play half the matches, at the most. But it’s more of a commercial move than anything. I for one would love to have his name in the back of my shirt.

  • I think its funny but he would certainly be an asset to the club on and off the pitch, cant see Victoria in the jack walker stand personally lol

  • Would be a great commercial move! Would honestly say %70 of all E.P.L jerseys you see in Oz, Have his name on it. Would bring in a heap in revenue and it will bring in new supporters worldwide, Let’s hope they stick around longer than he will. 🙂

  • This aint gonna happen, did the same story not come out in Jan with Salgado saying he was going to try and convince him to sign! we can use the money a lot more wisely than this!

  • Would it be a great commercial move?? personally i think it would cost far too much for what we would get back. Beckham is a has been, and would be brought in for the wrong reasons. Not for this one at all

  • He may be viewed as a has been over here (by some fans) but the guy is still the biggest name in world football. It doesn’t matter how good Messi et al are, Becks will always be the number 1 shirt seller until the day he retires. So commercially, we would make far more than we pay for him.

  • Ive aired my views, commercially he would be a success. End Of. Id pay the guy for 2 years to help raise the club profile and obviously Syed has the same thoughs as myself in that regard. Whos to say Syed wouldnt fund it personally if it meets his objectives in terms of marketing?

  • This was discussed in the forum by Bom himself before this all came out…. You recogn Mr Syed has been checking the VB forums?! haha

  • Beckham would be good for commercial reasons to get us recognised abroad etc. i do like the idea of Bentley back. He’s wasted at spurs.

  • To be honest his wages would be astronomical and would be a bad investment from that point of view, He wasa top playewr in his day but has long past his best, if people are going to take us serious then signing players like beckham at this stage of his career would be a silly move

  • Good – would make money for the club, raise our profile, may even play well. Bad – I don’t think he would play a full prem season as he doesn’t have the legs anymore, he has also said that he’d not play for any other Prem team other than utd… so prob wouldn’t happen.

  • This would be a great marketing move. Just look at how many comments it has generated here, more than any article on the front page.

  • I agree he wouldn’t be anywhere near the player he used to be but it would be great to have him onboard!! Especially for our younger players!! I also think this is more about getting long term fans who will keep supporting the club long after he has left..

  • unrealistic, however it would be a great business move and i do think he would make a huge contribution on the pitch. Not only for the experience he would bring to the dressing room but too have him coming off the bench for us would be massive!! If it happens i will be renting our house out and shipping the family back home for 12 months with season tics 🙂

  • End of the day this is pure fantasy, Beckham would never sign for us but if he did then from a financial and sporting perspective this would be huge for the club and fans alike, the revenue generated would be enough to pay his wage etc. At 35 Beckham is not past it and could easily play well for us, anyone remember a little legend we used to have called Tugay who turns 40 in 4 days time.

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