Date: 17th June 2007 at 9:47pm
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Blackburn Rovers striker Matt Derbyshire scored for England tonight as they beat Serbia 2-0 to progress to the Semi Final’s of the European Under-21 Championships.

With 20 minutes to play Derbyshire made his bow in these Championships as a substitute. He made an almost immediate impact with a fine run resulting in a cross to Kieran Richardson six-yards out, but the Manchester United winger shot wide.

It didn’t take long for Derbs to get his first chance though and he took it! With a Serbian player injured in the area, England played on with Derbs getting the ball (although this injured player wasn’t the player to play him on side anyway!) and after taking one touch he drove home for England’s second (Leroy Lita scored the first goal after 5 minutes.)

The goal from Derbs was not taken well by the Serbian side and disgraceful scenes saw pretty much the whole of their side converge on him with a whole host of pushing and shoving going on, but amazingly no red cards issued. (Things kicked off at the final whistle with the Serbs turning on the England players in the tunnel, with racist comments made and Derbs spat at!)

There was a late red card for Tottenham Hotspur’s Tom Huddlestone for an off the ball incident (something he said to the referee I think?!?!) with him only just coming on, so he will be out of the next game.

With Derbs’ help England advance to the Semi Final’s where we will face the hosts Holland.



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  • GET IN THERE!!! As EVERYONE know’s Derbs is my golden boy, so I’m thrilled that he was FINALLY given a chance in these Championships. I often say give the kid a chance and he will score, and he certainly did tonight, albeit controversially!
    The scenes that followed were disgraceful though, and there willl SURELY be consequences for the Serbs, with their crowd having previously been warned about making racist comments to the England players aswell! To make matters worse they players are believed to have racially abused the England players as well as SPITTING at Derbs in the tunnel after the match.
    But the main thing is England are through and Derbs scored!

  • Not the best advert for the game with the disgraceful things that went on. At one point I thought the ref was going to book Derbyshire, you’ve got yourselves a rare talent there in that kid, could be another Kenny Dalgliesh in the making

  • That ref had a shocker!!! Derbs scored a cracker and Richardson should have scored from Derbs cross just before that. Also can’t believe how poor the coverage f the tournament has been.. sky should be ashamed of themselves!

  • worbo – I thought he was going to send him off myself at one point. I was SHOUTING at the TV for Derbs NOT to get involved and just walk away. The Serbs were like a pack of wild dogs (or angry Robbie Savage’s LOL!) though weren’t they. Well I LOVE Derbs, he’s my golden boy.

  • Bents4eng – The referee just seemed to lose it didn’t he dude, he didn’t know what to do. It was a cracking finish wasn’t it, as soon as he got it I KNEW it was a goal. I must admit I have only watched bits of the tournament here and there (all but one England game, missed that as I was working) so I don’t really know what the coverage has been like. I thought it had been OK though.

  • How often have we seen derbs score like that.. His finishing is literally second to none in the premiership 🙂

  • I have said to MikeyGamst in the past that Derbs reminds me of Gary Lineker in a way. If he can have half the success he did then he’ll end his career a VERY succesful guy, with plenty of senior England caps and goals, dare I even say medals?!?!

  • Didn’t see the game, but well done Derbs, hopefully Pearce will see the light and give him a bit more game time.

  • just shows that he shud have been in there sooner and why did they go mad at matt its up to the ref these days so de serbs shud get punished wat a bunch of ******** aswell all their team after one man real brave!

  • Derbs took his goal really well and showed just he can do!! even if the defender was on the ground! The ref never blew to stop play so there u go! Wasnt surprised at the scenes after as the Serbs are nutters and the players have to take after that!!

  • Absolutely pathetic behaviour from the Serbians. They should be ashamed. Matty didnt see the guy on the floor and did what all good strikersdid and hit a sweet shot. what does that show Stuart Pearce by the way… put Matty on and we look about 38 times more dangerous and he scores within ten minutes!!!

  • Desert Kiwi – You didn’t miss that much dude. We (England) will have to show A LOT more if we are going to beat the Dutch, but with Derbs’ help we can do this. But I do think Derbs is more likely to start on the bench again unless Leroy Lita (who I think picked up a slight injury?!?!) doesn’t recover.

  • durks de rover – I hear what you are saying, and I DO think he should have played some part before Sunday but at the same time Nugent is the number one pick for Pearce and Leroy Lita has played well and is scoring goals. Personally I think Derbs is just one of a NUMBER of exciting striking options we (England) have at these Championships.

  • It was disgraceful to see (and hear) the way the Serbian’s reacted wasn’t it (both during and AFTER the game!) I agree that Derbs didn’t see the guy on the floor (until he probably got the ball anyway) but in any case HE didn’t play Derbs onside, others did. I remember being told “play to the whistle” as one of the FIRST things I was tought as a kid playing football so the Serbians SHOULD know better, espeically with the fact teams DON’T have to kick the ball out now do they!

  • i still can’t get over how the serbs reacted, they had already won the group, all they have achieved is tranishing the image of their country and if its true that derbyshire was spat at after the final whistle and some of the black england players were racially targeted, i hope some serious action is taken. Anyway congrats to derbs, great finish!!!

  • p.s. having scored that goal he has almost cemented atleast one more appearence in the tounament, would of been a shame if we had gone out with him not playing

  • letsalldothesamba – WHAT A GREAT USERNAME dude I love it!!! Welcome to Vital Blackburn (you are now a VBer, Vital Blackburner!)
    Serious action does need taking doesn’t it, the Serbian section of the crowd had to be warned about being racist, their players (if true as you say) did the same after, and as for spitting only animals (and some people when they talk to you, although the dont mean to LOL!) do this!!!

  • That was my biggest worry, the whole tournament without him playing.
    I don’t want to tempt fate too much (although I will now by saying this!) but it will cap a PERFECT season for him if he could pick up a WINNERS medal at the European Under-21 Championship after not even being much in Sparky’s thoughts (for the 2006-2007 season anyway!) up until the latter part of 2006!

  • At least we can console ourselves to the fact that if Pearce is going to put a sub on, Derbs SHOULD be the go to guy now.

  • Matty did himself proud the other nite, the way he took his goal and for the way he reacted to the Serbs, he could have def retaliated but kept his cool. Even if the Chelsea lad had of been on his feet he would have been on the wrong of Matt to stop him and you always play to wistle everyone knows this!!

  • I really did think Derbs was going to get involved in something (and as I have said previously somewhere here I think?!?!) I was screaming at the TV for him to walk away and not get involved. He’s a little guy but he’s not afraid to get stuck in is he.
    I loved the fact he was celebrating RIGHT in the Serbs faces though (even thought it was only because they were right in his!) pointing out his name to them (as he does when he celebrates) he LOVES scoring goals doesn’t he.

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