Date: 24th January 2007 at 10:50pm
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Brad Friedel’s appearance for Blackburn Rovers in the Premiership clash with Watford at Vicaridge Road on Tuesday night was his 100th successive Rovers start.

The legendary former American International is regarded as one of the best, if not the best Rovers goalkeeper of all time and is still right up there amoung the Premiership, European and World elite despite being very much at the veteran stage.

After raising his bat aloft when making it one hundred successive starts for Rovers in the disappointing 2-1 defeat against Watford here’s to hopefully another 100 straight Rovers games, or is this asking too much?

Meanwhile another man reaching a milestone recently was academy graduate Jay McEveley. Five injury ravaged years after making his Rovers debut Jay made his 50th League appearance at the weekend when he started in our 3-0 away win over Manchester City. These appearances have been spread between obviously Rovers and loan spells with Burnley, Gillingham and Ipswich Town. Here’s too many more to come from Jay also in the blue and white halves.

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28 Replies to “Friedel One Hundred Not Out”

  • Bradders one of Europe’s finest, flapped at a few things against Watford but again but for him we would have been soundly embarrassed.

  • Perish the day when he hangs up his gloves!!!! Heres to an evergreen Brad!!!! With regard to Jay, how many starts and sub apperances has he made for the blues?

  • He’s everything you coud wish for, quality keeper and a nice guy. When he does go it’ll be a VERY, VERY sad day. He’ll be almost impossible to replace… although as with everything in life he will be… eventually!

  • Jay has made 44 of his now 51 League appearances from the start. 17 starts (+ 1 sub) with Rovers, 17 with Ipswich (+ 2 sub), 10 with Gillingham and 0 with the team down the road (+ 4 sub).

  • I hear though we have a Swiss left back on trial I really hope Hughes is not thinking about letting Jay go?!? But then we dont have the day in day out look at the boy, maybe he’s not cutting it?

  • It could just be that Sparky sees Jay more as a long term centre back not left back, or am I clutching at straws? Where would this leave Stevie Warnock though? He could only then move into a left midfield roll (where would this leave MGP!) as I don’t personally think he’s strong enough to play a central midfield role at the moment. Don’t think the Swiss guy will sign in anycase.

  • I just think Sparky is trying to create competition for places. Jay is worth much more than 250k… Brad is a legend.. impossible to replace.

  • I hope so i like the look of Jay, a run of games should get him into Hughes thinking! he’s def ahead of Gray, maybe Derby could take that waster instead – and I know folk like Gay but thats my own opinion and I ‘ve said it b4

  • I’d rather Gray leave than Jay. Gray had his moments in November but he’s done as a Premiership force now I feel.

  • I thought I was going to have to issue some formal oppology on behalf of the site for a while lol 🙂 We all know you meant nothing by it Clint, easy mistake to make.

  • we’ve had racism last week, not we got homophobicism (is THAT even a word? lol, i cant be bothered checking heh) I’ve jsut beenlucky with my typos…so far! Gray is done, widh he’d joined Wisey when he had the chance, hes just a drain on the finances now, IMSC, hes not even playin in the reserves.

  • Sparky doesn’t play first team squad members in the reserves thought does he, unless they are coming back from injury. I’m not putting him in the league with Dom Matteo but if he stays he’ll be likened to him, in as much as being a drain on resources. Think we have enough cover to see him move on now.

  • Lorenzo the diddy, what on earth prompted Souey to part with actual real money to sign him? A flashy version of Darren Peacock. Where’s nicky marker when you need him lol

  • For about the first game against Wolves he looked like a world beater. Then it all went very wrong. His lapses in concentration were amazing sometimes.

  • I always thought we got Amo on a free? Nicky Marker wasn’t really that bad was he, Dalglish liked him and played him a fair bit really didn’t he.

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