Date: 22nd January 2008 at 11:39am
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Blackburn Rovers chairman John Williams has moved quick to stop the suggestion that David Bentley could be sold by slapping a NOT FOR SALE sign in the shop window.

Bentley is being linked with a move to Newcastle United, with their new manager Kevin Keegan understood to be an admirer of his and keen to add him to his list of possible new signings, but Williams is aiming to put out this fire by putting it out early before is burns wildly out of control with the transfer window approaching its final week. He also reiterated the thoughts that talks on a new contract are going well, and should continue soon.

Williams told the Lancashire Telegraph: “Our position is clear, David Bentley is not for sale. We’ve not heard anything for Newcastle or anyone else and we wouldn’t welcome any interest.

“We stated recently that we wanted to sit down with David and his agent to discuss a new deal.

“He only signed a new contract in the recent past but we felt that his performances this season were such that it warranted us to sit down with him and discuss a new contract and talks are progressing well



20 Replies to “David Bentley is NOT FOR SALE!”

  • Bents’ performances HAVE turned heads in recent times but he is VERY happy at Rovers so has no need to move on, a move to Newcastle WOULDN’T be a productive move (or step forward) anyway would it!!!

  • He’s better off having some good seasons under his belt before he flies the nest. Too many leave to early, crash & never recover.

  • Let’s hope he remembers the grass is not always greener! I hope his expereince at Arsenal will remind him of that. However, he needs to learn the next level to make him truely great… how to handle being marked out of the game… a few times this seasons he has been made ineffective by good tactics from oppostion

  • I think he will remember that – but he might also realise that he’s a better player now as well. Bents is a decent, honest lad and I think he’ll be with us for a while yet, he’s broken into the England squad with a ‘small’ club and he’s having a great season, no reason for him to go.

  • Encouraging from Mr. Williams. I wish those Geordies would stop claiming to be better than us then try and take our best players and coach. I think Bents is a good enough lad to stay for a while yet!

  • if bents goes its top four not the biggest excuse for a football club ever! and if he did go we would surely look for a hefty sum im thinkin somewhere around 25million

  • Haha, trading for Barry. You know that doesn’t work. At the end of last season I’d have done Gamst for Petrov I wouldn’t trade Barry for any player in your team, and that is no offence to any Blackburn player, just an indication of Gareth’s importance and value to Villa. In fact, that you value him and Petrov at around the same seems incredible to me. Ok, how about Petrov + cash for young David? Any deal to be done there? I could totally be a manager. Young and Bentley down the wings could be pretty potent.

  • LMAO – Petrov, Barry, Young, Agbonlahor, the deeds to Villa Park, a lorry load of cash in used 50 quid notes and a lifetime supply of beer and we might just consider parting with DB… You might as well have asked for Roque “Chico” Santa Cruz… It just aint going to happen.

  • lol.. Keegan’s got a load of cheek hey.. I heard he was trying to by micah richards off sven too.. I reckon we’ll be hearing about a sven bid for rooney next!! I think big kev’s time away from football has made him lose touch with reality

  • Newcatle will bid for plenty of stars but will end up, as ever, buying second rate alternatives of the like of Joey Barton or Alan Smith!

  • HAs Keegan ever been in touch with reality… As much as I admire the Geordie “Maybe One Day” spirit… the quote that would rather lose 4-3 than win 1-0… they’ll win booger all with that attitude.

  • Keegan doesn’t do reality does he, he does fairtayles (often with a BAD ending!!! But I do like the dude!)
    I’d be VERY happy to see Gareth Barry at Ewood, but wouldn’t part with Bents for this, I wouldn’t be that keen on Petrov though, not in the same league as either player.

  • I agree, some guy asked about a gamst for petrov trade. Very happy is an understatement, and you know it, plus, Bentley for Barry is a rubbish deal for villa. It’s like the spurs fans, when they were moaning about Defoe and on about a trade for Barry. Behave, spuds!

  • I think we were trying to get Barry during our Souness era – good player, but not swapping Bentley for him! Wouldn’t want Petrov either for Gamst! Lets just keep our players to ourselves!

  • Blackburn Rovers’ best player. Selling him would be suicide but it wont happen. Its a good arrangement for both parties for him to be here.

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