Date: 20th May 2010 at 12:05pm
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Chelsea striker Franco Di Santo has taken a parting shot at Blackburn Rovers after he spent a season on loan here at Ewood Park.

Di Santo was a hit at first in East Lancashire, but after a poor run of not scoring was left floundering on the bench/in the reserves.

At first, Di Santo was full of praise for Rovers – even at one time suggesting he would like them to beat Chelsea.

But after his spell of being out of the first team, he has reversed like a Ford Focus and complained about Rovers being a mid-table club and about being a lone striker.

Franco, speaking to an Argentine press conference said – “People at Chelsea were angered by the fact that I wasn`t playing regularly.”

“When you do not have a chance to score when playing at the front of a one-man attack, and you fight and fight, it is difficult for any striker.”

“We can not compare Blackburn, which is just a mid-table club, to a Chelsea side that has the best players in the world.”

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I think this is just sour grapes from Di Santo.

We cannot compare Chelsea to ourselves favourably in terms of league position but we can compare them as follows –

* Blackburn knock Chelsea out of League Cup on penalties after 3-3 draw.

* Blackburn draw 1-1 with Chelsea in the league at Ewood Park after a teenage rookie marks Drogba out of the game.

Goodbye Franco, please remember to have a little dignity.

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37 Replies to “Di Santo takes swipe at Rovers”

  • Supporting the other blue I have been worried about the development of Franco. He did show a lot of potential but it takes some time to get used to our way of playing. For me he has had enough time to show that he can succeed. Sitting on the bench should motive you double to make the team. Perhaps he should move on as if there is no place in an other team at the same level then a move abroad could be the answer.

  • Di Santo had his chances to score, he just couldn’t hit the target. I think this is less of a dig at Blackburn and more of excuse to try and retain his reputation as ‘one for the future’! A great striker should be effective no matter what formation he plays in….

  • I sure did, and will confess your lad (is his name Phil Jones?) had him in his pocket for the rest of the game!
    That being said, as he got on the score sheet describing him as being marked oout the game seems a little harsh!

  • All I remember of Di Santo was when he got a one on one he would always, and I mean always, smash it straight at the keeper. He is such a bad finisher, although he has a great work rate. Anyway he scored one goal all season which is a terrible return considering the number of games played.

  • true carefree… but you know, I am allowed to be as childish as Di Santo from time to time!!! ha ha!

  • Sicen he’s speaking in an Argentinian press conference, is this a classic case of misintepretation and mistranslation? I’ll tell you what his questions could’ve been-

    1. You stopped featuring for the first team at the end of the season and even got a few games for the Blackburn reserves- Since the point of a loan deal was first team action, what did the people at Chelsea think?
    A. People at Chelsea were angered by the fact that I wasn`t playing regularly.

    2. Even though your scoring rate was laughable, you were still lauded for your work rate and willingness to run- Why was this? (lol)

    A.When you do not have a chance to score when playing at the front of a one-man attack, and you fight and fight, it is difficult for any striker.

    3. What is the difference between the dressing room and training at Chelsea and at Blackburn?

    A.We can not compare Blackburn, which is just a mid-table club, to a Chelsea side that has the best players in the world *(To an Argentine press which has no clue as to who Blackburn are and just a fleeting knowledge of who Chelsea are)*

    Sorry, Micky- He never talked any crap like this in England because he was not mistranslated or misquoted. You gave his responses in a single statement, rather than a Q&A format, which tends to take the context away. Many thanks for taking him on loan and all the best for next season!!

  • Ok, JT_Daniel… Lets have your opinion on him – are you angry that he didn’t play more? Do you think that he should have scored more for the amount of games he played? And how do you rate him? I would answer – he should have been benched, there were better strikers; he should have scored more; I think he will be one for the future, but needs to work at it rather than blame the team tactics.

  • I can only work with what I am given JT… sorry dude but that’s the format it arrived to me, I cant adjust it just to suit Franco, what if that you have typed is nowhere near accurate just to play devils advocate?!

