Date: 24th December 2011 at 8:08pm
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Have just read a very good piece written by long-term Blackburn Rovers fan Chris Kirkman. It reflects allot of Rovers fans views on recent events over the past week in which the media seemed to shift opinions after comments were made by other Premier League managers regards abuse Steve Kean received during the Bolton Wanderers vs Rovers derby at Ewood Park.

Here it is;

‘All of you people saying Blackburn fans are despicable need to get a damn grip. To say such a thing you clearly have no idea whatsoever about what is going on at our club.’

‘First off; The protests ARE aimed at Venky’s just as much as they are at Kean and that much is blatantly obvious. Look at our protest shirts. 0% Kean/Venky’s. Look at my profile picture, it’s the same. During the Bolton/West Brom games having attended both, I can tell you there was pretty much the same amount of chants against Venky’s as there was against Kean. The media show it to be otherwise in order to make us appear in a bad light. Of course, allot of you don’t have the forsight to do true research and so you do not realise the true story behind events at the club. Classic case of media orientated naivety.’

‘Second point; How on earth can you slate Rovers fans and call what we’ve chanted ‘abuse’? The media have the opportunity to cut and paste specific events at football matches, so they effectively show you what they want you to see. However if you view the full match you would realise there was no such thing as abuse aimed at Kean. The closest thing to it was the chant which you hear at every Premier League match about anyone, which is ‘[insert name] you’re a [profanity beginning with a W ending with an R.]’; and that was rarely sang in comparison to the likes of ‘we want kean out’. I’ve heard it described as ‘vicious’ amongst other things, which is absolutely ludicrous and nobody can deny that.’

‘Anyone who is unbiased and attended/viewed the full game will tell you the same.’

‘Do you think we’re protesting because we want Kean’s blood, seriously?! We don’t care aout Kean at the end of the day. Kean is merely the metaphorical tip of the iceberg when it comes to our problems. He is the sole representative of Venkys in Blackburn and so we have to reflect double the quantity of protest on him.’

‘The only thing Rovers fans can be accused of is a lack of sympathy toward Kean.’

‘I have none for him as he doesn’t deserve any. He stabbed Big Sam in the back, followed by John Jensen to extend his own tenure at the club, and he comes out with ludicrous statements to turn our own fans against each other. For example voicing fears of customer safety as to get banners banned, and then contradicting himself in the Scotish media by encouraging fans who favour his role at the club, to show the ones who don’t ‘why they should’.

Further silly out of touch statements e.g. we will be a Champions League team in 4-5 years; laughing off the possibility that Rovers would be involved in a relegation fight; ‘we will try to sign Beckham/Ronaldinho/Raul’. I could go on all night.’

‘Personally half the reason I want him to resign is for his own sanity, and his wife and kids’ sake. They don’t deserve what he is putting them through. We’re caring people, not the hooligans the press make out. Look at interviews with ‘protestors’, we are clearly not the kind of people the media lead you to infer.’

‘I just want to say to fans of others clubs… Imagine if this was your club? People don’t have any idea about the pain we as fans have been going through for over a year now since Venky’s and Kean took the reigns. It’s Christmas Eve, and I’m sat on my pc typing a article arguing fans case as a defence to other fans and the media when i should be celebrating the festive period with my family. You have no worries about your own clubs. But every single Rovers fan worries about theirs. After every game I attend, fans of the opposition talk to me on the train and share their sympathy about what is happening to us (albeit fairly enough after rubbing in the result a little). This is only because they have witnessed what is happening first-hand, and interacted with true fans who can explain the situation. Anyone who took the time to investigate and research would see there’s something dangerous to the future of our club going on. Yet the media refuse to accept that.’

‘Premier League managers come out backing Kean. Note they back him for how well he takes the ‘abuse’ (pressure would be a more fitting word), not how well he is doing his job. It’s an easy three points for the likes of Alex Ferguson, who’s side play us on New Years Eve, and it’s one more relegation spot already taken up for the likes of Coyle, Lambert, O’Neill etc.’

‘Honest people, e.g. Robbie Savage, Kevin Gallacher, Craig Hignett and Tony Parkes, tell it how it is. He’s out of his depth. We’re down already now. If Venky’s really aren’t going anywhere, we need to sack him and get a manager who knows what it takes to be promoted from the Championship and start planning ahead now.’

‘Our own players even want him out. This much was evident during protests with support aimed directly at protestors. Most of the players know what’s going on. They can’t say it in the press as they’re position within the team could be under threat if they did. Several first team players protesters after the Bolton game face to face, they want him out too but just can’t say it/blatantly show it as it’s also a violation of their contract. Even players who have previously voiced support for the manager have began voicing support for the protestors; that’s quite something since they have been backing him from the start of the protests back in September.’

‘Another thing you all forget is he has been in charge for over a year as I mentioned earlier. We have put up with this torment for a year. Only now are we stepping up the protests.’

‘We gave him a chance, longer than Ince had by a long way. That’s because a decent board and a brilliant, exemplary chairman; such as John Williams and Tom Finn, would sack such a manager to prevent us being relegated as they did that season. It was a miracle Big Sam saved us then.’

‘Unfortunately we won’t have such luck this season.’

‘I could continue writing all night long until it’s time to open presents and cards tomorrow, but I won’t for the sake of my own sanity and a fear that as usual, nobody is listening.’


‘Rovers Till We Die!!!!!!’

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