Date: 18th June 2007 at 2:59pm
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A new group have set up to protest at 3rd parties such as independent websites having to pay for the publication of fixture lists.

All newspapers, sites etc have to pay the fee and ‘free the fixtures campaign’ question why us fans should have to pay for the ‘privilege’ of advertising (which is what fixtures basically are) the fixtures for the games we all pay our hard earnt money to go and watch. Vital Football have had to take the stance that we won’t publish fixtures due to the costs involved and most independent sites take the same position. For us to do it across the network we would be looking at a fee in the region of £13 000 + VAT, something that just isn’t economically viable!

So, if you have an interest, these are the details of the campaign set up. This isn’t run by anyone involved with Vital Football but I think like most football fans, we echo the sentiment, we should be able to publish the fixtures as the fans are what makes this game and without us it would collapse.

Free the fixtures campaign:

On Thursday 14th June the fixtures for the 2007/08 football season were published. However most fan run websites will not be displaying them….

Football DataCo Ltd is a British company that grants licenses to third parties allowing them to reproduce certain intellectual property such as fixture lists and statistics. Football DataCo is wholly owned by FA Premier League and The Football League. The standard fee for the reproduction of a single team`s fixture list currently stands at £266 plus VAT.

This fee is charged to all 3rd parties including independently owned football fan sites and fanzines. Numerous fan sites have been closed as a result of legal action initiated by Football DataCo Ltd.

We the fans should be free to publish our teams fixtures on our sites.

Please sign the petition and we will present it to the people that are responsible for charging the fans to publish THEIR fixtures!

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18 Replies to “Free The Fixtures Campaign”

  • Wow, I never knew the cost involved in simply giving people information that is already in the public domain. That is crazy! Maybe, and I say maybe as I have not had my morning cuppa. That perhaps they are trying to keep some sort of control on this so as to not have miss-information on places like the t’internet. Imagine hundreds of sites having the forthcoming fixtures but with some not updated when changes happen (and there are plenty of reasons games move). Restricting it to those sites that have constant monitoring/updating like the Beeb or SKY does mean that the info is reliable and accurate! I am not saying this site is not well run, but some probably are not?also I like being devils advocate so you may be see me argue a lot!

  • It could be that dude, but this publication would have only been for the originally scheduled fixtures (when released last week.) I think it is more likely to be a fact the fat cat’s behind such ideas are a greedy *****ers!!!

  • I was dumbfounded to learn of this and cannot fathom why this is allowed. Is it not a form of monopoly, ie the owners can charge as much as they wish because they have the sole distribution rights?!?!? Surely that would not allow it. I can’t understand why you wold be forced to pay to right two teams names next to each other on a particular date!

  • It’s ALL wrong isn’t it dude. Being able to publish a list of fixtures isn’t asking too much is it?!?! This just shows how “money mad” the world of football has gone, and worrying might yet still go further!!!

  • Just think you are probably saving a wad of cash – as the fixture list changes pretty much every week. Its not worth dishing out on something thats lose value so quickly! Unless you are going to pay for the right to dispay fixtures all year and change them and update them every so often you may as well just log on to somewhere else and use the money elsewhere.

  • I would NEVER pay to publish fixtures, they’ll be left off rather than being paid for. Just the fact that you HAVE to pay in the first place is what I object to.

  • Hey Sharky, me and you gonna get on like a house on fire mate!! Just wait til the first Rovers V Spurs game, wooo hooo LOL

  • Partners in crime I think, the VBer dream team! But let us not forget that more than a few of us held our own against Spurs several times last season (despite being HEAVILY out numbered)

  • I had a huge run in with some Spurs fans last year. I will have to send you the link to the blog. Its at work saved under a ‘Favourite’ – not much actual work was done…oops.

  • You’ll be in your eliment here then dude, it often kicks off when Spurs come to town (with ANY team pretty much LOL!)

  • Oh god,… BomBom has found a fierce ally… what next?!??! The first Spurs game is early on at their gaff… Can’t wait, arrogant sods.

  • i have signed too guys, £13,000 for a list that only lasts 10 months what a joke. I’m just not sure how much good this petition is, they are slippery …………….. and they know exactly what they are doing. I’m so angry about this and i’m glad Vital stood upto them, i just hope our rivals dont get the rights to publish

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