Date: 5th June 2007 at 11:50am
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ROVERS chairman John Williams has taken time out from being one of the best chairmen in the league to clarify that Morten Gamst Pedersen will not be moving from Ewood Park this summer.

The man who doesn’t score tap ins has been the subject of transfer speculation every transfer window since his £1.5m switch to Ewood Park from Tromso in August 2004. Some of which was utterly banal media speculation, particularly from the Mirror who are very Anti-Rovers.

The Lancashire Telegraph reported on Saturday that Pedersen’s agent, Rune Hauge, had claimed that the Premiership’s Big 4 and world famous ‘MEGA CLUB’ Tottenham Hotspur were lining up a move for the Norwegian international.

Hauge claimed that he had been in contact with the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham over his client. The only words we’ve actually heard from Gamst so far is that he happy at Ewood and is determined to help press the club on.

But Mr Williams has shot down any interest in the Rovers star, who has scored 26 goals in 118 games in the famous blue and white halves, saying Rovers were looking to strengthen their squad not lose their best players.

He said: ‘I’ve told Mark Hughes that he doesn’t need to sell anyone this summer. Morten has three years on his contract at Ewood Park. It’s as simple as that.’

* this sounds to me like Morten’s agent fancies a large slice of commission for Gamst either a) signing a new contract or b) moving to a new club.
Anything Morten has stated so far is that he is happy, I am more than confident Gamst will be playing for the Blue and White barmy army next year…. and that`s a good thing.

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  • I think it is time that people took notice of what is being said by the hierachy at Ewood. Our players aren’t going anywhere.

  • The papers won’t listen mate…. they have to sell papers so make up stories based on loose specualtion… hey did you know that Abdre Ooijer has been linked with a mega money £22.5 million deal to join AC Milan in the Summer?… no, oh well me neither but the mirror will print it.

  • i am all for teams showing ambition and wanting to hold onto their best players. and if the chairman states this he cant really go back on this. if the source is true then pedersen is going nowhere and to be honest my first choice target would be petrov. not that i dont rate pedersen i just think he is overpriced. however would ur chairman still stick by this if he got a 15m or higher bid in? im not saying anyone will pay that but are u fully confident that when ur chairman says not for sale he means it? btw on a different note i would like to defend jenas from one of ur articles in the last few days i have just read. he is not overated in fact he is underated. even by the majority of fans. he is our most hardworking midfielder and has the potential to be one of the best box to box midfielders in the country, also there are very few goalscoring midfielders in the prem, he is one of them. true he has areas he needs to work on but u will all (including some of our own fans) be eating ur words once his potential is fullfilled

  • I think the Ballack option is a winner… suggest some names mate… as for the Jenas article it was derived from a poll that everyone voted on. He has been a Premiership footballer for years now and considering the club he plays for, the England recognition and the time he has had to realise his potential… the return has been poor. And speaking of goal scoring midfielders… Gamst is one of those.

  • You had me at the man who does not score tap ins, good call mikey. He has missd some costly goals over the 2 years hasnt he, ahhhh that header

  • yeh ballack to be fair is the winner on that choice, akinbiyi was the lazest prem player this season when at sheff utd though. i can see from an outsiders perspective who do not see jenas regually how they have come to that view, but if it wasnt for injuries this would of been the year he would of come of age. next year if he stays injury free he will show the consistancy

  • hahahah relax, quality article mate, that was just the highlight. And also, what twit is voting tugay as laziest player, when i get my hands on them!!!!!!!

  • First off, Good job with the article Mikey! Secondly, regarding Jenas Buckers, he has all the necessary tools to be a quality player and started playing for Forest when he was 17! He went to Newcastle and more recently joined your lot, all in al 7 years of first team football with around 5 and a half in the Prem, the lad should have gotten a level of consistency by now, then again maybe he has and thats all he will get too. My biggest bug bear with Jenas (I do honestly rate the guy, Christ, I had him in my FF team last season) is much the same as Dyer insomuch as they had one good season then moved to a bigger club and have done very little since but CONTINUALLY selected for England Duty when there are better and more In form players available. This is not necessarily Jenas’ fault i agree but it makes a mockery of the England Squad every time.

