Date: 10th July 2007 at 5:34pm
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Vital Blackburn’s most recent poll, suggested by Clint asked you to name and shame the “Most overrated English International?” The winner is Stuart Downing.

With the majority of the vote (32% in fact) Middlesbrough’s Stuart Downing has been voted as the most overrated England International. Steve McClaren’s golden boy isn’t so golden after all is he!!!

Next up saw with 17% was Rio Ferdinand, but there was not much between him and the next trio (who themselves could BARELY be separated!!!) of Ashley Cole (15%), Jermaine Pennant (14%) and Phil Neville (12%) though.

The other gained 0%, so people do not think there should be any others?!?! I would have been tempted to throw Jermaine Jenas into the equation (sorry Tottenham Hotspur fans, this may anger you!) but he doesn’t really play that often for England to be rated good or bad does he!!!

Clint also gave a brief reasoning why players were suggested that were (when he submitted the poll) here they are.

1 – Rio Ferdinand – Explains itself
2 – Ashley Cole – Again same as above
3 – Phil Neville – Hard working but what else is there, not Owen Hargreaves is he
4 – Andy Johnson – Gets in ahead of Defoe and doesn’t seem to fall for England
5 – Stuart Downing – Funny enough McClaren was his club manager
6 – James Beattie – WHY??????????
7 – Jermaine Pennant – Never was consistent enough to be good enough for England

So in summary
Rio Ferdinand – 17%
Ashley Cole – 15%
Phil Neville – 12%
Andy Johnson – 7%
Stuart Downing – 32%
James Beattie – 3%
Jermaine Pennant – 14%
Other – 0%

Clint has also recently come up with the idea of selecting what we feel is the Best Rovers Starting XI (so we are!) After hearing what people say lets put what most thought to the vote and see which way we go, so the current poll is asking, “Best Rovers starting back four?

As for what you think, cast your vote and why not have your say on the latest polls findings?

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10 Replies to “Downing England’s Most Overrated”

  • I’m happy with Downing as the winner as I think he is *****e!!! Only picked because his boyfriend (LOL!) is the man in charge (those incriminating pictures he has come in handy as well LOL!)
    Although he hasn’t actually played for England I can’t stand Jermaine Pennant either, and think he is also *****e (as I have told IsraeliRover), how he thinks he is good enough to play for England I don’t know!!!
    Rio “let me blame everyone but myself” Ferdinand, Cashley Cole and Phil “I know what it’s nearly injury time, a draw will do for England so I’ll jump in and give away a penalty” Neville all believe in their own hype, although in fairness to Neville he does just get on with things doesn’t he.

  • Warnock has been a revelation, he’s a class act. It’s surprising that you let him go – he’s that good. Cheers Rafael…

  • Stevie W was a player I was DESPERATE for us to sign, and HOW glad I am he has.
    As Wellsy says he has been a revelation and is ALREADY my tip for player of the season!!!

  • Next season he will be with 3 players competiting for player of the season… with Ryan, Samba and Bentley. Brad doesnt get player of the year anymore as his goodness is taken for granted… thanks for him as well by the way.

  • Bradders should have the Award named after him as he is ALWAYS the real winner but as youy say dude his GREATNESS is taken for granted.

  • Anyway guys what are our thoughts on Downing being voted the most overrated English International here?!?! NO ONE has said!!!

  • You know what dude I don’t even think I voted in the end!!! But I am NOT a fan of Downings by anymeans, but also can’t stand Pennant!!!

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