Date: 27th July 2011 at 5:35pm
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I’ve seen a few mutterings recently that a “spin-off” Blackburn Rovers Football Club is being formed, much like FC United of Manchester etc. With some Rovers fans becoming more and more disillusioned with events at Ewood Park following in the footsteps of disillusioned fans of Manchester United, for example, is planned??

Personally I’ve been less than impressed with Venky’s since their arrival, we’ve stumbled and lurched from one disaster to another (on the face of it). The media image has been a goldmine to the newspaper but a shambolic mess for the fans, however, despite all of this there will only be one Blackburn Rovers Football Club for me. I applaud (and won’t ridicule) those who feel so passionate about things that they feel strongly enough to back a potentially newly formed FC Rovers (or will it be FC Blackburn??), however, I ask have things really got to the point where it’s felt this is an avenue to go down?? Things might not be good at Ewood but they’ve not gotten to proportions of that magnitude have they.

Venky’s have around a month to really prove their worth to Rovers fans, with their actions (or non-actions) in the transfer window. The five or six-months that follow when the transfer window is closed and the football (with what is available for selection) takes centre stage will tell us virtually all we need to know about their plans and will make or break them and in particular Steve Kean. If the Rovers Manager can’t enjoy a relatively successful first half of the season (realistically two to three-months) then if they continue to persevere with him then I’d be left under little illusion that they’re possibly not the people that we want running Rovers.

Would I then consider turning my back in favour of this FC team?? Even then (again I’ll not belittle anyone that does) I’d still have to answer no to this.

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  • Shouldnt get our site coverage, “Together we stand divided we fall”
    This in another protest stunt and any true Rovers fan would not even entertain it. We have been through much darker times, and i really do think the expectation amongst fans now is far to great.
    It was only just over 20 years ago that as fans we were happy to just to have a local team, Yes we was spoilt by Uncle Jack, and we now have new owners, but we are a Premiership club and there are 72 teams in the football league who would gladly swap positions with us. We should not promote anti Rovers

  • Can’t see this going anywhere TBH. I’m looking forward to next season and I think we should all be getting excited. Football has it’s ups and downs and it’s during the downs when you find out who the supporters really are. I am really struggling to see what Venky’s have done that’s so terrible. Ticket prices are still the best value in the prem. The rumours of no money are looking disgracefully wide of the mark with Petrovic on the verge of signing and Kean still in charge. i’ll be happy to pay to watch my team win, lose or draw.

  • The three posts above me sum up 100% my thoughts on this. Not a good idea. It’s to early to make such rash judgements (despite what some thnk!) Have faith!

  • Rovers till we all die eh, folks? Anyone thinking of this route only has to look at the history of the club going back only say 20 years. Out of the top tier for ages, next to bankrupt, sometimes featuring in the third tier. Life really isn’t so bad at the moment and some folk need a bit of perspective. Like Mikey and the others have said above, the idea of a splinter club is pure ridiculous.

  • Whilst I think it’s a crazy idea, I can understand the fans frustrations. In case anybody wasn’t aware I’m not Venkys or Kean’s biggest fan, I am however a Rovers fan, now that can be a right pain at times, sometimes nauseatingly so, but they are my team through thick and thin so I cannot imagine for one minute following FC Rovers etc.

  • Do we really have that much to complain about? I mean the Venky’s haven’t really competed with the Glazers of Manchester United fame, in terms of shifting their debt onto the club and they certainly haven’t moved our club to another town tens of miles away as with Wimbledon. I don’t remember us bringing a host of names into the club last year that would make us compete on a higher level. What is the difference? The Venky’s are not football fans! They have spotted a business opportunity, and before I am slated by those who just don’t like them because they are not Jack Walker, I am not a Venky’s apologist, I just would like our fans to acquire a bit of perspective. We haven’t had money for TEN years, A DECADE. Are we going to take that into consideration, or are we going to go off half-cocked? Yes they are learning that the football business is tough and that fans hate people tampering with their club, but give them a chance. They’ve made rash comments (Champions’ League etc) , they’ve taken bad advice (getting rid of Big Sam), but at least give them the first half of the season. IF they we are still in the same boat at Christmas I’ll play in goal for the new ‘FC Blackburn’ myself – well maybe not!

  • The grass isn’t always greener chaps – for every AFC Wimbledon or FC United theirs a dismal flop… Blackburn Olympic reformed in the Saturday Leagues after they gave up (nearly a hundred years ago) and they’re still there!

  • To even have the thought of such a breakaway club is beyond a joke. We are not in the same ocean never mind boat of what and why the breakaway clubs started this is obviously the thought of crackpot supposed hardcore fans who think they will get a bit of publicity by staging a weak protest and a set up of a new football team to enter the football pyramid

    Venkys have come in as successful business people in their own field and obviously have plans in place to make this a success like their other businesses and not as some people label them as asset strippers and ladling the club with debt in order to finance their evil domination of the world.

    If they had come to do this, then they have picked the wrong club. We sadly (or gladly) do not have the world pulling power and revenues of Manchester United, Liverpool and all, we do not posses a worldwide revenue of £286m that Man Utd posted last year. we don’t have the facility to run up huge debts on the club or pay the huge sums for players that would see us challenge for domestic and European success , we do have aspirations to reach to play European football again but it?s getting harder and supporters of a club like ours need to understand that whilst the Venkys do have plans to bring top class football back to Ewood Park but we as fans need to realise that this can?t and won’t be delivered overnight and anybody who expected a Man City style assault on the transfer market should keep dreaming.

    Don’t think that I don?t understand why some fans haven?t been happy with the Venkys, they scored some dramatic PR own goals since they took over and taken fans on an emotional rollercoaster ride, sacked a manager, appointed a rookie coach in his place, agreed hesitantly to sell the clubs greatest young player since Duff to our local rivals. But they drove a hard bargin with Jones and are still dragging their heels over the Kalinic transfer. surely you can’t fault them for that we are getting what we paid for him plus a bit more.. The promises of Ronaldinho and Beckham and a glut of superstar marquee signings were promised and not delivered so you can understand frustrations but not to this level.

  • I wonder how many people actually support the idea of a breakaway club? my guessing is that it is a handful of frustrated friends who are trying to gather support before they can actually do anything with their deluded idea. Hopefully we can ignore them, and not give this pathetic idea any more time so we can move on and forget about the fact we have some idiotic ‘fans’.

  • FC Blackburn or FC Rovers….stuff that! support the club through the tough times as well as the good! thats what TRUE fans do! BLACKBURN ROVERS is the only club! Born a Rover die a Rover!

  • God, it actually took you so long to finally realise that the Venkys are taking us and the club for a ride.

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