Date: 20th October 2009 at 10:10am
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Striker Franco Di Santo is hoping his loan spell at Blackburn Rovers can be extended after making a great impression at Ewood Park in his short time here.

The 20-year-old Argentine striker, who is on loan at Rovers from Chelsea until January at least, opened his scoring account against the lesser half of East Lancashire at the weekend.

Di Santo has been given the chance to cut his Premier League teeth under Sam Allardyce and the tall marksman has been excellent in forming a great understanding with future England international David Dunn.

The fear that is there for Rovers fans though is that Chelsea have their much publicised transfer ban in place and may need Di Santo back if they fail to get the ruling over turned.

But that has not failed to put of Franco who is clearly loving it at Rovers and feels it is of greater benefit for him to stay at Ewood Park until the end of the season.

Di Santo, speaking to the Daily Express said – ‘I need to improve and gain experience, I need to play games and score goals. If I got back to Chelsea I will try my best but, if I stay here, I will continue my education.

‘It is good for me being at Blackburn. I am very happy to be here because the manager has given me the opportunity to play. That has given me the opportunity to improve and gain experience and I hope to get better and better over the next few games.

‘Sam Allardyce is helping me to become a more complete player. I have the ambition to be able to play in every kind of style so, if I have any problems in certain areas, I want to work harder to fit in with that particular way.

‘I hope to get back to Chelsea and play. If I go back and don’t play, it is less good for me. It depends on the situation.

‘One of the main reasons to stay here would be because of the supporters. They seem to love my name I think and that situation gives me more confidence to continue here.

‘I feel I have proved I can play in the Premier League by coming here but I need to improve every game. I need more experience and now Blackburn have given me the opportunity to play more games.’

Great and very kind words from a man that receieved a standing ovation at the weekend as well as kissing the Rovers badge.

I think even Chelsea fans will agree that it would be better for Di Santo to stay here until May as he will get better as well as getting more games under Big Sam.

We won’t get him permanently as he will cost too much and ultimately be too good to play for us – but it would be of mutual benefit for him to remain here and crack on.


21 Replies to “Di Santo Wants Longer Rovers Stay”

  • If he stays until Jan then Chelsea wont feel the full benefit of a full season of full games… he will get 5 games tops with Chelsea from Jan if he is there. He will get 15 here. Stay on Franco!!!

  • I saw him at the Acci match, he does seem like a genuine guy, not what you would expect from a guy coming up from Chelsea you usually hear about them having a ‘Charlie big spuds’ attitude. He took time to sit and talk to the fans and some of the Accrington youth/res players and sat and watched the match to the end even after he’d been subbed! You got the impression that it’s just all about the football!!

    He is impressing me more and more every time i read about him/see him play. I am just gutted we will never be able to call him our own, he looks right settled!!

  • The lad is a credit to himself and too footbal, lets hope we keep him so he may continue to improve just a while longer,

  • What’s the word on Benni Mac? If he doesn’t get some playing time I would assume that he’ll ask out in January. Especially considering Santana stepped down. This is Benni’s only shot at a world cup, considering they’ll have to qualify the hard way next time.

  • hopefully merlin… but I think he actually just likes it here. He is a cult hero with the fans now and he has that bond some players struggle to find! What a lad!

  • Di Santo isn´t the first one to admit that Rovers is a nice club to play for. Though it´s only the real good players who says so =)
    I so want Franco to stay with us, and maybe after this season he´ll join us permanent? I think Chelsea will take him back, only because of the cup in Africa. To be honest I think Daniel Sturridge is considered as a hotter alternative for Ancelotti to replace Drogba, and Franco will finish the second part of this season with 3 matches as a substitute. This isn´t a life for a future star.
    It´s good for us to have a player with that high understanding of handling a ball and he definitly could give us some magic moments.

    So Franco, join us on a permanent deal after this season and you gonna play for Maradonnas Argentina before Xmas 2010. You have it all to become a star, but you need a place to get out the madness inside of you. Feel free at Ewood Park =)

  • With the Chelsea ban dopes it cover all transfers as in buying and selling or are they just not allowed to buy? I think we could be cheeky and buy him cheap with a buy-back clause for chelsea at the end of the contract – everyones a winner!

  • He’ll most probably come back on Jan 1 to Chelsea and he can be loaned back again to Rovers towards the end of the window i suppose.So we’ll cover majority of the games during ACN and you’ll get to keep him till May…i emphasize- TILL MAY 😀

  • Not to say Kalinic wont come good but it does beg yje question of whether we should have at least tried to buy Di Santo in the summer when we had the dough?? Coulda stuck possible buy back options in and sell on clauses to sweeten Chelsea up???

  • I think an axis of Kalinic and Di Santo could be gold after January… anyone got Ancelottis mobile number!?! Time for a prank call!

  • i really want Di Santo to stay, he is such an important part of our team, some of his touches, like the one to Dunny on sunday, are aaaaabsolutely first class! maybe only benni (when he is at the very top of his game) could replicate that from our bunch of strikers!?

  • Di Santo will get a taste for first team football so he’ll not be that keen to go back to Chelsea and sit on the bench, which is what he’d end up doing. He might play a bit when Drgoba and Kalou are away but it wouldn’t last. It’s up to Chelsea, but the player can also play a big part in the decision made.

  • blue knight has a pretty good idea he can go back to chelsea in jan and after their strikers go back we can snap him up again on loan anyone know the loan dedline day?

    The best player is the one whos heart is at rovers and after scoring his first goal for rovers against burnley and his reaction afterwards just shows where it is. Chelsea might find they have a player who wants to leave come jan

  • The loan deadline day will come on the same day as the regular transfer day, the end of January. The only problem with that theory is the African Cup of Nations will still be ongoing after the Transfer Window closes, so I’m not sure that this would work.

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