  • see i disagree with that he is chosen for england duty on the basis that he deserves it . it isnt the case that he doesnt play well because he does he just has areas of his game he needs to work on like distrubution and set pieces. his first season for us he was on fire, and while he has been out this year we have sorely missed him. even fans who didnt rate him could see the hole he left once he got injured its no coincidence that our good run of form coinsided with jenas return from injury

  • He’s a woofter, for his size he is too lightweight and too scared to go in for heavy tackles, he doesn’t score a lot of goals, he doesn’t have a wide range of passing ability – what does he do???

    I would have Joey Barton over him any day of the week – and that is saying something. As for him getting the nod over Bentley – don’t get me started!!!

  • Well enough said about Jenas. Going back to some of your earlier points buckers…i strongly agree that should 15mill etc come in we will and should take it. Gamst is quality and without doubt one of our stars but I don’t think he is irreplaceable. And Sasman’s point is very valid. He has missed some horribly easy chances due to his lack of composure and, at times, showboating!!! Although he did little wrong with THAT header…just very unlucky!

  • OK Buckers, answer me this then, honestly if you can. The England Squad announced around March/April time had Jenas in it when he had literally just regained full fitness from injury and, IMSC had not played for Spurs before the squad was picked. On what basis did he get into that squad then? Same goes for Kieron Dyer. Hmmm?

  • The fact he was put on right wing ahead of Bentley when Beckham came off was PATHETIC. Completely unsuited for the role and underqualified against Bentley.

  • awful quiet Buckers? you going to be brave enough to step up and answer? Mikey, whist I understand that every manager has his favourites and will depend on some more than others to do a job for him, Bentley shouldve been sent on to replace Becks, but I think MaClaren has bowed to public opinion that he should draft him in but not have any inclination to actually cap him.

  • Maclaren is just an FA puppet that bows to what they say and follows what the public generally says. He is not his own man and is swayed by other directions – players, public, fA.

    I am however, confused by Venables role. He always was his own man and that is what ultimately cost him the job first time around. Maybe (as was shown when he was at Palace), he has lost the plot as well.

    I was generally all-for Beckham’s inclusion – his form for Real has justified it. But with him going to MLS in the summer, was it a good move. I think it was a step backwards, because once he goes to the MLS I don’t think he will be a viable option.

    The last 10 minutes would have been perfect to bed-in Bentley against Brazil.

  • lol ok ok calm down!! im actually at work so cant be on vital all day….right back to it….i agree that mclaren and previous sven pick players they are “comfortable” with ie. owen even when he isnt fit above performers in the prem. true in that squad ur talking about jenas had only came bk from injury so in my book needed to prove fitness before claiming his place bk but u and i both know thats not how it works. Also to claim jenas is “underqualified to bentley is wrong, bentley hasnt got a full cap to his name and yet jenas has played in many crucial england games start against azerbajain i seem to recall im place of beckham. he also has the european football experience with us and champ league with newcastle. i think bentley has had a great season and yes on the right wing should be infront of jenas. but jenas when fit deserves his place in the squad whereas bentley im not so sure in my book behind lennon beckham and wright phillips. BUT that wasnt the point of the debate, the point was on jenas and whether he is overated. and as mentioned above and seeing him week in week out i know we have a midfielder on our hands who can become one of the best in the country.

  • lol, he will NEVER be one of the best in the country – sorry!
    I stick by what I said about him and just view him as a fairy.

  • Behind Lennon and Wright Phillips???? As a right winger we have seen you can have all the pace in the world but nothing beats a good cross.. and neither Wright Phillips and Lennon have that in their locker… Give it till December next season and he’ll be ahead of both of those. Jenas is a midfield utility man and Bentley is a specialist right midfielder who is on form… who would you pick???

  • “crucial england games start against azerbajain” just listen to yourself… it was crucial because of the poor performances of our so called “best” players! Our bets player, Beckham, was dropped when anyone of the others could have gone, Lampard, Jenas, Carrick, Ferdinand, Brown, Owen, Defoe, Crouch… They are part of the clique! Much better players include Nolan, Parker & Bentley… as for lennon and wright-phillips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • remember the saga about the gay prem player and the mobile phone? it wasn’t Ashley Cole…. It was Jemaine “I take it up the rusty nail hole” Jenas!

  • I think Beckham was suspended for the Azerbajain game, remember when he said he “cleverly” got himself booked to miss the game, thats the only reason Jenas got a look in. Jenas as I have said already is the jack of all trades master of none, I can see why McClaren likes the options that jenas gives in terms of multiple positions but Bentley should always be picked as the first back up to Beckham…

  • LOL – thank god we don’t have to rely on buckers footballing eye… if he thinks jenas can be one of the best midfield players in the country! Bentley would out play him ANYWHERE on the pitch, even in goal!

