Date: 16th November 2008 at 9:05am
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Right I just read the article ‘Rovers on the slide’ by Sasman and here’s my (kendog’s) views.

Yesterday’s display against Sunderland was atrocious, great start to the game, we looked lively and energetic But the 2nd half has got to be the worst display I have ever seen. There was no fight about the players, as soon as Sunderland pegged it back the players completely fell into disarray, god knows what happened to them.

In the report Sas, Stephen Warnock was credited with a 7? Well am sorry sas but what was you watching, the player has been bang in form currently, but yesterday Jesusss! He was dreadful, ran around a lot yes, but just looked lost in the middle. I personally would not have given Warnock the responsibility of being captain as he isn’t a leader.

And the comment saying about Danny Simpson, he was at fault for 1 of the goals, I really did like the youngster and defended him a lot but am sorry he has to go back in January for me and getter a premiership quality full back in, just isn’t good enough.

Roque Santa Cruz – fair enough he has just come back from an injury, but seems to have gone backward compared to last season, the ball just doesn’t seem to stick to him like last season, but I won’t moan because he is a quality player.

On the up side of things, I was impressed with Keith Andrews yesterday, and Morten Gamst Pedersen for the 1st half. Morten seemed to find his deadly crosses again, but is still very lightweight and disposed to easily.

I was most impressed with Chris Samba and Aaron Mokoena, Samba showed he was a real leader, and the only one seen to be rallying the boys on, he held the back four together putting in several clinical challenges, And Aaron Mokoena you motioned ‘sas’ saying ‘provided nothing in attack’ well have you ever know Mokoena to attack no, Ince has simply got confidence into him and told him just to play in the whole and stop the play, Mokoena isn’t there to play nice football!!!

And I don’t actually know what was up with Nelsen, but we missed him, and Brett Emerton, for me them two are the two best players this season, we miss Emerton’s conviction and determination to dig deep and battle hard.. Zurab Khizanishvili looked bright in the 1st half, but all in all he was shocking yesterday, back four were very unorganised.

And I do think some of the tactics Ince has used have failed, Matt Derbyshire is not a winger, don’t play him there, it just makes him like a Great Harwood player again, also the formation does need a good look at, to try and get Villanueva with Santa Cruz up top, because Roberts was bad yesterday. Only god knows how he has earned a new 3 year deal with an option for a fourth.

But come on sas, what you mentioning sacking Ince for, your supposed to be a Blackburn fan mate. You have to leave Ince at the helm and get a bit of stability, remember when mark Hughes took over, we was a bad team then it took a while for us to get going, so you have to do the same with Ince.

Paul Ince is a good manager who maybe needs a better backroom staff, but remember he doesn’t have a team like the Chelsea, United, Liverpool etc, so expect tough times and ride them out, because we don’t have the worldliest talent, Alex Ferguson, yeh is a great manager but just remember he has always had the best players available he’s got like a team of world-class players we have one in Santa Cruz, Fergie could never go to Macclesfield and do the job Ince did, because Fergie has always had the best players going…

So what _ think we need is

– buy a leader in the middle of midfield
– a speedy left winger
– and a right back
– a cheep striker with threat, Benjani, Jay Simpson, Ebanks-Blake..

So come on Lets not get on Ince’s back already please, and just ride out this bad times we are going through cos things will take time to get better but come on lets just get behind the boys, hope this gets shown!

Forever Blackburn!

P.S still top on fantasy football haha!



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26 Replies to “Don’t Panic”

  • Superb article kendog, and plenty to chew over!!! I have to get off to work now, but look forward to seeing the response as time passes.

  • Great article mate, i’m much more enclined to side with yo than Sas on this one…..having said that, had i written this yest then i would probably have been screaming from the roof tops to sack ince….i really cannot stress how poor the quality is on the pitch at the mo…the injuries have dessimated our team and our second string eleven is ull of averge players with an eye on the transer window. Ince needs time to look at his squad. In my opinion, Warnock has to be moved back in to LB, Simpson, Ooijer, Zurab, Mokoena and Villanueva need to be moved on. They have not been effecting games in a positive way and we cannot carry them. Villanueva in particular has all the bility in the world but will never impose it at 5t 2in tall, carrying weight, with no turn o pace or physical strength….plus i think we will need the 5m on other players!!! Have to get our injured players fit again ASAP.

