Date: 1st February 2010 at 10:24pm
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In what has been the most debated topic this whole transfer window, and really the only significant change in the Rovers line up, Benni McCarthy has been snapped up by West Ham for 2.5 Million pounds, with only hours to go in the transfer window.

Love him or hate him, Benni was our man. He took the English Premier League by storm, banging in goal after goal. However, he did not fit in Sam Allardyce’s plans, and after a long window, has finally been signed up by Gianfranco Zola at the Hammers

Benni left with some kind words to say to all, showing that sometimes (well most times) the media can put an ugly spin on things.

Speaking with SSN, Benni Says

‘Since the manager took over we never had a disagreement or fall-out,I’ve always been respectful to him and he’s always been up front with me’

Benni continues to discuss the transfer

‘He’s said that I wasn’t in his plans, that I wasn’t the kind of player that he was looking for at that point in time with the system that he plays. I accepted that and it was clear that it was time for me to move on. I could have never been happy with playing well in one game and then being left out the next’

I dont think anybody could disagree with that! Benni was used more of an impact player in the ALlardyce era, something which he rather isnt. However, Benni did have some great games this season, and would be overlooked the next, which really was a shame. However, he did not fit in with what Sam wanted to build at era, thats life.

Benni had some final words

‘I thought I’d served my time at Blackburn and it was time to move on. Unfortunately I left in the manner that I never really had a chance to say ‘thank you’ to the fans – but now I’ve got to concentrate on West Ham and their fans.’

All in all, lets just wish Benni all the best and hope he can regain the form for West Ham and make the World Cup Squad in his home nation. (We dont play the Hammers again, so he can score as many as he wants over there lol)


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  • JRob gets in this picture, as this is what Benni should be remembered for, when he and J Rob paired up together up front, it was beauty and the beast, the big ugly bugger who worked his arse off yet couldnt score in a brothel, paired up with the magician, who wouldnt run to save his life, but everything he touched turned to gold!

  • Benni will be missed by some and not by others. but his goalscoring record at rovers was superb averaging a goal every 2 games will be a big void for rovers to fill and I wish him all the best, this move will cement his place for the World cup and it will pain me to see him grabbing all the goals ect for the Hammers. He was the one player in the team which oozed quality. He was prob the only player we had too which was world renowned.
    Good Luck Benni Rovers didnt replace you today cos you was ireplacable 🙂

  • lol bit of info for all VBERS- Sas is hard at work (on facebook)…recieves a text msg from his welsh buddy saying, Sas, get your arse on MSN…..Sas runs over to the comp thinking we have made a super late signing……gets told by a certain Welshman that he has changed his article title….********!!!!

  • ah mate, for you id pull out of a women for the latest goss! ahaha dont think thats vital appropriate but we have no females on our site yet!!!…….ah until i finish uni and start teaching high school students, im stuck in retail with a computer at my usage!! so all yours my dear welshman!

  • Forget about replacing someone of Benni’s quality with 2M, it can never happen. We’d had faced problem to replace him in the first place, now that we didn’t replace him, i’m praying hard Dunn & Kalinic stays fit, score some goals… Without these two, i can’t see where the goals are going to come from.

  • everyone i interview has been male! so unless a female steps up to the plate then i can only assume it i guess! are you female bennipoo? wanna be next on getting to know?

  • You sound keen sas haha. Some magic moments from Benni but it’s time he went. I’ll always remember that beautiful turn and finish in Europe vs Red Bull Salzburg, got overshadowed by Bentley’s goal in that game but it was pure excellence. Good luck Benni you could work out in a different system…just not ours because you lost some of your work rate!

  • I will miss the man for sure and he did score a lot of goals but he did become very penalty reliant to bag those goals after a while…. he was on the slide in terms of form and commitment for the club so it was the right time to leave.

  • I think his best goal with against arsenal…was it 0 – 0 last minute? we wont replace him. not since jansen have we had as good a striker as benni.

  • I’ve not liked the way Benni has acted at various times during his Rovers career but I thought he came across very well in this interview. However, I suppose it’s easy to do this when you get the move you wanted!!

  • Nice to see he has some kind words for the fans, there were times we backed him when others would have lost patience…

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