Date: 12th January 2011 at 10:12am
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I have to say that i am utterly appalled at some of the comments on the internet over the past few days.

Some even coming from our own. Diouf is not a saint. he never has been and he never will not.

But he is not disgraceful but to completely disown our own player when he has done nothing wrong is.

To prove my point follow the link – and just look at the challenge.

It’s clear to me what has happened, Warnock is a liar and a cheater… In the past when playing against bigger teams he has instructed his players to ‘break their legs’ and this has been proven before.

Mackie is charging at Givet and not the other way around, Mackie doesn’t even attempt to get the ball. Diouf has every right to say what he pleases to Mackie. I’d have spat on him and Warnock (well maybe not :P). Mackie has gone full pelt at Givet, intending to hurt our player.

It’s not Dioufs fault that mackie has broken his own leg. What is Givet had broken his leg? would Diouf have been wrong then?

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18 Replies to “Fans View – A defence of El Hadji Diouf”

  • Balls!!! I have done it again… this isn’t my article it is LHRover!!! Sorry! Slapped wrists and all that. No doubt Sas and 23 will be in shortly to call me a moron (and rightly so!)

  • Done nothing wrong? Ok, if you say so. Regardless of this latest in a long line of moments of tossbaggery, the guy is scum. Sooner he’s out of the game the better.

  • I’m sorry, but Mackie’s gone in to clear the ball. Givet takes a huge touch and Mackie thinks he’s getting there first, he was wrong, but the challenge wasn’t dirty in the slightest. What Diouf did, whether he’s unhappy with Mackie’s challenge or not, is completely and utterly wrong. Shouting obscenities at people while they lie writhing in pain on the floor is somehow acceptable? At least wait until the guy gets up to have a quiet word in his ear. What Diouf did was like shouting at someone who’s 70:30 to blame in a car accident, while they’re unconscious. Whether they’re to blame goes out the window.

  • Having seen this again it is perfectly clear that Mackie goes over the ball as if he were targetting Givet’s leg. It is the sort of challenge that gets footballers angry and that is what happened. If Mackie does not want to be shouted at he should clean up his act. It is ironic that Warnock should be giving out abuse about passionate and angry footballers! Pot and kettle?

  • Sorry, no defence justifies ridiculing another human being in pain, regardless of how it happened, or whose fault it was. Once an animal always an animal I’m afraid, please don’t stoop to his level just because he plays for your club, I know you are all bigger than that.

  • If it was C. Ronaldo rolling around on the floor in his Man U days and Diouf had a go at him no-one would have complained because we would have known Ronaldo was play acting, which is simply the mistake Diouf has made. He thought he was faking it because his friend was looking worse off initially and the ref blew the foul up for Mackie’s infringement….he goes over the ball and was just unlucky to get the double break….Diouf was just defending his mate from what he thought was a leg breaker of a tackle on Givet, ironically it was the other way round. Wish Mackie a speedy recorvery but because its Diouf its blown out of proportion on top of the Warnock (****) factor. That fat hipocrite admitted to sending his own players outto hurt the opposition in the past….

  • Mikey you moron! 😉 and I totally agree with Frans.. Warnock is a disgrace… and he should be the one leaving football.. his QPR team are all dirty. Did you see the way they were playing? no way will they survive in the prem!! Warnock did the exact same thing to Simon Garner in his playing days.. so he is an absolute hypocrite… I can’t stand Warnock.. and I fully back Diouf in this one.. fair enough in the end it turned out Mackie was worse off.. but the tackle was right in front of me at Ewood and it was right over the ball and if he hadnt had to go off injured he should have been sent off.. Diouf reacted to that.. You are only jumping on the Diouf-Hate band wagon because it is him. If it was Steven Gerrard in an England shirt against Argentina you wouldnt give a monkeys..

  • It’s only because he’s had a broken leg that this has blown up out of proportion. This sort of thing happens every week with players diving and pretending to be injured. He shot his mouth off jusy because it’s Diouf. Simple as.

  • You make a good point about Gerrard rover23 – and it has been blown up because of a serious injury – but Diouf didn’t need to say what he said, even after Mackie was put on the stretcher! Mackie made a complete hash of his tackle, it was late, high and dangerous. He came off worse, and Warnock hasn’t mentioned any of that. But, I still think Diouf shouldn’t have done what he did.

  • Have to 100% agree with Fran over this issue, gonna give Diouf the benefit of the doubt and believe at the time he believed him to be faking his injury.

  • And there I was thinking that when a player is on a strecher with an obviously broken leg it wasn’t decent to hurl abuse at him. I cannot beleive that some so called football fans can defend Diouf. Thosen that say it’s only because of repeated disgusting conduct don’t realise that they are illustrating what a nasty excuse for humanity he is. Have a look in the mirror.

  • Mackie went in wrecklessly asnd came off worse, Dioud was quite right to have a go at Mackie as it could of been Givet’s career ended by the tackle. Mackie has come off worse, So what!!!! Its his own damn fault and I wish him a very slow recovery and hope QPR get their come uppance for their ridiculas outburts. Your out of the cup, so iive with it instead of stiring up trouble to deflect the issue that the wheels have fallen off at QPR In recent weeks. Typical Warnock to try and blame everyone else but himself for their bad form by talking about something other than his teams performance. Reminds me of when Sheff United went down and he wanted West Hams blood over Tevez, But Sheff Utd went down cos they had not amassed enough points hence they deserved it as they were simply not good enough

  • Just looked at that clip again and the QPR player went in with no intent on getting the ball, should have had a red card. Givet is lucky he is not badly injured. Warnock needs bringing to heal by the FA. Have not seen anywhere that anyone has even challenged him…typical. I am not saying EHD is right but can see why he was incenced.

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