Date: 6th April 2009 at 12:55pm
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Blackburn Rovers insist there was nothing but handbags in El Hadji Diouf’s row with Tottenham flapper Heurelho Gomes at the end of Saturday’s dramatic win.

After the final whistle, Diouf riased his arms to the Spurs fans in victory. A melee ensued involving several Spurs players, headed by Gomes, on the half way line, before everything calmed down and Diouf whooped up the Rovers crowd.

Blackburn defender Ryan Nelsen, speaking to the Lancashire Evening Telegraph, said – ‘I didn’t really see it because I was so busy celebrating myself, but Diouf is an emotional guy.

‘He brings a lot of personality to the team and I mean that in the right sort of way. Since he’s come here he has been fantastic, a real breath of fresh air. He’s hungry and he wants to win. So maybe it was just a bit of that.

‘When you pinch a win in those circumstances, it can get quite emotional. He’s a fantastic lad and wants to win so badly when he’s on the field.

‘People can sometimes take it the wrong way and maybe that’s what’s happened. Players like him are infectious. Sometimes if guys are not at their best, a guy like him can rub off and give other players energy. I felt he really did that for us today.’

Rumour has it Gomes was moaning that Diouf shouldn’t celebrate victory as Tottenham are the much bigger club 😉


12 Replies to “Diouf Just A Personality, But Can Get Carried Away”

  • I certainly dont hold any grudge or take offence towards the player. He is a character and with that you get the bad as well as the good. The game lacks personalities and love him or loathe him I wouldnt change him.

  • Well said Oxford, as my brother who always says – if he was a bad player people wouldnt bother with him. Fair play to him as he put in another good show for us on Sat – most of our best play went through him.

  • Was a bit stupid at the end but was good to see him move over to the blackburn end and celebrate. Was partly Gomes fault as well, but didn’t like the way he pushed Mcdonald away.

  • Diouf is a knob …. Always has been always will be ….

    If you watch the footage most Spurs players (i.e Woodgate, King and Keane) were explaining this fact to him whilst laughing at him …….

    He was trying to wind the spurs fans and players up …… Like we are bothered now the dust has settled …….

  • good on him whatever the case, In my opinion, Robbie Keane is a moaning little soft ass, so everyone has there own opinions, Diouf is a great player for us, and we wouldnt have him any other way. We pay for entertainment, and we certainly get value for money from diouf.

  • lol yidskin… they obviously cared at the time otherwise they wouldnt of got so stroppy about it. Keane, Jenas, Akotto and Zokora are all complete arrogant numpties but we dont start crying do we? And not one of the spurs players were laughing at him – they were all angry with him. Your a biased one yidskin (as usual).

  • Just have to get used to the fact that we have a headcase playing for us. Great to see the passion though. He seems to be another Savage. I cant actually remember him been sent off that often

  • he is one of those players, like savage, that when is agaisnt your team you hate him but when he plays for you love him because is passionate and a good footballer. If it was not for him we would have really struggled on the right flank for the second half of the season

  • I have no love for Doiuf, either playing in the team or not – he wouldnt have been my choice for Rovers BUT he, like Savage, gives something to the team which you cannot deny – doesn’t mean I personally have to like/rate him lol He was a tw*t on Sat, got would wound up about something and nothing from wot i saw but i guess he’s just a lad that trouble follows……he has been one of better players since his arrival though and this should not go un-noticed however!!!

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