  • fair enough mate, your entitled to your opinion, just as well as i am. However, just because i said we should sack ince, that does not mean im not a blackburn fan. I have supported him from day one, everyone has and is entitled to an opportunity, however, he simply is not capable of leading our side. Just as i said with Jason Roberts, these guys both give there absolute best, game in, game out, but they are just not premier league quality, that applies for the coach, and the striker…

  • I have the same opinion as a lot of fans… And what appeared to be the consensus of opinion in the Blues Bar post the match… Kieth Andrews, Fowler and Ince need to go… for the pst few games we have lack direction andf strategy… we don’t have a settled side… none of the players know what they are supposed to be doing.

  • Just re read it, and re watched highlights, how was Danny Simpson responsible for either goal? The first was a Robbo Blunder, the second was a Zurab Blunder.

    And mate, with Ince at the helm, there is no stability. Surely Keith Andrews is not a right mid. Surely Warnock is not a Cm. Surely when we are down 2-1, you dont take of the most attacking player we have on the pitch.

    Also mate, ive always agreed Ince is a good manager, he is just not a premier league manager, we have so many disadvantages as it is with finances, location etc, the last thing we need is a manager that is not up to scratch.

  • Sas I agree with ya 100%, with all due respect Kendog your making excuses for Ince, unlike Sparky Ince has inherited a good team and he’s had a fair bit of time with them now to get it right and he has’nt. I’m givin him another 3 games to turn it around otherwise I want him out!!! This is no time for on-the-job training, with every passing week we’re sliding closer and closer to the bottom of the table, you might be unconcerned but I sure as hell am!!!

  • rite then sas i watched the rovers game over again on footbal 1st and simpson is the player that cocks it up that leads to a few corners 4 sunderland, by playin about with the ball n not playin simple , and its not makin excuses, yeh i agree some of the players like fowler n simpson are bad sighnings and ince has got near enough everythin tacticaly wrong, but you need stability at a club, whats the point in changing again cos the new manager would only inhertin the same suroundings

  • Whats the point in changing the manager?? Man you’ve just said it yourself, he’s getting it wrong tacticaly almost all of the time. Stability is important at any football club but would you risk relegation for the sake of stability.

  • If the manager isn’t delivering and i think he is the one causing the instability… injuries aside he has not reguilarly played a core team… leave simpson alone… at least you notice when he is on the pitch and not that… money grabbing scouse thief… then he has to go BEFORE we get relegated! if teh manager hasn;t got the dressign room then you won’t ever have stability… Souness lost it… he went… we hear continued roumors of players upset… and not just in the papers…

  • Sas, no-one is knocking what Hughes did. But he did it in a completely diferent environment where only the top four had money to spend…this meant that he had a better chance against the “lesser” teams who had far less quality… now uv got boro spending 14m on Alves, fulham 11m on Johnson and Sunderland 10m on Cisse!!!! How can Ince live with that type o spending power??? What will a new manager achieve?? Who would want to move to a club with fans who a) dont turn up to support their club and b) dont spend a penny?? Boys we need to have a reality check…everyone else has spent and improved, we haven’t and our paper thin squad is showing….Hughesy saw that and got out…Ince has worked with small budgets and achived through the use of all elements except money….i think we’re gonna have to trust him and get on with it but without money then how can u expect to 8 finishes…..deluded boys absolutely deluded.

  • Iv also gotta say that the Andrews criticism is harsh…..he’s not a world beater but the guy has done ok….at least he effects the game, gets in to the box and tries….how does Mokoena not get slaughtered??? His touch s dispicable!!! Ooijer??? I hear his name constantly being banded about as “reliable” and “honest”….he’s slower than a carthorse and has never played one good game for us!!! MGP??? deserves shooting for the performances he has put in over the past 2 yrs!!! It seems to me like there’s a witch hunt on boys and i dont see how it can help our cause….

