Date: 23rd March 2009 at 6:14pm
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Blackburn Rovers midfielder Aaron Mokoena has already confirmed that he will be leaving Ewood Park this summer but weekend reports claim Premier League football is still on offer.

The South African International skipper is out of contract at the end of the season and is set to move away from Ewood (something that has been confirmed by the Axe), that isn’t a surprise to anyone really is it. The understanding from Sunday Newspapers that a former Rovers boss is lining him up for a move to Fulham might be though? However, it is also understood that another Premier League rival Portsmouth are also in the hunt.



10 Replies to “Fulham Planning Axe Move?”

  • will he get first team football? i doubt he’ll stay in the premier league simply because thats a question that will be asked at any top flight club

  • I dont think that even at Fulham he would get 1st team football – they have a good midfield and he’s too small for centreback in this league, added to the fact he’s not the quickest to make up for it…. I think he did play to his potential and was handy to have around but ultimatley 3 managers have deemed him not good enough so i think that says it all – Good luck to ‘The Axe’ though

  • Maybe he might get a first team gig at a promoted club. Or abroad? either way he has been a good servant, nothing more nothing less.

  • Yeah he’ll be a decent 1st teamer in the Championship, I like him and he gives his all – but his all just aint good enough…. I know u get wot u pay for ( usually ) but we should be aiming for folk who push the 1st team and im sorry he and possibly Zurab, Brown etc just arent…..

  • I agree Mikey I like Zurab, always have had since his Rangers day, but he just isnt pushing is he, its like he’s happy getting the odd couple of games, like its not as if Georgia would ever drop one of there better players after all…. He’s a handy player to have around though but our squad players arent seen to be pushing to get in the team, i would have liked this season to have gone a bit better to have seen Villaneva ( spelt wrong lol ) maybe next yr if we keep him.

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