Date: 12th June 2007 at 12:38pm
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This may not seem like a big deal to too many people but I’ve been waiting for this moment for what seems an AGE!

Vital Blackburn has been languishing in the 190’s, in terms of registered user for what has seemed an eternity to me. I’ve often been banging on about having “almost 200 members” for god only knows how long but FINALLY today (Tuesday 12th June 2007) saw the 200th member register to the site!

Big deal, I may hear some of you say but when I took over this site at the start of the 2006-2007 season we had something like 24 members. To now have 200, less than twelve-months later is phenomenal (again maybe not in some people’s eyes, but I know what this site was like when I took over? as do the original cast members!)

The growth of Vital Blackburn has been such that it is a regular occurrence to have six or seven registered members (at least!) online at the same time, this growth is down to YOU, the VBers (Vital Blackburners), and long may this growth continue!

ANYONE associated to this site will tell you it is a great community (as is the Vital Football Community full stop!) but if you haven’t registered to become a part of it yet, what are you waiting for sign up using the link below, NOW!!!



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  • I NEVER get tired of expressing how much I LOVE this site and how it has progressed. Sure, it is thanks to hard work from myself and roversman but above ALL the key factor is YOU, the VBers without you all we would have would be an empty shell of a site just publishing article after article. I have been told this site has “taken off” I 100% believe it. 200 member now proves this! I do not want to set targets too high but if the site continues to grow I would personally hope to AT LEAST double this amount twelve-months down the line again.

  • Well mate u never know, its seems that the news and views on the Rovers site are top class and with the addition of Mikeygamst and Bom Bom this should just go from strength to strength. Bring on the new season!!!!!

  • 200??? I no its something to be proud of, but out of all honesty, i can name only 15 who post comments and thats not even regularly. WHERE ARE THE REST OF YOU, comon tell us what u think. Imagine, 200 people, all with just one comment per thread

  • Good point sasman but the site is expanding… if the regulars (inc myself) put all our effort in to make sure site content and discussion is very good, more will feel obliged to join in. For instance that panda pops discussion was tantamount to waht they would discuss at the G8 summit.

  • I think I must be 199! I have been reading your comments with interest for a long time now and have enjoyed all the banter – especially with regards to the spurs fans! Keep up the good work guys.

  • I was orignally going to name this 200th person in the article but decided against it. However, #200 was KevDP4L I can, and will confirm! So WELCOME to the site.

  • sharkgravy – You may well have been #199 either way welcome to Vital Blackburn, hopefully you will get very much involved with the banter as well as just reading it from now on?

  • Clint – You are one of the founder members of this site, so congrats to you for also sticking with it and helping it grow! With these new guys part of the team it will only help but we have to ALL play our part.

  • sasman – This too has been my hope for a lone time, if just 25% of the people commented on each article we would EASILY have comments on EVERY article reaching close to 100 (by the time we kept discussing views) so the hope is we will get this one day but as MikeyGamst says we have to KEEP playing our part to make people wanting. we have to remember that not ALL members like to comment though, they prefer to observe, but they do come in from time to time and their votes in the polls ALSO help.

  • Cheers Hdm but ya nearly lost me there to another team lol Have enjoyed addign to the articles and stuff on here and having a laugh at the same time. To everyone – KEEP IT UP LADS – and no dirty thoughts there either lol

  • sorry MikeyGamst wanted to give u a mention by urself mate but some of your stuff along with Roversman, BomBom and Ex-Wood to name but a few have been great. Im not bellying up to anyone in particular there but credit where credits due lads

  • MikeyGamst – The name….well I lived in the south of England for a few years (I am ashamed to say) and the stereo-type of notherners is that we have to have gravy on averything – as a result much fun was had at my expense! Add to that the fact I am a shark fan and you get my name!

    HDM – you are correct, I have been reading and not writting for a while – for which I will try my best to correct. Maybe I will even post an article at some point. Unortunately I have not seen my beloved Rovers for some time as I live in Florida but I am doing my best to spread the work of the Blue and White halves the best I can. The perception of “soccer” from the yanks is quite interesting and may make a good read.

    By the way how do you change ones password, mine is a collection of letters you only get at the end of a game of scrabble.

  • sharkgravy – Firstly lol MikeyGamst, genius! That is great to hear dude, feel free to submit your thoughts through poll/article suggestions ANYTIME by forwarding an email to me or using the relevant link. We have Rovers from ALL over the globe on this site, the beauty of t’internet eh! Right, to change your passwork click on the “club forums” link at the top of the page, then in the top right corner you will see something that says “my account” click on that and you will then see (again in the top right-hand corner) a section that is about changing passwords. You type it in, then re-type it and click “submit” and you are done.

  • ****ing hell (pardon my French, but at least I *’d it out to save the filter the trouble lol!) when I just changed the poll around I looked at the current site stats and NEW members are proving like buses now!!! You wait an age for one a two of them (well actually FIVE of them!) come along at once, we’ve ROCKETED up to 205 members in one afternoon, ding dong!

  • Sasman claims he is from Australia and but we all know he is from Bognor Regis he just doesnt want to admit it.

  • Hi Guys, thought I’d finally post something – I’ve been reading your articles (and comments) for a while now, top website, you’ve kept me informed and amused, so keep up the good work. I thought this site would quieten down post-season but it gets even more interesting with transfer speculation etc….yeah, good question Sasman, wtf is Bognor Regis?

  • Sasman… yes mate it is a “pommy” joke.. its a place in the south… not really considered as upmarket as Australia mate.

  • Desert Kiwi – GREAT to hear from you dude, welcome to the site I had noticed you online from time to time. Keep an interest and KEEP posting etc. To be honest with you I also thought that the end of season would see this site quieten down but it’s gone into OVER DRIVE as a result! I love it, but not as much as I love Bognor Regis 🙂 Bognor is a cousin of Cyrille isn’t he?!?! Which would make him an uncle of JR LOL!

  • lol… no-one wants to see Slough. There’s a famous poem about the place called “Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough” nuff said!

  • Lol, classic – just looked it up…great poem. whoever said this was just a football site, and not a patron site of the arts!

  • We are Jack’s of all trades on this site Desert Kiwi but masters of none (well bar MikeyGamst and his Pandapops lol!)

  • Superb Kev you’ve got it sorted now, welcome to the Vital Blackburn articles debate. We look forward to hearing plenty from you!

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