  • Mani you have pretty much made your own witch hunt. Gamst played awesome on the weekend, if it wasnt for him, we would of had absolutely nothing in attack. Im with you on Andrews, the guy is decent, works hard, does the job. premier ship level? questionable but at the moment, we have no option.

    However, we are not deluded. We are watching the exact same thing you are, we should not be sitting third last, and part of the blame must go on the Manager. His tactics have been shonky to see the least

  • I think we need to calm down abit guys. Yes there should be an inquest into how the team played so bad on Saturday but its one game. Gamst played well, Andrews was solid. There were others that didnt perform – Simpson, Ooijer (out of position granted), Warnock, Axe, Roberts…. I am sorry Mani but Pedersen was our best attacking threat, his set piece delivery was much better.

  • the manager is largely at fault for not players being confused on the pitch and not getting the best out of players. despite what ince said, i am not seeing any kind of attacking football is supposed to be played and our performances are getting worse and worse over the season. the squad the we have right now is meant to play scrappy and hard. even when we had bentley last season, we barely had enough attacking talent and he had a hand in most goals we created. this yr, the players that are supposed to create for us are the out-of-form and lack-of-confidence morten gamst, unproven carlos villa, right winger emo who doesn’t provide much width (despite being our best performer so far this season), and the ever-injured david dunn. we desparately need someone to provide flair and creativity in the midfield.
    we need to go back to our basic of a tight backline. this has been our idendity the past few seasons. we have to return warnock to left-back. we need his imposing defense and his ability to overlap w/ gamst. unfortunately, we don’t have a better option than simpson for the right. emerton has to be our right winger for now.
    without a tighter backline, i don’t see how we can come out of this dogfight.
    on the bright side, it’s a tight race at the bottom and i personally think we can afford to have ince around a few more matches for him to prove his capability. the bottom line is until we find a suitable replacement, don’t sack ince for now. but don’t forget the fact that manager does make a whole lot of difference. look at fulham last season and tottenham this season. i believe we have a good enough squad to stay up this season. hopefully, rogue is not frustrated enough yet for him to leave in jan.

  • mani what yu sed bout boro n alves etc… pure quality mate! and mekin excuses shut up! hughesy made many mistakes wen he arived, he played people outa position, and y yu all goin on about relegation?? helloo theres like 2/3rds of the seaon left yet, so sas get ur head out ur ass, btw dont yu live in sydney?? bless x

  • Hang on a minute boys, MGP had a decent game on Saturday NOT an awesome one…..He didnt set a goal up or score one….he did play well and threaten to create…….which is his bloody job!!!!! Just cos the guy has a half decent match at home to an average team does not mean he’s forgiven!!! This man has been average to Sh1T for around two years and owes our club a massive debt that he is still playin in the premier league…….i’m not sayin that Ince has not made mistakes as Hughes did but Hughes never had the injury problems that Ince has had and was in a much stronger financial position for most of his time at the helm…..players have to take responsibility and we need Dunn, Reid, Grella, Emo and a firin mcarthey back ASAP….chill out with Ince, under the financial circs his signings haven’t been bad….Robbo Simpson and Andrews have been ok, Villa and Robbie – Crap…Grella not been able to judge

  • Muppet???? who are you speaking to??…..Ill let u off this time cos ur obviously called Kenneth….which means ur a four-eyed gimp who’s tryin to sound more cool by adding the word “dog” to ur name!! Ha ha get a life……

  • Alright dudes lets SIMMER down a bit shall we. This ISN’T the way Vital Blackburn should be, if we don’t agree on something we do not resort to the kinds of actions that have been show. Debate your point, do not shoot people down and DON’T resort to abuse as it ISN’T tolerated on here, or Vital Football in general and if this is the case on other sites (and I know that some VBers ARE going elsewhere to post such things, which isn’t going unnoticed) actions are taken. Just a warning, that things MUST calm down and some people need to ease up a bit!

  • No need for any name calling guys, dont stoop to that level, as walker says – it aint the VB way. Everyone has their own opinion and they are entitled to it, if you disagree then great but lets not get personal. we need to give Ince time, if you remember two of the seasons that Hughes was here we were in the bottom 3 till xmas!!!! It is a worrying time but now is the time to back the team…

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