Date: 31st May 2007 at 12:02pm
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Further insights from BomBom, this time on Francis Jeffers’ imminent Rovers departure to Ipswich Town?

According to early reports today, the 31st May 2007, Ipswich Town have lodged another bid for the “Fox in the box”, reportedly around the £500,000 mark.

Whether this will be enough to see Jeffers be sold is yet to be confirmed.

The 26-year-old cost Rovers nothing when he arrived last year on a free transfer from Charlton Athletic.




20 Replies to “Fanny Jeffers On His Way???”

  • £500,000 for a player that cost us nothing (apart from wages!) and has done nothing isn’t too bad really is it, we will still make a profit on the player and get him off the wage bill! I still feel that maybe he had something to offer but maybe I’m alone on this?!?!

  • I’ve just noticed you title BomBom and it is “Fanny Jeffers”, I assume that is what you had in mind for the title or was this a “typo” that I failed to pick up?!?!

  • lol BIG TONY, knowing BomBom (as I think I do?!?!) I would be guessing he MEANT it to say Fanny and not Franny. It doesn’t bare thinking about what goes on though dude!

  • According to Skysports the offer is close to £1 million… if this is the case I suggest one word “ACCEPT”. Great title BomBom… how long did that take to think up!??!?!

  • MikeyGamst check your Private Messages in the forum! ONE MILLION DOLLARS, I mean POUNDS! Sell, Sell, Sell no one will be crazy enough to offer this again! Bet he’ll come back to haunt us as well……OK, maybe not.

  • id accept any offer over half a million. Good luck to him though, but we dont need players who cant improve the first 11

  • Well he won’t come back to haunt us, this was just CRAZY talk! Spot on sasman, ONLY players that will improve our starting XI (within reason) should be coming in now as we have a solid squad with plenty of quality and potential, with youngsters coming through also,

  • With more money coming into the game now after the dark days of ON Digital we should be looking to use the money to strengthen the side. Bargain spotting is essential for a club like ours but signings of quality i.e. Jason Koumas, Craig Bellamy should always be made for the right price. we have a sensible chairmen and a great manager so we should look good in the future.

  • I am sorry, I cannot reveal my creative reasoning with you 😀 I would’ve accepted their first offer so well done Rovers for holding out for more!

  • Do you reckon we should try and hold out for £8 million… after all that is how much Newcastle got for Jenas when he left for Tottenham?!??! 😉

  • 8 million, u having a laugh? Jenas isnt half the player the fox in da box is! Never mind selling Benni to boost the coffers, just sell Jeffers!! YAY

  • No wonder Newcastle let JJ go then, they must have thought it was a smudge on the fax when it came through! But when Spurs confirmed they would pay EIGHT MILLION POUNDS for him Newcastle couldn’t get shot of him quick enough!

  • take £500,000 before they pull out, i don’t want to be disrespectful to Jeffers but hes just not prem material anymore. Good luck in the championship to him though, hope he does ok for Ipswich if he goes.

  • Agreed Adrian, he seems that he isnt up to the job in the Prem anymore, maybe he’ll get back to that level, but it wont be with us.

  • He looks like he could do well at that level. Do you reckon forged the amount through false documentation for Jenas???

  • you gotta say though, Ipswich must be flaming desparate or that Magilto is seeing summat that we can’t. Either that or “Fanny” has naked pics of Magilton’s daughter or summat.

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