Date: 24th July 2008 at 9:52am
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Blackburn Rovers have confirmed that a bid for Brad Friedel has been accepted, and a move to bring in Paul Robinson in as his replacement is also understood to be close to completion.

A bid that hasn’t been revealed in terms of an amount or from whom but is understood to have been as much as £2.75 million from Aston Villa (no real secret!) for Friedel was accepted on Wednesday evening. Once an offer Rovers have placed for a goalkeeper (Robinson) to replace the 37-year-old is accepted his move to Villa Park will be completed.

A statement on the Official Blackburn Rovers Website read: “Blackburn Rovers have accepted a bid from a Premier League club for goalkeeper Brad Friedel.

“The transfer is conditional to Rovers having a bid for a goalkeeper at another club accepted.

Tottenham Hotspur’s Robinson has been the man mooted as Bradders’ replacement, but a move to get him as part of David Bentley’s switch to Tottenham was proving troublesome. But reports now say that an offer of around £3.5 million for the England International has been accepted and he will be moving to Ewood Park to take over the number one jersey.

It’ll be a VERY sad day when Friedel does leave Rovers, but we will ALL wish him well. We’re all gutted by this but there isn’t a lot we can do and the money on offer isn’t bad for a 37-year-old (despite the fact that he is still one of the best around!!!) As far as Robinson goes, he has had a tough time over the past year or so for club and country but he is still a superb goalkeeper, who will benefit from the change of clubs. So to have gotten him (almost 10-years Friedel’s junior) for a fee that isn’t a great deal more to pay out than what we will receive for the American is good business, and he will prove a very good replacement.



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  • It’s just about the end of the line for Bradders now. I’m gutted but we must move on, and although Robinson has had some problems I personally think he will prove a superb signing and an able deputy for Brad.

  • I think you boys have done well there. We (Villa) we linked with Robbo a few weeks ago and the majority of us thought he would be a good signing and that was when the fee was around £5mil so if you get him for that price its a good deal indeed. Best of luck with the upcoming season lads.

  • Gutted Brad has plenty left in him, he does extra training on his flexibility agility all the time. He will still be at the top of his game in 3 years time wait and see. The shining light for me with Robbo coming in is our new GK coach Steele he made Robbo when they where together at leeds and is the reason Robbo wanted only to come here. Hopefully Steele can get him back to where he was, here’s hoping!

  • Sad to see Brad go!! but it leaves another bitter taste of footballers signing contracts to suit them one minute and just walking away the next, it would be good to know why things have changed so quickly, it surely can’t be money as none of them are short of a bob or two? Robinson will be a good replacement lets move on?

  • I think Robinson will be back to a decent keeper at Rovers, should we get him, I dont htink he’s Englands answer but i do think he’s a great keeper. Any money for Brad is good when u take in his age, gutted to see him go but we would have had to some time, may as well get money for him now! Brad has a couple of good years left but we have the chance to get money ( depending on the deal with Spurs ) and a keeper for the next 10 yrs

  • I think RObinson will be good with a change of scenary. Nice point Maji about the Steele as coach and beign his coach at Leeds. I think bit of a bargain 12 months ago Robinson would have been worth at least double this amount. I think he could easily fill Brads posts, and don’t see why England couldn’t be on the cards again.

  • England will always be on the cards for Robinson, cos no offense but England dont really have much other option in that position. So Robinson must be looking forward to, hopefully, getting in a team, playing reg football and proving to the likes of Bentley that u dont have to play for the Top4, or if all else Spurs! kinda contradicts wot i said about the lack of keepers but after all, u have to be playing and playing well to get a look in, so why not

  • I’ll be gutted once this goes through cos we won’t get a real chance to say goodbye to bradders who has been immense for rovers.

  • I think that you must look for better than Robinson to replace one of the outstanding keepers in the top flight.

  • I think that Robinson is a good GK but there are better players: Muller (who’s currently injured, Murray, Hennessey ….).

  • You could do a lot worse than Robinson. He’s got plenty of time to work on his lapses in concentration, which have troubled him as much as anything. Friedel only has a short time left at top level–two, three years at the most.

  • Well I’ve just heard he’s in the bag at a supposed 3M plus add ons (rumoured to be up to .5M), Welcome to the club Robbo, at least now we’ll know where all the pies go, only joking!

  • IsraeliRover – sorry dude but ONCE again your players are from The Championship, as always I’m not saying they are no good because they play in that League but if they were that good they WOULDN’T be playing there now and both (although Hennessey is young) have been around for a while. Robinson, despite a rough patch, is better than both!!!

  • Robinson was the best thing while he was at Leeds and until Jan, so I think that he can get back to that with Rovers. I rate him and Green to replace Brad, although some of the keepers in the Championship have good reputations but these two have proven themselves for years in the top league!

  • Walker- the only reason those players play in the championship is for being harsh and signing long term contracts. As for Hennessey he’s extremely young (let alone for a GK), and besides- dont forget that Lewis is an international England GK even though he does’nt play PL football. If you’d seen those players in action- believe me- you’d think the other way around

  • Robinson has signed……… disrespect but the other keepers mentioned aren’t in his league!! 41 caps for England, 100’s of appearances for Leeds and Spurs….the guy oozes experience and ability….another Bradders – Robbo, son u’ll love it at Ewood, u’ll be looked after from day one pal!!

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