Date: 2nd February 2007 at 9:31am
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Blackburn Rovers striker Matt Derbyshire has capped an incredible couple of months by gaining his first England under-21 call up; team mate David Bentley joins him.

New England under-21 boss Stuart Pearce has named Derbyshire for the first time and recalled Bentley after being omitted recently by former boss Peter Taylor for the friendly with Spain next week; taking place at Pride Park, home of Derby County on Tuesday.

Just a few years ago Derbyshire, a Rovers fan who turned down the opportunity of moves to Burnley, Everton and Manchester United as a youngster (not that he’s not now!) opting instead to sign for Rovers for £20,000 was working at Ewood Park whilst playing part time with for Great Harwood Town.

Since his arrival he has scored goals throughout his development at all levels, also doing so during a loan spell with League Two side Wrexham last season. Injuries have handed Derbyshire his chance this season and he’s taken it with a series of impressive displays and five goals in his last seven matches.

A man that I am less happy to see gain recognition for England is David Bentley, I say less happy, obviously playing for England at any level is an honour under-21 no different but I genuinely thought he’d done enough to earn a call up to the senior side for the first time for Wednesday’s friendly with Spain, but Steve McClaren feels differently.

His recall to the under-21’s is the least he deserves but even looking through my blue and white lenses I find it hard to think of a right sided player that has played better than David Bentley this season, certainly as consistently as he has? Shaun Wright-Phillips has been in and out of the Chelsea side, Aaron Lennon has been very good again when I’ve seen him but seems to have suffered a lot of injuries.

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10 Replies to “Derbyshire Called Up By England”

  • Delighted for Derbs, my boys done good! I’d suggest the man in the image with him (Benni McGoalmachine) has helped him A LOT this season. Hopefully he’ll get his chance and play some part? Genuinely can’t believe Bents has missed out on a senior call up, the time had to be right, a friendly proves the ideal time to give others a chance? Once again it appears that Stevie Mac is failing to live up to a promise that players on a consistent run of form will be given a chance.

  • I made up for Matt he had fully deserved this call up and the confirdence that he’ll get from playing – should he be picked – will only benefit Rovers. Bentley has been in superb form and should maybe have been picked for the squad for the friendly, it’ll be interesting to see who gets in for the rite hand side, if players like Wright-philips gets in ahead of David, now im not saying Wright-Philips shouldnt be in the team, cos he’s a fantastic player who’d get in any team in the league, except the one he’s at!! I do beleive that its the team u play at when its England call up time not just on merits of the player, but then its wot u expevt form a team who have a stop gap manager in charge, who never really done anything in his respective league

  • Very true Clint, I don’t rate Stevie Mac at all, should we not qualify for the Euro’s (god I hope we do!!!) he’ll be shown the door, the worry is who would take over!?!? SWP as you say is a cracking player but if you can’t command a regular club place how can you play for England? Stevie Mac is a coward, seems like he’s so concerened about NOT losing the match (following the Croatia defeat) he thinks picking the “big names” will insure this. Personally I’d rather he gave people like Bents, Taylor at Portsmouth, Baines at Wigan, Nolan of Bolton and maybe even Joey Barton of Man City etc. chances in friendlies, if we lost so what I’d rather we lose trying new people than stick with the regulars and learn nothing new! Friendlies are meant as reasons for this, he seems to miss the point.

  • It is great news isnt it. Glad he is getting the recognition he deserves. If he starts, i fancy him for a goal. With regard to Bentley, there is the “big club bias” but the longer he keeps this form up, the harder it is going to be for Mclaren to ignore him, especially as he has the ability to play in various positions also!

  • With Stevie Mac you never know, but he would find if hard to keep overloiking him. It could be a good thing actually if Bents stays out of the squad for a while as you often find you get the Chelsea, United and Liverpool players whispering in others ears and this could turn Bents head? As for Derbs, with BomBom if he starts think he’d score, if he plays 30 minutes or more would still think he’d have a chance at a goal.

  • chaps… as much as I am please for Matt and Dave… let’s not get on the “beat up the manager” band wagon as far as Steve Mac is concerned… could imagine managing a side that only meet up once every few months… failures in Germany and in the Euro Qualifies are to be laid at the poor performances by Messers Crouch, Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard, Beckham, etc. They did not perform, they did not score, they did not qualify… simple as…

    Mac has at least started to ring the changes… time to boot out the failures that coan only play when being paid loads of money and not for heart things like country…

  • Trust me Ex Ewood I’m not just getting on the beat up the manager band wagon as far as Stevie Mac is concerned, he wasn’t the right man for me, but thats for another time… Sure he’s made a few changes but not that many, he’s leaving some older players behind that maybe he shouldn’t have at his and potentially England’s cost. He has to pick a core squad but players that aren’t playing for their club regularly, or if they are aren’t delivering should be put to one side and others (Bents for example, and some others I’ve mentined) brought in, at least for friendlies. He knows what his “usual’s” can do why not try out a few new players in friendlies, if we lose we lose, if the players don’t perform they don’t perform, I for one would respect him far more and dare say so would many, many other England fans?

  • Im not jumping on the band wagon at all I just dont think that a man who has really never won anything or done anything with a league side is suitably qualified to lead the national team. There was a lot of stuff aboout Scolari taking over and then he refused the offer, I think McClaren was like a ” panic buy ” To me its nice to see an English man in charge of England, the same for all home nations, Big Sam was touted but overlooked, a bit like Steve domestic football wise but has managed the top players in the world friendlies but if the best man for the job is from another country then u take ur time and pick him.

  • HAHA! I can beat up on the manager as much as i like cos im not English!!! although, the Welsh manager, ToshACK! is a bloody minded fool, much like souey insomuch as he lets egos get in the way of talent. At least McClaren hasnt done that…..well, not yet anyway

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