Date: 16th June 2007 at 6:02pm
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KevDP4L has done an assessment on the current Blackburn Rovers squad to see if we REALLY do need to sign anyone…

Just thought I’d do an assessment of what Blackburn really need to bring in during the summer in my opinion.

We all know that Brad is in fact the best keeper on the world, so no need to change there. Problems may arise if he gets injured, because it’s unknown yet whether or not Brown can fill in well enough.

Samba & Nelsen really is the best centre back pairing we’ve had in a while and with Ooijer returning from injury next season, that’s 3 top quality centre backs, with Zurab as cover as well.

Two good full-backs in Emerton & Warnock, however doesn’t appear to be much in the way of cover. I’m told Berner is a full-back, but without having seen him much, I can’t comment on him. If needed Zurab, Ooijer & Mokoena could perhaps act as cover, but you’d want at least one natural full-back to cover.

Centre Midfield
Very strong in the centre. You’ve Savage who’ll put himself about all over the place. Mokoena who’s usually pretty solid in front of the back 4. Tugay & Dunn give the option of player makers in the centre. Then there’s Reid as well, who adds pace and strength going forward, and as we all know, can score from almost anywhere in the oppositions half.

On the wings we have two players who are being linked with moves to the big 4 almost every day. On the left Pedersen provides brilliant skill, wonderful goals & brilliant assists. On the right Bentley… well he does pretty much the same! Very little in terms of cover for these two again however, with the best option being to push central players out.

The Roberts – McCarthy partnership really started to click towards the end of the season and looked strong. However Derbyshire too always has an eye for goal whenever he plays. Maybe another striker is required, as the board have already pointed out.

So to sum up I think we need another striker & maybe one or two natural wide-players as back-ups. Perhaps I’m being unfair to Brown having not seen him play, but another back-up keeper may also be worth having.


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  • Good stuff dude, so good I thought it was worthy of a place on the articles page also 🙂
    I think it is a pretty fair assesment Kev, although I am not quite sure about needing another goalkeeper. The wide player theory depends on players staying (in my opinion) as what we have, and have coming through is sufficient to see su through I think. IF (that big if!) Benni goes then WITHOUT any doubt we need another striker, we probably do either way but I would settle for a loan signing if needed should Benni stay and Shabani Nonda also sign after his loan.

  • I think sergio peter is probably excellent cover on the left and maybe Gallagher on the right? also emerton can (just about) play right wing.. Think we could def do with a right sided defender to strengthen the squad though

  • I’m with you dude I REALLY do rate Sergio, and with Keith Treacy coming through too, the future is bright, the futures blue and white (I think roversman says that?!?!)
    I’m going to bite my tongue on the right-back issue though LOL!

  • I would guess your main concern is keeping the players you have, McCarthy, MGP, or bentley would all be huge losses. I have been really impressed with the work mark hughes has done developing your side, your spine looks really strong, I am sure you will know what I mean when I say your defenders, defend. you have a really strong centre midfield, with savage and in particular Reid it will be like having two new players in the squad.

  • I think wing wise we are sorted as Paul Gallagher is criminally underused. the right back spot could with a bit of reinforcment. I agree with HDM in that Treacy and Peter are great options as well. Lets not forget Andy Taylor too.

  • we’ve definately got a squad full enough of quality players to make a push on from last season, especially with the increasing links between us and koumas, i do rly think this would be a top signing, because it would mean we would have a midfield large enough to make big changes between league and europe, thats if(fingers crossed) we make it into the uefa cup! im genuinly excited about rovers’ near future!

  • Oh yeah. I completely forgot about Gally & Peter when I wrote that. Well just goes to show we’re even more solid than I made us out to be!

  • oxfordspur – Firstly, thanks a lot for what you said, nice to hear. That is very true dude, although I think it would be beneficial to sign two or three players I still think so long as we keep what we have here we’ll be more than OK next season (so long as long-term injuries are avoided)

  • MikeyGamst – I HOPE Andy Taylor can have a part to play but I worry for his future. I know he is still youg but I think next season will need to see a breakthrough for him (in terms of at least making squads, and not just due to injuries) or he may well move on.

  • whitey_82003 – Welcome to Vital Blackburn (you are now a fully fledged VBer, Vital Blackburner in other words) I can’t recall seeing you post before?!?!
    I’m genuine excited by the near and long-term futures of Rovers.
    Well I have been told that Koumas WILL sign this summer, but not until the end of it, but with West Bromwich Albion looking for £5.5 million I DOUBT they’ll get that, not from Rovers anyway.

