Date: 24th June 2009 at 12:03pm
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The stupidly underrated Paul Gallagher will be offered a Blackburn Rovers lifeline this summer as Sam Allardyce challenges the striker to put his cards on the table and show what he is capable of.

Rovers` academy graduate forward has looked destined for an Ewood Park exit, having spent the past two seasons on loan to Preston and Plymouth and was widely reported in the media as being ‘surplus’ to requirements at Blackburn.

However, the tide is turning. Allardyce is giving Gally a chance to shine in pre-season and could yet make his mark.

I have always been a fan of Gally with his good touch and movement but there are fans who claim he is too light for the division.

However, Allardyce is giving him one last crack at the big time – lets support him and see how it goes.


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  • Could be a cheeper replacement for matty! Come on gally! Always liked this guy.. hope he can finally step up to the mark

  • Gally was here before Matty and as much as I wish him all the best in Greece… It’s heartening to hear Gally has been given a chance… He’s a great lad and by all accounts a true blue… it was a few seasons ago but had a pint with him in the Ewood Arms.

  • from what i remember matty is better than gally and they play similar style. how are we letting matty go and giving gally a chance?

  • who knows, maybe gally is a touch more versatile then derbs, arghhhh confused…..i do remember that goal against the toon he scored lol

  • I’m with you Mikey. I’ve always rated Gallacher as one of the best football minds on the team. Lots of nice touches and intelligent passes and a pretty decent finisher – didn’t he score 13 or 14 goals this season in a terrible plymouth team? Hope he gets a chance and hope he takes it. Good luck, Gally!

  • gally is quality, my friend who unfortunately is a dingle was drinking with gally and derbyshire a couple of weeks ago in magaluf, and gally said he didnt know what was gonna happen while derbs was very hopeful a move away was on cards as he said sam was very awkward around the training ground and had not even phoned him or been in contact with him since he went to greece

  • to me this doesn’t quite add up!! maybe im just not seeing it but Derbyshire has been kept at Rovers, all the talk was about him being the next big thing and on the other side Gallagher has been on loan for the last 2yrs with no-one really that interested in him!! Was it that we were asking way too much for Gallagher because the club always knew he was coming back, like some master plan?!?! I doubt it… just seems as if Sam needed to raise funds, fair enough, that has to be expected – has Sam been left with no other option than Gallagher, who in his own rite is a good player, although I not seen him play in recent times lol – i know the club has to do wots rite at times and selling better players gets in better Gallagher was only being touted for £1m – but it does sometimes stick in your throat, i do believe we have got rid of the better player but thats life in football and its balance sheets – unlike Santa Cruz whos’ move will ultimatley benefit the club by helping to build a stronger squad, Derbyshire’s move, i believe, is a mistake simply brought on my monetary constraints, the short-sightedness of our manager on this one or simply has desire to obtain 1st team football, which unfortunatley will not be with us…

  • I’m a fan of Gally’s and have ALWAYS wanted him to be given a fair chance but I think this is very strange!!! I personally don’t think that Gally will be given this chance that it’s understood he will be, hopefully I’m wrong?

  • Agree with you Clint. Derbyshire has always looked a better bet than Gally. I think this all comes down to a lack of funds from the board and an inability to sell Gally for anywhere near his market value. Still, we shall see.

  • Gally is different to Matty, Matt was a great goalscorer a 1 on 1 with goalkeeper sort of striker, Gally i feel plays for the CF role just slightly behind our main striker, he can hold up the ball pretty well and can link in other players but he always has that ability to put the ball in the net

  • I hope Gally takes this opportunity and does well – if for the only reason is that I have a Gally shirt and I can start wearing it again!

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