Date: 9th September 2011 at 2:25pm
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Vital Blackburn understand that Indian owners Venkys have instructed Football Agent Pinhas Zahavi to draw up a shortlist of candidates for the managers job as they look to replace Steve Kean.

It is rumoured that the list is rather long, and includes former Rovers manager Mark Hughes along with another 6 names at this stage.

Kean will be in charge for the Fulham match, which is quite ironic as it was after this fixture last season when Rafa Benitez was approached.

Is it possible that Kean will also remain in charge for the game against Arsenal, but one thing is for sure, Venkys are exploring other options, and it is now surely only a matter of time before Kean is replaced.

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19 Replies to “EXCLUSIVE – Shortlist drawn up for new manager!”

  • If we sack Kean before he has the chance to show what he can do with ‘his’ squad would any other manager even look at us?

  • What Yakubu and Dann? He has had the chance. Everton he didnt start any of his new signings. We gave him a chance from January when he had the chance to sign players.. He didn’t even use them. 2 wins in the last 17 games says it all. The players we have are good enough, and showed that under Big Sam..

  • Right said kevin. Not a good time to send kean packing. If not the next three, the fulham game will be a good indicator as to where the team stands. One more game, Mr. Kean, its your squad, no excuses will work now.

  • I don’t rate kean much but i think he should still be given a game or two to send out his own squad, that is if he doesn’t bench them again.

  • Kean is a failed experiment. I have been among those who say the club owners have the right to choose their own manager, and of course they do. But whatever their reasons for choosing Kean and sacking Allardyce – principle amongst them should have been success – and we just havent had that.
    It did seem for a while that we were on a run of bad results from good performances and when we finished the season with 3 first half goals in an away game – Well, I am not sure when that last happaned for rovers in the premier league but it wasnt recently.
    Unfortunately for Kean this season hasnt been any better – in fact it has been worse. No game in the premier league is easy -but these early fixtures should have yielded points – at least 3 by now and probably more.
    In Kean’s defence it is true that no manager is responsible for missing penalties – but right now Blackburn Rovers look like a rudderless ship. I think he has tried, and tried really hard to be a good manager. It’s just almost an impossible task to go from no experience as a professional league manager to the very top level. I dont know how many other EPL managers have been appointed from no prior experience but – as I said at the top – it is a failed experiment.
    I dont believe there’s any need to panic so if the article is true then the owners should take their time and find us a top flight manager to take a top squad and build a great team from it.

  • Given our away form which is dire, and our next 3 home games, which are against Arsenal, Man City and Spurs, we need him gone now.

  • i’m willing to give kean 5 games with this new squad he assembles, but i’m just relieved that venkys is entertaining the idea of getting a new manager, that makes me feel much better.

  • I’ve got to sat that I’m personally far from convinced that Steve Kean is the man to take Rovers forward and fear we’ll only go backwards with him in charge (that would also lead me to question what Venky’s motives are if they keep him!!) However, that said given the financial backing that they gave him in the dying moments of the transfer window and the weeks before that I’d find it strange if he was sacked without being given at least three matches. I’d personally think he’s got two left and these aren’t going to be easy but if he pulls off some results and can build on this who knows?? I don’t think he can and think there’s little going back but we’ll see??

  • I just don’t see things getting much better with Kean. The home games we’ve got coming up, the dire away record – he doesn’t inspire any confidence whatsoever.

  • Don’t think Kean will be the man to take us forward and i believe he will eventually leave one way or the other but why sack him now? Could have sacked him after the everton game if they wanted to. Why pay him another 2 weeks??

  • It’s all about results and I think that Kean should be given the chance to put his money where his mouth is and deliver some points. Of course, if he does not succeed he will go. I believe that the squad of players is better than a good few other squads so the pressure is on the manager to get the best out of them. End of.

  • do yea people relise that he has won 7 games since he took over are yea fools my bring in hughes and i ll forget about this episode wow foolsssssssssssss

  • I’m glad more Rovers fans are beginning to realise that this clown does not have what it takes to be Rovers manager or prem manager. Sacking Big Sam was a terrible mistake, and the owners were the ones who started this rot. Hopefully, the next 3 games Arsenal(h), Newcastle(a), Man City(h) will clearly convince those who believe Kean should be given a chance with his new signings. I can’t see where the points are coming from after the fulham performance. We were very lucky to return home with a point. Bring back Mark Hughes now.

  • I’m not convinced with the truth of this article guys … it looks like numpty is staying… sigh! I wish he would be sacked… ASAP

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