  • Multiple positions, Mikey. Gary Neville would do a better job on the right side of midfield. Jenas has one position – hokding midfield man and he is rubbish at that.

    Rusty nail hole – lol, brilliant.

    Agree with the pace vs crossing ability. My mate pointed out that Maclaren took off Beckham just before he put Crouch on – logic??

    I have wanted to see Nolan get his chance for while now, but I have never rated Scott Parker – his head is too big for his body…

  • ex ewood resident..ok so your admitting it was a crucial game then? really doesnt matter how it came about to being crucial it was. also i have respected your opinion on bentley i also have repsected your opinion on jenas but stated that you simply havnt seen him week in week out to see what he brings to our team and what we miss when he isnt there.

  • wellsy…..u clearly havent seen jenas play if u think he is ” a holding midfielder” jesus christ are you sure you know what player were talking bout?

  • I;ve always got the impression he was a bit more of a roaming midfielder. Tottenham have got a good team but I cant say Jenas should be in the starting XI… I would use Jenas to close down a game whilst playing for England but nothing else.

  • buckers… it will take a lot more than that convince me that Jenas is of any use in the England set up… regardless of how spurs fans see him… but don’t think i am laying the blame solely at Jenas’ door… there are many more players that have under-performed for England… it just happens that Carrick (ex spurs i know) and Defoe are amongst them. Perhaps Sven and McClaren didn’t use them to their strengthens, perhaps they are just not good enough at that level. We don’t know if Bentley would be good at International level… but he at least deserves to be given ago. I will give spurs something though… I think Robbie Keane is the best all round player in the prem… damn shame he isn’t English!

  • we played a diamond last year carrick holding jenas supporting that was the best combination we had in years, with carrick leaving we play a different style but jenas is very much the attacking threat in midfield but he will track back he is typically a box to box midfielder.

  • but the debate was never about whether he is good enough for englands xi or not it was about whether he was overated. to break lampard, carrick, hargreaves, and gerrards hold on the centre jenas has more work to do no doubt about it i just believe he has this in him to suceed. and true sven didnt play anyone to their strengths! also agreed on robbie keane now theres a player who is still underated.

  • buckers… I posted my apology on the wrong article… respect for not being a typical spud WUM. I still disagree regarding Jenas but i guess we’ll have to leave it there! we all have our favs – i have been lambasted by many Rovers on here for my faith in Mikey Gray… lol – he even let chav boy rooney get the drop on him…

    “Mikey Gray is magic, he wears a magic hat, when he saw Rooney’s missus.. he said i’m shagging that!”

  • Robbie Keane is quality and I have always wanted to see him at Rovers. We should have made a bid all those years ago when we still had Damien, he may have been tempted. Now there would be little chance of getting him. As for Bents. He is the best wide right player in England at the moment, on goals scored and more importantly created! Its simple. He should be playing for Eng as Becks understudy atm.

  • Keane is awesome, he has natural all-round ability and seems to be getting better. Not sure about the best all-round player in the premiership – that’s Gerrard!!

    Anyway – let’s all laugh at Mido – good move wasn’t it turning Rovers down?? We ended up with Benni…..

  • LOL – Wells! I had forgotten aboiut mido! (it’s easily done!), Gerrard is good, certainly better than Lampard, but as all round a Keane? and let’s be honest Keane’s performances have been better in Internationals than Gerrad’s have for England… it seems he plays better for Liverpool even when Rafa plays him out of position.

  • Alright Buckers_07… i see your point but I’ll answer it nice and simple… is he good enough for England??? no. Is he overrated?? yes. For some one to fork out 8 million, place him the England squad and play for one of the big 5 (ha ha), he ain’t that good.

  • Wasn’t this meant to be about MGP?!?! Maybe we need to rename this site Vital Jermaine Jenas (everything you need to know about about one of England’s finest!) lol 🙂 I couldn’t quite see where the JJ debate began then I found it lurking on one of buckers posts (which I might add were all pretty decent and made for an interesting debate with a Spurs fan, not something you can always say is it!) Now back to MGP, he SHOULD stay and he will as Williams has said so, if he doesn’t he’ll look a tool! ONLY a MASSIVE bid will see him off, so if we got offered £15 million as someone said (think it might have been buckers?!?!) I WOULD want Rovers to accept it!

