Date: 15th September 2006 at 8:44am
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Following the Wael Gomaa Interview some of the comments made by the Egyptian International and Blackburn Rovers target would get me to thinking about Egyptian footballers.

With Mido, a target for Rovers over the summer, very nearly signing for Mark Hughes before later claiming he wanted to fight for his place at Roma… days later returning to Tottenham Hotspur (although in fairness to Mido a return to Spurs would always be his preferred destination) just before the transfer deadline being the most high profile Egyptian arguably playing in Europe, with many others coming through are Egyptian footballers set to be the next big thing to take Europe by storm?

I recently saw another Egyptian, 24-year-old Hossam Ghaly, also at Spurs, having arrived from Feyenoord in January, who despite admittedly knowing little about him before hand the Midfielder looked a very accomplished footballer displaying some nice touches and spraying around some quality passes.

Gomaa would highlight fellow Egyptian Internationals Mohamed Zidan and Mohamed Aboutraika for special mention, both of whom look set for very big things, with Zidan, unsurprisingly knicknamed “Zizou” already playing in Europe.

After succesful spells in Norway with Akademisk Boldklub and then FC Midtjylland Zidan moved to Werder Bremen in the German Bundesliga. Since his signing in 2005 he has only made ten first team appearances for the club, although most of this time has seen him loaned out to fellow German side FSV Mainz 05.

The 24-year-old forward would reportedly be linked with a move to Ewood Park on the afternoon of transfer deadline day. This wouldn’t come off but a move to the Premiership, and maybe even Ewood Park could be likely in the future?

Both James and myself agree that Zidan looks the business, if you’ve not seen him before, or you are in doubt Click Here to check out this link to see what we mean. I don’t know about anyone else but after seeing this, and the fact that in 135 appearances in European football he has scored 53 goals had he signed I wouldn`t have been disappointed.

27-year-old Mohamed Aboutraika, who is an attacking midfielder also plays for Gomaa’s current Egyptain club Al Ahly is likely to make the transition into European football in January for a fee of £3 million. This information has been provided to me by a reliable source.

Since his arrival in 2003 Aboutraika has helped Al Ahly win a number of trophies, the first coming in 2005. During this time Aboutraika, nicknamed “Trika” is said to have played the best foootball of his career, earning him his first taste of International football in 2003, since which time he has been a regular fixture in the Egyptian side. Aboutraika would be a part of the victorious Egyptian side to lift African Cup of Nations in 2006.

Wael Gomaa, who is likely to complete his move to Rovers in January, should return to Ewood Park for some training sessions in the meanwhile, but keep a look out for Aboutraika as you will hear of him making the move to Europe, possibly England (I`m not at all saying Rovers will be his destination) in January. Don`t be surprised if Zidan also transfers to England from Germany, which despite Shabani Nonda’s arrival could still see Rovers as his destination? Although this would be far more likely than an Aboutraika arrvial it is still highly unlikely.

Keep an eye out for more talented footballers coming out of Egypt, Wael himself said that the country has many “undiscovered players.”

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24 Replies to “Egyptian Stars The Next Big Thing?”

  • oh my god Mohamed Zidan is better than ronaldinho u should all watch that clip he is a really really talanted player he should be in arsenal or chealsea or manu or loverpool

  • He is very talented indeed. In fact Bremen continue to over-look him and his name has been branded around during the transfer window with a number of clubs. I would love to see someone of this flair arrive at Ewood Park.

  • You are right he is very talented for sure, maybe not quite for the likes of Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea or Manchester United however? i think most, if they check out the link will agree they’d like him at Ewood, although it is not just about on the field talent is it.

  • i am an egyptian guy and i love the english football it’s not like any other football belive me guyz u should be broud
    in Egypt we have alot of great talents undiscoverd and it should be a happy surprise for the english premier league Mohamed Zidane is one of them and he is a very very very talanted player u all saw his clip so i don’t have to mention the talent and abu treka he is the next zien el dien zidane belive me he is like no other one of the best i guess u saw him before in zidane vs ronaldo teams charity match he desirve a place in a leader team in England amer azmy too he plays in paok in greece he is a tuff defender and there is ahmed hassan no 10 in anderlekht and one of there great players u should see them and there is much more and more of egyptian good players

  • momo apply to Blackburn Rovers Football Club Ewood Park Blackburn for a job as eygytian scout!!! lol zidane is talented i dont know about the other but if they are as good as him they’l make it.

  • of cousre egypt has a lot of talanted palyers if u wanna know any palyer just tell me i can give u some information about him so keep in touch you can tell me what are the needed position and i will help you … trust me

  • There you have it people, want to know anything contact te7a_gad on the e-mail address given and you’ll find out what you want to know.

  • guyz am just saying that Egyptian players are more talanted than cameronian or ivory coast players so they deserve better place in the world leagues that’s it and i guess the egyptian players can give more in english preimer league coz english is the first forigen language in Egypt coz u all know that Egypt was a piece of the British kingdom one day and for 72 years so i can’t see any reason why the preimer league don’t have many of Egyptian players? u answer that 🙂 and i won’t give u my e-mail like my other egyptian fellows i will just keep in touch with that board but if someone needs it i will give it to him i just wanna help

  • am an egyptian guy too .. and i will tell u like my egyptian brothers tell u .. we have alot of V.good players .. u should know that our youth national team had the 3rd place in Argantena world cup 2001 .. and u should know that Egypt has the best Goal keepers in Africa our Asia .. we have in Egypt more than 3 or 4 Goal keepers who can played in the best clups in Egypt .. sure u know Essam el Hadary who win the best Goal keeper in Africa this year .. and u know he is better than goal keepers in England , i swear .. u should see him .. he is Perfect .. and we have also Abdel wahed el Sayed .. if he played in the Africa champion ship he was been also the best .. and we have the best players in Africa .. like Abo-trieka .. he is more Perfect player .. i swear .. he is the new Zin el din Zidan .. and also we have Half defender player called Mohammad Shawky .. he is very tough and have an amazing derebeling .. u should see our top clups to can see our amazing players .. there is 3 clups Ahly ,Zamalek and Isamily .. if u decovered the Egyptian players early .. U WILL WIN MORE AND MORE ..

  • U know what guyz this websites turns me to a very fan of blacburn rovers club i watch there games much more and i like the way they play i think that the team need more star players and a lil bit more offer from the team players that allready play this year and it can turn the team to one of the best teams in England and th title will be available

  • Thanks momo. It’s good to hear that Rovers are gaining new fans, and as a result of the site even better! Great news.

  • As u know Da Man teams like Man Utd and Arsenal have much more fans in here coz they r more famous all over the world but England got more England got teams like Blackburn Rovers Portsmouth and Tottenham are really plays a good and very modern football depends on talants and high fittnes and that’s what the world of football needs now a fast football games with alot of talant to watch so i wish Blackburn will go much far in the league and i wish if we could see them in the eurpean challenges soon and i bet they will do

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