  • Makes no difference now anyway, when he was firing blanks every week I have to admit I was cursing Big Sam when he kept picking him when we had £6 million Kalinic warming the bench. Talented lad but for me he would be better in Spain or Italy.

  • i’m not particulary offended my what di santo said. at the end of the day, he wasn’t good enough to play regularly for us. he is a young player and i still wish him well

  • I’m annoyed that Di Santo has decided to take a parting shot at the club.. he was given plenty of oppertunities here, something I think its fair to say he would never have gotten at Chelsea. His comments ae merely an attempt to deflect attention away from what has been a series of mediocre performances over the course of the season during which time he only managed one single solitary goal. Pathetic!! And JT.. you can quote me on that!!

  • Mikey, all I wanted to say was that when he’s been a model professional here, in English soil and hasn’t said a word wrong even during the fag end when he was playing in your reserves and goes to Argentina and suddenly shoots off crap which he’s never given an inkling or an indication of, before. So it may be that he’s bitter, but a more likely case would be misquoting. And mate, you got it from Tribal Football, which is one of thw worst sources of news. Anyway, all I’m saying is, don’t make him the enemy here.

  • Right, I had to work my ass off to get to this article and have it translated (manually) – Here’s the link-

    Oh don’t Google Translate it, it’s horrible. That tool is so crappy, it makes me cringe. Here are the questions to his answers ^^.

    1. -In these months that you were in Blackburn how would summarize them?

    In the first half of the season, I played all the matches, I played well and the Coach told it in the English newspapers that I was the player that he wanted to play, in spite of being my first season in a club of the Premier League and that was very nice. After that we decided to sign a new loan for six months and I don’t know why did didn’t play regularly, nobody told me anything. The people at Chelsea were upset that I was not playing regularly.

    2. Can it be because you did not score goals or battle(?) the ball well enough?

    I believe that I fought well for the ball. I did not score goals and do not like to put excuses, because I did not score goals, but when crosses do not arrive , when not a regular possibility of goal, when a single striker is used, to fight and fight is complicated for any one forward. Just like this (Martin) Palermo did not do well when the ball never came to him.

    3.Was it difficult to insert you in the new group because you came from Chelsea where you had your friends?

    Not, like I say always, while I have the desire and want to achieve the things, it is going to be easy to adapt myself to any side. It does not take too much for me to adapt to the places because I always try to do the best, speaking badly and soon to break me the bum (? Possible colloquial phrase)and to forward.

    4.How difficult was the change of leaving a big team and moving to a small club?

    Yes, we cannot compare a Chelsea that has the world’s better players to a Blackburn with the one that finishes tenth in the Premier League, in half of the table.

    5.You knew that you should do that for launching yourself?

    , it is worth much, they say that one must descend a pair of steps to rise a pair more, hence this has served as a positive experience, to know where I am now in Chelsea and what I must be.

    6.Now the idea is to go and to fight it (at Chelsea)?

    Yes as usual I am going to return to Chelsea to fight for my place. I want to be able to repeat the pre-season of last year, in which I scored a pair of goals in a friendly and to show that I want to remain with the team this time.

    7.What possibilities there is that keep you or they loan you?

    If I get to know, I’ll tell you, because that depends on the coach, the board wants that remain me but if the coach says no, I cannot do anything. One hand is already up for me (? Possibly a colloquial expression)——————–

    Phew.. I had to work a lot for that, fellas. Hope that clears things up.

