Date: 5th March 2008 at 7:14pm
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Blackburn Rovers winger Morten Gamst Pedersen has sent a plea to Rovers to give him a new contract, and to also ENSURE that we retain our best players.

The Norwegian International hasn’t been at his best this season, but he has started finding form again recently so he hopes this will be good enough (and he says he WILL work harder than he has at his own admission) to see his contract extended as he says he is VERY happy at Ewood Park and has no desire to move anywhere else.

Gamst Pedersen told the Official Blackburn Rovers Website: “It is a good club and I enjoy it here.

“We’ve got good people around us and a good squad, so I’m pleased to be here.

“There have been talks and we’ll have to see what happens. I’ll just focus on my football for now and let other people take care of the other things. I’ll just have to work hard and I’ll deserve what I get

The secret to Rovers’ success according to the 26-year-old is the fact that we have a settled group of players, but in order to get EVEN better and fulfil the promise even further MGP feels it is ESSENTIAL that we keep hold of everyone (as we have done mainly over the years) to keep this going.

He added: “We are building a team and you want to keep players that you have been working a long time with and worked hard with.

“If you are just going to have players for a few years and then they leave, you need replacements again. So it is good to keep the squad together for a long time. We get to know each other better and better.

“You see the big clubs keep their players for a long time, so if we can do the same and build something while we are doing it then we can maybe take another step forward.

“I’ve been here since 2004. There are a few players who have been here longer than me, but I’m one of the longest servants now. I like it here and I’ve been doing well, so hopefully there are going to be some more good years to come



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  • When SOOOO many players (including Benni and MGP) come out almost begging for a contract extensions, expressing how happy they are you know something is VERY right, as these types of players could get into many other clubs couldn’t they.
    Get him (and the rest) tied down for as long as possible and as soon as possible!!!

  • Thats a very good point HDM, it seems that our players really enjoy playing under Sparky. These are two big players for us and their willingness to sign new deals sends out a clear message that they like whats happening here and want to continue being a part of it. And why would’nt they, this is as good a place as any to play football and they can achieve what they want to achieve with us.

  • Great to here a popular player like Gamst talking so highly about the club and the future. Get him and the rest tied down.

  • I think he will come good and be worth every penny of a new contract.

    New gossip: Blackburn on the verge of signing a new midfielder (name unknown) who has been training with the team for the last week(therefor a “free agent”(free) – a guy who is going to EURO 2008 (so it isnt QF) My guess is Johan Vogel!!

  • do I dare say it… HDM your commets are very apt… Last time we hear players begging to stay was when King Kenny was in charge… We won the Prem because we had a very very good team spirit… although we had Big Al (the best front man in english football for a long time) we didn’t have “big” names… Kenny made them big! Could Hughesy do the same… Do we dare believe that we could once again challenge for the trophy?

  • If we can keep this group together, and add a couple more in the summer and summers after then why not?!?!

  • I think that is perhaps a bit far fetched froma neutral point f view simdohquo but we can dare to dream cant we??? This is really good news to hear us being talked of this way by a player on the “Inside”… players like Bentley, McCarthy, Santa, Nelsen, Warnock, Brad, Reid and Dunny need to be retained to ensure we stay where we are and push on.

  • The_Legend_Of_Zola – thats what I thought about Avram Grant and you guys.. but he proved me wrong! And I agree – Zola is a legend

  • Its good that Rovers are trying to tie the better players into longer contracts, but has Gamst really really done enough to earn one?? Now dont get me wrong I like him and when he’s on form he one of the best left wingers in the league, if not Europe! but for me he has done nothing this season worthy of note, although there has been an up turn in recent weeks

  • I have to admit the headline on this article made me laugh, quite appropriate don’t you think after the season he’s just had. But I do rate him highly and I’m delighted he wants to stay.

  • heh – no, I of course mean The Gianfranco Zola 🙂 And form is temporary, class is permanent and this guy has class.

  • Racking up those points hey Ozanne?? I think Morten should concentrate on getting us into Europe… then we’ll talk contracts.

  • Hopefully this can become a thing of the future for rovers, the players begging to stay rather than being linked with ‘bigger clubs’. I have to say that while Pedersen has been very poor and out of form for most of the season he is easily one of our best when he is playing well

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