Date: 7th June 2007 at 10:18am
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MikeyGamst shares his feeling in the surprising news that Derby County have joined the race for Francis Jeffers, what’s more they are willing to pay MORE than we want?!?!

Apparently according to the BBC website, Derby have joined the race for Blackburn Rovers goalmachine Francis Jeffers.

Derby are apparently willing to pay the £1.5 million valuation… 2 things.

1) Wasn’t it £1 million last week???
2) Who does these valuations? Stevie Wonder? Jeffers is never worth £1.5 million.

Jeffers is now willing to move on after being told he is unlikely to get many opportunities next season due to new additions to the squad, Benni McWhingeMachine, the excellent Matty Derbyshire, the frankly massive Jason Roberts and the frankly useless Shabani Nonda… oh and the criminally underused Paul Gallagher.

1 thing I would like to indicate to Mr. Hughes though… if someone actually bids £1.5 million for Jeffers, I will be down there personally to encourage the sale.




31 Replies to “Derby Up the Jeffers Anti!”

  • I had previously said that I wouldn’t mind if he stayed but if Derby Country are willing to pay £1.5 million, sorry Jeffers but you’ve got to go! I bet he’ll come back and haunt us next season if he does stay in the Premiership?!?!

  • Off topic but HOW THE F**K did BomBom manage to get up to a MIGHTY 543 points already?!?! He only had 330 when I called it a night at around one in the morning. Get the guys watching him again MikeyGamst as something fishy is going on here, lol!

  • Are you sure he is not the site manager!!??!?! cheating sod… BomBom. How dare you defy us like this…. Me and the Maniacs are gonna get Metal Gear Solid on you real quick….. 😉

  • I REALLY don’t know how he does it. I occassionally look around other site, but this is only if I notice something on the homepage that catches my eye, but usually my points are amassed on Vital Blackburn alone, he must be checking out EVERY site lol! He’s after the prize isn’t he, go on BomBom, you can do it!!!

  • Go for it BomBom…. give those monkeys another banana, they deserved it after the 1-5 shift they put in last night for you.

  • But your housemate could be the one laughing next season though couldn’t they, so I would reserve my ribbing over this a little just in case?!?! Unless they won’t be your housemate for much longer, in which case you might not see them as often so rib away lol!

  • If we got £2.5m for Kuqi then £1.5m for Jeffers aint bad, theres no way he’s that bad that he cant even get near that useless big s**t’s transfer fee. He’s still only 26/27 and has the potential to score a lot of goals for someone – dunno who but im throwing out an idea – so by that reckoning that a good fee lol

  • I think he’s crap, hard working but never near good enough so there ;0p lol Hes a big lump that was used as a battering ram, no finesse and lacked the killer touch. I ‘ll not have a dig at the actual man cos he seemed really nice and down to earth but as a Premiership footballer, for me he stunk the place out

  • also stop criticising sparky, because you are actually inadvertadly sp?? doing it, leave him to it, we have done so far and weve had 2 cup semis and a brilliant europe run with decent prem finishes, safe from relegation.

  • Why mate who’s having a go at Sparky, Sorry if you think i’ve come across that way didnt mean too! Kuqi was a free that didnt work then was sold simple, as mite Jeffers. Sparky dosnt have a big budget and picks these players up, if they dont work u get rid, easy.

  • I have to say I’m with Clint here adrian, as I can’t see who’s been having a go at Sparky?!?! Our moto on this site is “In sparky we trust!” so I couldn’t imagine too many of us purposely getting on his back.

  • I will follow the moto at all times. I always judge signings on whether they were value for money. Kuqi was a low risk signing and he scored soem vital goals. I personally enjoyed Kuqi being here. He wasn’t techically good at all but I would prefer someone useless running around with enthusiasm than some overpaid ponce who doesnt give a crap playing for us aka Yorke.

  • oh yeah I agree there mate Yorke was much worse than Kuqi, who indeed did a lot of running around lol As u said he was low risk but never really worked out for me. We stole that money from Palace, so I suppose he did do us a good turn

  • I think Hughes knew what he was doing…. no money involved and Kuqi was very successful at Championship level. So he knew he could sell him back for a hefty profit. Smart Management at its finest.

  • CLint i thought we were friends. Aye aye, you tell me who else could come of the bench and score 10 goals in a season. He won us about 5 games coming on in the last 10 and poaching a goal. How people simply seem to forget the impact players have. Dont get me wrong, 2.5 mill for him was a fantastic sale, but lets not forget the impact he had for us.

  • Spot on Mikey. Kuqi gave us 250%. He chased down everything when bellamy stood back. He fought and nudged and tackled and thats what blackburn are all about. Good on the guy, im sure there have been plenty worse strikers which you can bag, not one who gave his all, and won us a few games

  • Yes you are the only one pandapops… Bellamy’s greatest season was with us… Ask Newcastle fans, they don’t like him 😉

  • He may have done a job for the club, fair enuff but I didnt rate him that’s all. U just cant like everyone! lol

  • everyone’s entitled to the their own opinions people… reckon we’ll just have to agree to disagree. p.s. Kuqi rules. 😉

  • I see what you are saying Clint, Bellers has a GREAT season with us but if I am honest I didn’t rate him too highly before we got him! Not entriely sure he was as great with us even as maybe we thought, not that I’m saying he wasn’t good as he was. My worry (as I have said before) is that maybe we won’t see that player again if he returns?!?!

  • Bellers has his own qualities and unless you play to those strengths, you will not see the best of him ,kind of how Liverpool have done this year compared to his year at Rovers.

  • The more I think about the Benni – Bellemy potential partnership, would it work?? I dunno on paper it should as Bellemy would be the one making the runs ahead of Benni but I cant seem to get the notion outta my head that it could be a waste of time, that maybe they are too similar or indeed who would be the main man between the 2, as they both like to believe this dont they? this could cause friction between 2

  • I’ve always had my doubts about the pair playing in the same team, and have shared these. I am still not sure they could, JR could play alongside either, but not sure Bellers and Benni could play together. If one gets left out they will whinge, if both do we’ll be looking at a war!!! A personality clash also worries me, imagine the fall out of this.

  • mikey that was a funny article rovers goalmachine jeffers-priceless did anyone else hear that roberts is the target of a 3.5million bid from everton or has this already been discussed to death?

  • JR aint going nowhere durks!!! Jeffers jointly holds the record goals scored for the Under 21s, He shares the record with a certain A. Shearer!!!!!! For all the doubters RE Bellamy, whilst i tend to agree, dont you think Sparky has thought of this?

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