  • FriedelNo.1- a lot is lost in the translation mate. All he said was that he did not enjoy playing as a lone target man. We’ve got to face it, he’s no Samba or Drogba. And we’ve got to face the hard fact too- As much as you lot play beautiful and good football occasionally (like the CC match in which you outplayed us), your main tactic is to ping the ball upfield and try for a goal. It simply didn’t suit him, as he said. Mikey, you can’t adjust the format to suit Franco, when the idiots at Tribal football have already adjusted it to read as if Franco is all bitter about his “positive” experience as he puts it elsewhere. They’ve twisted and turned it, taking only selected lines and comviniently omitting the questions, to make it appear as if he’s a bitter git. Franco is being unfairly branded about as the “enemy” here, as proved by your quip- “Goodbye Franco, please remember to have a little dignity.”. He may not be good enough, I can take that- But why do you lot have to just go with what a fu(ked up website which publishes more trash than says and slate him for that? Spinaker, series of mediocre performances? Yes, he managed a solitary goal, but that’s a tad too harsh. Even Big Sam agreed that he put in good shifts, but his failure to score was his biggest shortcoming. Check back to the archives, to the old player ratings articles- He never was “mediocre” as you put it. Still Pathetic after reading the original, untwisted, un-misquoted, un-misintepreted version? I thought not.

  • I actually thought the question no 4 of the translation of the original interview was a very diplomatic answer to a really provocative question. That’s the very same line Tribalfootball decided to twist and put it as “We can not compare Blackburn, which is just a mid-table club, to a Chelsea side that has the best players in the world” without the context and provoking sentence formation. You lot still want to go on slating him, go on. But just remember you’re anger is misplaced and is due to a crappy news site that makes this sort of provoking tosh, just to get more hits.

  • Woah, two draws to equal our two trophies, yep, your right both Blackburn and Chelsea are on par….pfft.

  • lol!!! Fair play to ya JT.. you’ve put in the effort and backed up your arguement man. I still think he’s a mediocre striker and wont be a success at Chelsea. But credit where credit is due.. if your interpretation is accurate then i’ll dmit his comments were taken out of context.

  • Juts for the record – I have never once pulled off quotes from tribal football… just are just assuming that.

  • i think he played well when we had two up front, when we where playing 4 – 5 – 1 and where launching it up top he faded, simples.

  • Mikey, Tribal footy released the quotes first. Whatever your source was, they ripped it off from there. Didn’t mean to accuse you of copying the tribal tripe, of course. And LHrover, I agree mate. He’s no target man and he’s proved that rather spectacularly this season..

  • JT I admire your loyalty to your player – but you didn’t answer all of my questions – especially – Do you think that he should have scored more for the amount of games he played? And how do you rate him?

  • Personally, if you look at his loan spell in overall he scored just the one goal, and it will go down as a failure – I wish him well, and I think he’ll be one for the future. I guess I was hoping for a lot more.

  • The one thing you are missing though JT (and I do admire your loyalty to your player) isthat regardless of whether he has been mistranslated or not… he still makes up excuses for his lack of goals when he should perhaps look a little closer to home! He missed 7/8 one on one that I can remember…

  • Yeah, I agree with overbd and durks. DiSanto may indeed turn out to be a quality player. I saw a lotta him with Rovers this season. He had a decent work rate. At times, he was a handful for otherwise solid Prem defenders. However, I was very dispptd with his finishing. He snatched at a couple gilt-edged opport’ties when a cool finish was called for. His goal was practically handed to him on a silver platter. As a CFC fan, I hope he responds with an excellent season coming up. But as you lads said, rt now he’s delivered more bark than bite. Good call mates…

  • Friedel1- I already admitted it mate- He’s been a little bit of a disappointment. No question about that. He’s got to have scored more, which he didn’t. Even though I know and a few others here know how well he played in the first half of the season, he hasn’t got the goals to back it up. It’s down to confidence, that’s all- He’s pretty low on confidence which can make even a deadly finisher look crap (look at Miroslav Klose, Mario Gomez, Burp-flop). He’s banged in them by tons in the reserves, so we all know he can finish. The only problem is he’s horrificly low on confidence, which can make or break a striker. Mikey, as I just said, I really can’t defend that.. I think for his rookie season, he’s done okay. Not the jaw droppingly amazing sensation, but a decent prospect. I’m sure Chelsea will not let him go this season.

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