Date: 23rd January 2007 at 10:47am
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Is Mark Hughes` hand being forced in the transfer market this January?

Hughes has completed the signings of two new players, David Dunn and Stephen Warnock this January but both seem to have materialised on the back of adverse issues that Hughes has little control over.

Granted Dunn appears to have been a long-term target but just days after the bad news about Steven Reid`s injury and the intense interest in Dunn from Bolton, and Rovers had hurried through the signing.

The same could be said for the signing of Warnock. He too has been on Hughes` wish-list since the summer but it has taken the departure of Neill for Hughes to do business.

Now does this suggest these are players to fill a void or are they the quality signings that Rovers need in order to move forward? Would we have signed either of them if Neill had stayed and Reid wasn`t injured?

I think the answer would be yes, they would have been signed and they are here to add to the squad.

Warnock has looked like a solid player whenever I have seen him and he is highly rated by many among us who believe that he has the quality to take the club forward. My view is that you don`t play for Liverpool and train with England if you are distinctly average. He will give us a natural balance on the left that Neill couldn`t and is a far greater option than Michael Gray whose lack of pace has caught us out at times.

Additionally Warnock has a winning mentality having played for Liverpool and battled back from two broken legs when he was still a youngster. This is the kind of mentality that Hughes aims to distil in his troops and for that reason Warnock should settle in well.

With the addition of Warnock to the squad, Rovers` options on the left side of defence look a lot more solid, especially when considering recent performances from James McEveley. Neill has done well there this season but his tendency to move onto his right foot and drift in has sometimes left Rovers exposed. Warnock won`t do that, nor will McEveley.

As for the Dunn situation, well it is easy to see how he can improve the squad and why he was brought in. However, he does pose a risk in so far as he has an unfortunate record of serious injuries. The Rovers fan isn`t match fit yet and probably won`t feature until the Chelsea match at the best but when he does return he will provide competition for places and something different that only Tugay is currently capable of.

The concern amongst some of the Rovers faithful is that these signings are knee-jerk reactions and there is a case for that, but these are two players who have quality and can improve the balance, options and ability of the squad.

It will be interesting to see if there is a direct response to the absence of Andre Ooijer and whether or not additional faces will be brought in before the window closes in a week. Recent talk has linked Rovers to Sylvian Distin of Man City. That would be a quality signing.


10 Replies to “Dunn and Warnock Will Improve Rovers”

  • I think Hughes has brought in quality with these two lads and they will certainly improve the squad. Let’s just hope both stay fit and clear of injuries and both can add to their single England call-ups.

  • Well, the Chris Samba deal is being touted but other than that, I would like to see some of the reserves get a taste of first team action, most notably Eddie Nolan

  • I have not seen Warnock play but I am told by my Pool fans at work that he isn’t a bad player – could we finally have a good left-back. We have not had a great one since Le Saux.

    On the Dunny side I am absolutely delighted – I almost s**t myself when I saw that Bolton were signing him – well done Hughesy let’s hope he stays injury free.

    We were linked to having the Feyonoord striker and Emile Mpenza on trial. Hughesy stated that he liked the Feyonoor striker but on both counts it’s gone quiet.

  • We dont need another striker lads. These are both good value signings… we are stronger no than we were at the start of the window.

  • Striker will only hinder Derbyshire’s progress and the second chance Gally is getting. With JR coming back along with Nonda and even Jeffers Benni has plenty of partners. I’d like to see Andy Taylor and Eddie Nolan given a chance, Nolan is still VERY young but if he’s good enough he’s old enough. QUALITY signings. Warnock is a class signing for all the reasons roversman speaks of, another midfield option also!

  • we’ve signed 2 good players but with neil going we’re looking suspect at right back with just brett to fill the void. other than that with the players coming back from injury we look to have a fairly solid squad.

  • I think we are ok as Nolan should be given a chance at right back. Taylor, Mceveley and Warnock are all very competent left backs. I hear we are signing Samba from Hertha Berlin who can play right back as well. Rock on Rovers. 2-0 tonight.

  • We don’t really need a new striker unless a top quality target becomes available again. I am happy to watch D&G develop into stylish options for the Rovers

  • I think if Hughes is taking a look at strikers then its the last we’ll see of Jeffers and Nonda. Jeffers I thought would come good but he’s not going to get the games, so loan him out to a Championship club and see how he does! Nonda has shown glimpes of qaulity and I sais at the start I thought he had it in him but he’s not consistant enough to earn a regular spot up front, if any of these fellas on loan are any good and cheap get them in u never know, may work out better for Rovers all round.

  • Nonda is not good enough… there, I finally came of the fence! he just doesn’t cut it for me – thank god he is on loan, time for Matty to take his place and Jay Roberts to be around to be our big brutal bovver boy in the box! As for Dunny and Warnock – Hughesy will get the best out of them, both quality lads…

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