  • welcome back HDM… U enjoy a bit of time off???? Vital Jenas would be a shocker of a site.. Lets call it Vital MikeyGamst

  • Cheers Mikey, I see you have helped out with a few articles, nice one! I also see BomBom is RUNNING away with the members table both here and overall, keep it going BomBom, “you can do it!!!” I know what lets just keep it as Vital Blackburn 🙂

  • All the guys on this site are representing well! Let’s keep it going guys ideally we want to have ALL the top 10 in treble figures this month.

  • I don’t know how BomBom does it…you reply to one of his posts and he has started talking about something else in three others! BomBom have you got one of those well advanced comps that types what you think or summit?!?!?!?

  • You know what dude I think you may well be right! I saw this thing on one of the shopping channels that is the most advanced headset translation to computer job things about, I reckon BomBom MUST have that for so much to go on SO quickly lol!

  • No wonder the Paparazzi (they are watching him because of the rumoured link up with Rovers as the bargain basement signing!) have been snapping him buying Bananas by the box load! He’s got these monkies AND the computer translator thing doing the work. You sir are BUSTED!!!

  • LMFAO, you guys crack me up! Seriously tho, i was up into treble digits on the first of the month and just immerse myself into every nook, cranny, article and comment i cna find, ive been annoying a few of the other Vital premiership teams too LOL. In all honesty tho, just to diswpel all these rumours, No auto typing, no monkeys, no bananas, no super computer, just me, my keyboard and my desire to represent the VBers and Rovers on the board. Oh the time off from work helps too! I’m back tomorrow though, so will be a slog to keep this pace up, but I will give it a shot. Got a few articles almost ready too HDM m8!

  • Well try and keep it up as long as you can BomBom (I mean the article postings etc of course lol!) As for the articles nice one!

  • I have been very quiet over the last few days but seriously this buckers chap is plain wrong. All spuds fans I know hate Jenas (Penis!) … he’s overrated only by mcclaren and gets away on past performances only (although I struggle to remember any of real class personally).. Lenon and SWP are weak as kittens, therefore no good to be a true winger such as Bents, for that role you need skill and balls and a bit of toughness to boot, something which both are missing (especially Lenon, who is my personal most overrated player in the premiership.. kick and run without any ability to cross will only get you so far). Look at the best wingers in the world (quite possibly giggs and ronaldo atm tbh) they have skills and pace, but ultimately (as much as we hate to admit it) have real strength and determination too). Becks is probably the best crosser of the ball in the world and bents certainly could learn a hell of a lot from him… Also I suggested the options for the poll… who would you put in.. I possibly think Henry/Berbs are the laziest players in the premiership, although they have amazing talent if they don’t get the ball for a 5 min spell they sulk the rest of the game and do ***** all. I’m not sure who’s voted Tugay since I only put him in to appease non Rovers fans but at least they have the balls to vote not bitch about the poll (typical yidd army!)

  • lol hughes da man i did hijack this article and change the subject slightly didnt i, from bents4eng post i could got off on one again but ill leave it there!

  • It made for interesting chat though didn’t it dude, I’m impressed with you restrained buckers lol! I have to admit I do like Lennon (but this was when he was new and fresh, its mostly the same old thing with him now, has pace to burn and can run all day but the end product is all to often missing now.) As for Bents learning from Becks, agreed but on the laziest poll I don’t agree that Berbatov is the laziest, far from it for me. He’s one of the cleverest and technically gifted hence he appears lazy but this is only because he doesn’t need to do anymore than he has to, for the reasons mention, in my opinion anyway.

  • Good cop out Buckers… the answer you are looking for is Bentley. BomBom, the mniacs are in survelilance mode. We saw the chimp from Pirates of the Carribean with you the other day… anything else is just plain lying.

  • seriously keane as best all round player ExEwood Res and better internationally than gerrrard?!!? i have to disagree he is decent but he is so inconsistenet for ireland only ever scored against one good international team (germany world cup last min) and he is our captain and you think you guys hav problems with mcclaren we have steve “the muppet” staunton in charge!!!

  • Durks, you are biased cos he plays like a Blackpool donkey for Ireland! Buckers, im not asking you to compare them, Im asking you to pick one for your side if you could only select one! Mikey, couldnt it be that I JUST LIKE BANANAS????

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