Date: 13th June 2007 at 8:09pm
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With YOUR help Vital Blackburn has been trying to determine what have been the best and worst of the Blackburn Rovers 2006-2007 season.

The nominations are still be taken for other Awards, but the Vital Blackburn Awards for 2006-2007 continue to be dished out with the

Colin Hendry Award for Defender of the Season

When asked to simply leave the name of your Defender of the Season most felt?

Ryan Nelsen & Christopher Samba should be the joint Award Winners! Congratulations to Nelsen and Samba.

Firstly, Brad Friedel is a gimme; he is ALWAYS likely to win a battle if we were selecting a Goalkeeper/Defender of the season, so his name is written is stone, he gets his own Award!

“The Admiral” Nelsen, better known on this site now as “God” was so badly missed when he was out injured. It was no coincidence that we improved as a defensive unit upon his return, he is a natural leader and guides EVERYONE else who draw in confidence from him. When he returned against Luton Town he looked like he had never been out, if only he hadn’t been out all season before this?

Samba, also known as “The Wall” came in in this same Luton game as a late substitute for, I think Nelsen? He had quite a cult following before he even came on and endeared himself to the fans even more soon after, despite his horribly timed air-shot! His performances were fantastic, and he only grew and grew in stature. And to think Sparky didn’t want to have to pay him too much last season, he’ll now be unable to leave him out in the future?

The pair have been so impressive as a partnership to be joint winners of the Award is a fair call for me.

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14 Replies to “Defender of the Season”

  • What a great pairing they are and there was little to call between them, so sharing is fair. God is, well what can you say about him that hasn’t already been said!!! The Wall has quite simply been the find of the season, £300,000 must leave Hertha Berlin thinking “at least Dick Turpin wore a mask” when they think about how Sparky got him!

  • This image is probably my most favourite one on Vital Blackburn, I love it! ONLY a few Awards to go people GET voting if you haven’t already!!!

  • come to think of it, Sasman, when I was last back in eNZed, God was in the paper saying it was good to come home and have no-one recognise him…so I guess we are heathens in a way. Bugger!

  • My man Nelsen!!!! good lad… thoroughly deserves the award as the minute he cam back… all was calm at the back again.

  • I see sasman is having a pop at our New Zeland brethren also lol 🙂 He does this with me when England play the Aussies in cricket, so prepare for this yourself also dude when the two meet in cricket or as is more likely first (although I don’t know the cricket schedule!?!?) in the Rugby World Cup! It’s always in good spirts though, as it everything on this site.

  • MikeyGamst – Thoroughly deserves to SHARE the Award, don’t forget he has shared it, not outright won it 🙂

  • Yeah cheers HDM, I’ll maintain the moral high ground since my ancestors went to NZ willingly…:-) but it is amazing that a player a good as Nelsen is virtually unknown in his own country. He’s probably NZ’s highest paid sportsman (maybe Tiger Wood’s caddie might be paid more – but is he really a sportsman at all? Or some of the Americas Cup Yachties would be up there too). But anyway, it was a real surprise when I first stumbled upon this website to find you calling him God – I thought at first you were taking the p#ss, especially when you look at our other Prem player, Simon Elliot who doesn’t play for Fulham. Obviously you weren’t, the guy IS a legend. Wasn’t Portsmouth after him last season? Hands off, Mr Redknapp!

  • lol, BomBom will LOVE your opening line! He is one of the best defenders in the League, how no one else came across him I still don’t know! No, genuinely God no ***** taking at all, glad you now realise this. I too find it hard to understand though why he is such an unknown in New Zealand, how popular is football over there?!?! Yeah they were willing to pay £5 million if reports are true, THAT’s how good God is.

  • All in a bit of fun lads, Nelson has been one of our greatest buys ever, welcome desert kiwi, havent seen u before, good to have a neighbour round here

  • HDM, football is super-popular there, but in NZ football = rugby. Soccer on the other hand, is very much a minority sport…It reached it’s peak popularity in1982 when we made the world cup finals, beating such classy teams as Western Samoa, Kuwait & the Galapagos Islands on the way, but has been in the doldrums ever since. Our only profesional team plays in the Aussie league and they are less than average. The national team did draw with Wales though recently…Cheers Sasman, nice to be here (at last). Not quite a neighbour anymore, I live in the construction site that is Dubai now.

  • Hey Fruity!!! welcome to Vital and congrats on becoming a VBer!!! Your ancestors arent Welsh are they, considering they went there freely and there being an abundance of fluffy white creatures going “baaaaaa” (don’t worry though, Im Welsh myself!!! :D) Which brings me to point 2, to coin a phrase…..Dont mention the DRAW!!! LOL

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