Date: 17th October 2006 at 9:10am
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Is the possibility of Blackburn Rovers starlet David Bentley one day being called up for England at senior International level really that unthinkable?

With Bentley’s fine form this season really starting to prove testament to the undoubted talent he has always had I made a comment recently on a possibility of a future England call up to which Vital Blackburn member Clint replied:

Its just right that he gets a call up into the English squad at sometime, England need an attacking rite winger to complement Downing on the left?

Bentley has been scoring goals a plenty for the England under 21 side and has long since be regarded as a future England talent, and as such Arsene Wenger was reluctant to let one of his prized assists leave Highbury (as it was at the time), but once it became apparent Bentley wanted to move on to get the first team football he deserved Wenger was left almost powerless to stop him.

If Bentley maintains his early season form, his range of passing, quality on the ball and the crosses he is putting in are almost always inch perfect, even if his fellow team members aren’t quite as alert then surely at sometime the telephone will ring with Steve McLaren on the other end?

McLaren is known to like his out and out wingers and as well as Steven Gerrard is playing it’s not really seen as his favoured position so in time, should he move inside again does Bentley have a place with his name all over it waiting for him? At 21-years-old he still has plenty of time to realise this dream?

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20 Replies to “David Bentley for England”

  • I did say b4 that I thought Bentley should get a call up, if Shaun Wright Phillips can get in the Engalnd squad just on the basis that he wears a Chelsea shirt and dosnt play then why shouldn’t Bentley get a call up as he is at least playing well for a team performing well. But as is the case there are a lot of players that deserve a call up but only to fall behind Englands ‘ favorites’

  • think it could happen but he does face stiffer competition for his position than you would for most england positions

  • True very true…….However! I do believe he’s been mostly playing left midfield for Englands 21 team? I agree with Hughesy thou, natural progreeion but not yet, Most of Blackburns previous England call ups have been a bit floppy to say the least, (Discounting the obvious Shearer and perhaps The Socks)!

    Ripley? Wilcox? Batty? Sutton (B Team attitude)? by the way whats happened to the old B team internationals, if more fringe players over the age of 21 were given the experiance then perhaps we would not have the issues of who to pick in the absence of major players when injured?

  • PS I didn’t realise Tim Sherwood was a reader of the Blackburn Vital website. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Correct me if i’m wrong but Duffer isn’t Duffer the only player to win anything since moving on?

  • The prob is that while I agree with govtpros in the way that maybe at 21 its seen to be too young, this is not the same for other countries in world football that have the ‘if there good enough they play’ attitude. Englands main worry is that certain players just walk into the team, even though they are not playing well or just back from injury etc while other who are playing well are overlooked

  • With so many gmaes being played if England ran the “B” Internationals as well (which I would like to see, as they are good, and give players a chance!) the managers would kick off even more wouldn’t they? To me age doesn’t matter, if you are good enough you are old enough, 21 isn’t exactly young for a footballer now though is it if you get what Im saying? it does get annoying when players who can’t even get in their team (Wright-Phillips etc.) get in because they play for the big boys. If you play for the big teams you’ll always get in, not forgetting Downing who is McLaren’s favourite!

  • How many England under 21s percentage wise have actually stepped up into the England full squad? not many, due to the fact that if they are good enough at that age they tend to bypass the 21’s or if I rephrase the question how many go direct from the under 21’s into the Full team without a gap of maybe 4-7 years?
    I think there is a need to bridge that gap.

  • I just remember Aaron Lenon drifting in from the wing against Portugal, If it had been a Tottenham game he would have smashed it into the net, but because it was his first major experiance with the England set up he tried to square it, and the chance went begging. Its not always about ability but also self confidence and belief in your own ability. which if he had been able to play in Internetionals at a more senior level he may well have done just that! who knows?

  • it is true though isnt, look at Lampard for instance, he is a very good player, though never second in the world, however when was the last time he played well in an England shirt and somehow still starts, when there are players like Nolan playing well for a smaller club, not even a look in. Nothing has changed in the England setup since McClaren was not the man the FA wanted, he was Ericsson assistant after!! Until the FA put someone in charge that has the balls to pick players that are playing well and not just the so-called established ones then im sorry but players like Bentley, Nolan, Bent etc will never have a shot.

  • Martin O’Neill would have been this man, he’d pick players that should be picked, no matter how old, where they play, who they play for etc. but he isn’t a “yes” man like the FA like is he. England missed out on one of the GREATEST ever manager in Brian Clough because he wouldn’t conform to FA rules, think we’ve missed out on a man who WOULD have won us tournaments by overlooking O’Neil.

  • it is true that the England team has its core members who are in the team regardless of form ie Lampard, who is a good player but just not in his countries shirt but he is one to name a few in the squad. Nothing will change in this until the FA put someone in that will have the courage to play wot some folk would call unknowns and drop the big names that arent preforming, players like Bentley, Nolan, Bent etc will get a chance then

  • It’s difficult and frankly stupid simply saying that an established England player should be dropped because of poor form…they are ‘established’ for a reason. I do agree though that too many players at ‘unfashionable clubs’ don’t get a look in. This was epitomised during Rovers’ championship winning season..why wasn’t Sherwood, Ripley, Wilcox regulars? It has been years now since a Rovers player was last called up. Am I right in thinking the last was David Thomo? Dunny was our last capped player wasn’t he?Oh, on the subject of Bentley, there is no way he should be considered for the England squad yet!! He needs to prove consistency and probably even needs to improve further.

  • Surely though even if players are established if they aren’t performing for club, or indeed country, or maybe not even playing for their club they should be dropped and others given a chance? That is the most frustrating thing this isn’t happening! McLaren says players get picked on form but there were many over looked that I know for a fact had been playing to a better standard than some in the squad, and some in that squad weren’t even playing for their club so McLaren talks out of his backside really!

  • Sherwood, Ripley, Wilcox regulars???? a good reason why! look at the current Poll! Dalglish manipulated a team to win. If they were good enough for England then surely they should have made the grade when they moved on from Rovers the small Champion winning team…………. Wilcox = Leeds hardly made the team!
    Sherwood = Tottenham ummm! as for Ripley?? I can’t even remember where he went to!

  • Sherwood, Wilcox and probably even Ripley during their time at Ewood should have been regulars for England, as it was I don’t think Sherwood played for England until he left for Spurs did he, same with Wilcox, not until he went to Leeds and Ripley never played did he? If so it would have only been one cap. Ripley went on to Southampton didn’t he.

  • Think Ripley won two caps in the end didn’t he? Yeah I remember the hammy inncodent, hence his getting another cap… I think?

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