Date: 14th April 2007 at 1:28am
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Blackburn Rovers’ goalkeeping department has been covered until 2009 at least with the excellent news that Brad Friedel has agreed a new deal with the club.

Friedel has agreed a one-year extension to his current deal that will take him through until 2009, when he will be 38-years-old and almost certainly see him end a career with Rovers.

In a day and age when so many are out for all they can and some don’t even have a shave without consulting their agent Friedel agreed the deal himself without his being present, over a quiet chat with Rovers chairman John Williams.

Friedel said:

I love this club. My agent is Paul Stretford, but I did the deal myself. I had a nice chat over a cup of coffee with chairman John Williams. There was no need to go in and have a big battle.”

Friedel has a Soccer School in his native America and it is no secret that he intends to play a more hands on approach in this in the future, but we now know this will not be until 2009 at least.

Do I think 2009 will be the end of the Friedel Rovers story? I honestly hope not and genuinely think that he could carry on until at least 40 if he wanted.

What do we all think? Share your thoughts below?

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26 Replies to “Friedel Commits Future To Rovers”

  • IF he wants to carry beyond this deal we could have him here until 2011 easily I feel. This is EXCELLENT news for the club as I genuinely believe that Brad is still one of the best goalkeepers in the world (as he has been from the minute he arrived at Ewood Park). How Liverpool must have regretted letting him go, especially after some of the clowns the had after him. Petr Cech is the only Premiership goalkeeper that I would honestly rate as better than Bradders!

  • he used to be one of the best, but last 2/3 years he has been getting less solid in my opinion, more and more goals a season are his fault. i would still rate him in the top 10 in the prem though.

  • Get out of it Mike “less solid” quite the opposite! I’m HONESTLY being as unbiased as possible but he is hardly EVER at fault for a goal. Without him we arguably wouldn’t be in tomorrow’s Semi Final let alone the Premiership!?!? BomBom has a theory on Bradders and your opinion is kind of supporting it when I wasn’t sure he was right. Top five at least let alone top 10, AT least five of these others wouldn’t be fit enough to even velcro up his gloves!!!

  • well i won’t deny he makes some good saves, but to be classed as the 2nd in the prem he needs to offer more than that i’m afraid. And even his shot stopping, i can guarentee you will find 5-10 goals this season which he should of saved. he isn’t a bad keeper no, but he is never top 2.

  • My challenge for you Mike then is to find these 5-10 goals that he should have saved this season, you’ll be hard pushed to find them though! BomBom’s theory is if he played for United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool (I know he did!) etc. then he’d be rated more highly, didn’t agree at first but the more I think about it the more I do agree.

  • If you give me clips of all the goals you have conceded then i would. As for your theory on who he plays for? disagree that my opinion anyway is swayed by this, maybe by some of the media, but why would i as an everton fan believe players are better just because they play for the big 3 or liverpool.

  • Friedel is an absolute legend. I cannot remember a goal and said geez, he really should of saved it. Consistently one of our best players and i believe that he does not recieve any compliments to the level he deseves. Every 1 said bellamy carried us to europe last year, well if bellamy carried us there then friedel drove us into europe

  • Another season of the Premier Leagues best Goalkeeper. Fantastic…

    Less solid!?!?!? what a joke… he never makes a mistake… can you name a mistake he has made? He is worth more points per season than ANY Premiership goalkeeper.

    Alex Ferguson tried to sign Brad before he tried to sign Van Der Sar.

    Everton Mike I know you are entitled to your opinion but the points you make are just plain wrong… I can’t name one mistake he has made in 7/8 seasons at our club… THE VERY BEST is what he is.

  • I think he is a great goalie, i cant remember a mistake he’s made recently, didnt like him when he was with the RS (for obvious reasons haha) but my heart sinks a little, every time he is in goal when you play us, because i know its hard to score past him.