  • KevDP4L – Well Kev, your first bit of work seems to have gone down well hasn’t it 🙂 Hopefully this will inspire you to keep your ideas coming?

  • £3.5 million (plus add ons) is what I have. I’m with you though £3.5 million is more than enough for me.

  • The one thing we do need is pace especially up front I would love to see bellamy return, but not convinced he is worth 12 million we def need a right back who is a bit more solid defensively. Maybe luke young at charlton????? I would also like to see more creativity in the center and am not convinced Koumas is the answer I just hope that the board can supply hughes with the cash he needs to make sure we push the top six next year. But prority has to be a striker whos quick on his feet. Oh please Hughes do not sign Nonda Please Please Please.

  • Please I don’t want Koumas, there are better midfield options out there! Excellent little articl;e here. I would like to see us bring in cover/challenging for Emerton at right back, a striker and for me that will do. Maybe someone to cover for Sav as I dont think he will be the same player next season. The future is bright, the future is blue and white HDM.

  • i would pay up to £6 million for jason koumas, i rly do think he is top quality, and what with this new buyer coming in, with lotsa money, i think ive herd its daniel williams, the owner of Nuttel investments, and hes a rovers fan, so he’ll plow the money in! hopefully we do get an injection of cash into the club, and into hughes’ transfer kitty, give us a nice comfortable sized squad that could cope with the injuries we had last year!( and hughes da man, i only ever posted once before, that was on the question of, what do franny jeffers and alan shearer have in common, i beliee i won that?! haha)

  • Majiball – Welcome to the site dude, again I don’t recall seeing you post before.
    Sparky will see us OK I am sure, signing players we need, but I still have to say I am not entirely sure we need this right-back?!?!

  • roversman – It was a cracker wasn’t it dude, I thought to myself “this is to good to be left in the forum alone!” so here is it, good work Kev.
    Maybe someone to take over from Sav is needed if news on Vital Wigan has any truth (they are chasing him again!!!)
    The future is bright, the future is blue and white is your saying isn’t it dude?!?!

  • whitey_82003 – Wow that’s A LOT of money for Koumas isn’t it? We won’t pay nothing like that, surely?!?!
    That’s the one, I thought the username looked a little familier, you did indeed win that one. I MUST get the Vital Trivia up and running again.

  • We’re in a pretty solid position all over the park aren’t we. It’s always reassuring to hear John Williams come out and say that we wont be forced into panic buys and that only players who will genuinely improve the squad will come in…and at a reasonable price too Mr Koumas…

  • Koumas is not even worth £3.5mill in my opinion. I used to rate him highly but he has gone off the boil. Another great season in the championship, doesn’t make him excellent.

  • I would say that (in my opinion) that Jason Koumas has came more to the boil as opposed to off it? IF he signed we’d find out I guess?!?!

  • I genuinely believe that a fully fit squad of players that we currently have (so long as none leave) could be challenging Spurs for fifth! A few quality additions (and BETTER than what we have, not just squad players) and we will more than match Spurs (they WILL NOT like hearing this LOL!)

  • We need a striker, one a young stiker with a name/reputation, someone that will convince Benni that playing with us is better than sitting on the Russians bench! Wot we really need is cover, Savage, Tugay are not getting any younger so we need to buy in the players to take over from them, not a big urgancy in this as the two still play their part but as we know Tugay finds it hard to play a full game nowadays. Quality players are always welcome but you have to find ones that will fit the team not the just cos of their names or price!

  • I do agree with the striker talk, but if Benni stays (as I think will be the case) where would a young striker with a name/reputation leave people like Derbs and other youngsters coming through? I know you have to improve on what you have and need competion but my own personal opinion is you have to be careful on who comes in too.

  • Oh yeah but I think that should Roberts head on as is in the papers and possibly Benni now then we’d need someone!! Dont think they will, though worried by the Benni talk, his head could be turned by all the money on offer at Chelsea, wages wise they can outmuscle anyone, but Benni if he’s as good as his word would look by this and continue to play for a team on the up instead of warming Chelsea’s bench albeit for a few games when Drogba is away, even then Pizzaro wont be!! I be intersested to see if he’s a footballer or a moneymaker ( not that he’s not in enuff at Rovers for anyone to live on lol )

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