Date: 16th June 2007 at 1:05am
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With YOUR help Vital Blackburn has been trying to determine what have been the best and worst of the Blackburn Rovers 2006-2007 season.

The nominations are still be taken for other Awards, but the Vital Blackburn Awards for 2006-2007 continue to be dished out with the

Alan Shearer Award for Forward of the Season

When asked to simply leave the name of your Forward of the Season most felt?

Benni McCarthy should be the Award Winner! So congratulations to Benni.

This was a landslide decision (as with the midfielder Award for David Bentley) and there was only EVER going to be one winner (again as with Bentley) and this winner was Benni McGoalmachine, with him gaining EVERY mention that came along!

Benni has his moments but overall he had a superb first season and made an instant impact on Rovers, the fans and the Premiership. Twenty odd goals and helping Matt Derbyshire come through as well was superb.

How many adapt to the Premiership as quickly as Benni has? Some take much longer, and they almost ALWAYS cost far more than the £2.5 million we paid for him last summer!

His future at the club has been questioned and in doubt at times but it is looking more and more likely that he will be staying with Rovers after all, so the real key thing for him will be the second season, and can he repeat the opening one?

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17 Replies to “Forward of the Season”

  • Benni McGoalmachine was dead cert for this Awards wasn’t he, NO surprises at all. He had a great first season in the Premiership, a second (which is looking likely to be at Rovers after all?!?!) will be the real tester for him.

  • Hopefully he wont be a one year wonder, as age is definatly not on his side. Time for derbs to develop aye HDM

  • i think his on his way guys. News from downunder is that manure are soon to offer cash plus player. Dunno who the player will be

  • sasman – I don’t think that he will be a one season wonder (in fact I have no doubts AT ALL that this would happen as it won’t) but the second season can often be the harder one (or the third as the case can be, if the first is an adapting one (which Benni hasn’t needed) and the second a building one.) I still think until something concrete comes in it’s looking good for us to keep him anyway.

  • durks de rover – You needed to put an LOL or 🙂 face after your comment really dude to have got actual emphasis to your point as people that didn’t know any better (granted NOT many would) they might have thought you genuine meant this lol!

  • then they are one of two things 1 not a rovers fan or footy fan or 2 they are stupid lol (is that how its done lol)

  • Where’s Nonda!?!?!? I think this was a gimme not just for his goals but for the “bargainess” of them…. £2.5 million is nothing for a striker of that calibre.

  • That’s they way to do it durks 🙂 I know Benni has a bit of a history of being a torublemaker etc. but I still can’t believe how we picked him up for a mere £2.5 million!!! As you say Mikey that is nothing (well less than nothing lol!) fro a striker of his PROVEN calibre.

  • I still don’t understand that university study that said Berbatov was the best signing of last season. I mean clearly there was something wrong with their calculations if they couldn’t understand that 24 goals is more than 23 goals, and that £2.5m is much less than £12m!

  • Careful KevDP4L, do not I repeat DO NOT let Spurs fans catch you speaking like that they’ll lynch you LOL. (Although I like your style dude!)

  • McCarthy has just enjoyed his best season in europe ever goals wise anyway. 24 is a awesome return, and he made the loss of Bellamy dwindle away. I do believe there is more to come from him though as his sometimes casual approach during games never convinced me he was entirely happy at Rovers. But I still believe he will be with us next year as the top four are making all there signings early and nothing has been mentioned for a while. Hughes will get in the other striker we need and the pressure will be off Benni allowing him to shine once more.

  • Yeah I too think he will still be here next season, he has never really said he wants to leave (even though players have to be diplomatic with their approach) but his whinning may have put some clubs off. Next season is the test for him, if he replicated or improves on what he did last season he will truely be a GREAT signing then could well move on before his deal runs out it’s last year?!?!
    I think that having JR back, and a season behind him from Derbs will take pressure off Benni also, but yes agree a forward will almost certainly arrive, even if only on loan?

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