  • I’m completely shocked….Friedel, in my opinion, is the best GK in the EPL. How can u compare him with Cech, when Cech has such great defenders ahead of him. You must understand that Friedel was BRILLIANT despite the rovers defence throughout the years, rather than because of it.
    By the way, people got used to his brilliant saves, so they can’t understand how come he doesn’t make them all the time…
    Fans in Israel simply can’t understand some of his saves- they are non-realistic……

  • The partial way i rate players is would i want everton to sign them, friedal? no. whereas some other blackburn players such as Gamst, Benny mac, bentley i would. Friedal does make saves as i have said before but his catching is getting worse IMO (none of you blackburn fans would see this as you have idolised him for so long)

  • Everton Mike, Howard is good but has a long way to go to get on a par with Friedel.

    Moyes is God, he retired about 3 years ago from international football…

  • Howard has that small problem: He must make at least 1 crucial mistake per game, just like David James used to do. That’s the diff’ between a good GK and Friedel.

  • Tim Howard is a fine goalkeeper Mike but come on let’s be honest if looking at keepers that make mistakes he makes MORE than his fiar share. Made at least two (or was at fault) when we beat you in the FA Cup.

  • Israeli as much as I rate Bradders and as good as the Chelsea defence is in front of Cech the guy is truely out of this world, there aren’t many I would trade Bradders for but wouldn’t have to think too long about it if Cech was offered. The only goalkeeper in the Premiership, arguably Europe if not the World that I would swap for Bradders, that’s how good I think both are.

  • HDM- I’ve seen Cech a lot of times, and I truly can’t understand how he’s better than Friedel…Yes- he’s great, but out of this world? Not sure at all….

  • I honestly think that Cech is that good and think he could be remembered as one the games GREATEST when his career ends. Simple facts without him Chelsea let in something like 15 goals in 17 matches, last I knew in something like 14 since a return they had let in only 4!!! He’s got a top defence in front of him but think this proves just how good and important he is.

  • Besides Cech, I think Friedel is much better than:
    Lehmann, Sorensen, Carson, Howard, Weaver, Van Der Sar (not the one he used to be) Schwarzer, James, Hahnemann, Kenny, Robinson, Foster, Green and old good Filan,
    In addition, I sincerely think he’s better than Reina.
    The only other GK whick I really think they’re good:
    Niemmi- A great GK, reminds me of Friedel.
    Jaaskelaines- His agility is great(est?)
    Given- I really love this guy. Not sure if he’s as good as Freidel though….

  • howard is by no means the finished article no, and he went through a bad spell novemeber/december, but is now back to good form again. I am not going to get in an arguement with any of you on who is better as it would be pointless anyway as you are all convicned freidal is the best out there anyway, no point trying to fight delusion. ”thats the difference between a good keeper and friedal” i agree mate, is friedal didn’t make the mistakes he would be a keeper, not sure that how you meant it. But all in all if moyes went out and bought friedal i wouldn’t want him to be starting.

  • Cech showed today Israeli why I think he is the best, Bradders showed also why I think he is the best. Most fans think there players(s) are the best but I try and view it as unbiased as possible. It’s probably better to ask the American’s Mike, but I’;m sure given the choice between Friedel and Howard, Friedel would win in most cases. Moyes wouldn’t have a chance of getting Friedel Mike so none of us have to worry about this, but if it happened you’d soon decide you wanted him starting if you watched his every move in every match.

  • ok im not saying howard is better, or vise versa. I never have anywhere in this thread. I watched him closely today and i guess ONE OF the main faults i see in him is when he parrys a shot he does so into his own 6 yard box, a top keeper such as cech parrys it out, or at least away from his area. there were 4 examples of him doing this in todays game, i could name them if you like?

  • We’ll have to agree to disagree here Mike I feel as I HONESTLY think Bradders is that good, you (which is fair enough) don’t. How do you figure asking Americans to choose between two Americans would be baised?!?!

  • well are they more likely to go with a guy with a long standing international career, or someone just breaking through?

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