Date: 28th May 2010 at 8:40am
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These are the final standings in the VBer Fantasy Football Mini League.

1) Rover_since74 Simon Eccles 2290
2) a7081543 Chris Alfred 2237
3) San Fran FC Francesco Savarese 2154
4) Whinney Heights nick white 2133
5) Retroflair31 Jarrad Goold 2092
6) Blackburn Rovers Russell Garner 2079
7) Rover23 Joe Ainscough 2071
8) Colorado Rovers Rich Duquet 2040
9) The Texas Rovers nathan trafford 2023
10) BohernanaveWanderers kevin m 2021
11) walsham rovers john bentham 1984
12) Greenfield Sporadics Chris White 1977
13) Delap of Honour Mike Delap 1977
14) Pearce All Stars Chris Pearce 1974
15) The Eagles Arne Riis 1969
16) Bom’s Welsh RoversXI Dale Davies 1948
17) mutts nutts Steve Bell 1909
18) BFS Is Our Man! Karl Fletcher 1891
19) Team Canada Curtis Cronshaw 1882
20) letsalldothesamba Sam Packer 1875
21) Walker D Walker 1873
22) Brrrrrap FC Adam Cockman 1868
23) Just us Niclas Selin 1859
24) glen9mullan glen mullan 1849
25) Indiego james rebello 1789
26) one drunken night in alan hall 1786
27) Blue Rovers Jack Conneely 1767
28) Maple Leaf Rovers Brad Cronshaw 1730
29) GoneRoverBoard Steve Brown 1679
30) WereBackBlackburn Rob Thomas 1604
31) aadil4rovers Aadil Patel 1580
32) Katys Heroes Clint Nelson 1520

Congratulations go to Rover_since74, who has been leading this competition virtually the whole way through as far as I can remember, however, I lost interest sometime ago as it’s a stupid game anyway lol!!

If you contact Mr Mikey he will put you in touch with me about your prize.

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5 Replies to “Final Rovers Fantasy Football Table”

  • Well done 74! Deserved win in the end even if your taunting was not needed 😉 give us a shout on my email and I will get walker to part with the cash… (He doesn’t do it very often lol)

  • I didn’t even know there was a prize! Haha well done 74. At one point I started catching up but then I had a terrible few weeks and you had stormers. There was no hope from there :). I’ll take a bronze medal though!

  • How did I come on the same points as Whitey and get 13th and he got 12th?!?! This is a shambles!!! lol

  • Cheers boys, was it ever in question?? As for the prize money I would like to donate it to the Help for Heroes charity as they need the cash more than I do….I hope you all agree. So Mikey, Walker could you do this for me?

    Mikey more competition from you next year please. One final word from me CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dam you 74!!!!! ha ha. Well in mate – I shall let Darryl know. A great idea mate. Walker are you listening?

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