Date: 28th December 2006 at 11:50am
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According to reports Blackburn Rovers winger Morten Gamst Pedersen is set to sign for Tottenham Hotspur in the January transfer window?

The Norwegian International, who has been consistently linked with a move to Spurs for the past year hasn’t been in the best of form this season but has been starting to find some again in recent weeks.

Reports, allegedly from someone with “inside information” are said to have come from a source close to the player’s agent. They said:

Morten is unhappy playing for a relegation-threatened side. He wants to move on.

Spurs are a big club and Morten is keen to join them.”

Gamst has made no secret of his desire to one day move onto a bigger side, but these bigger sides he has spoken of have been Manchester United, Liverpool or Arsenal so with the greatest of respect to Spurs despite our current plight in the League would this really be as much of a move forward as he is eventually looking for?

A few weeks ago I would have almost gladly seen him go but with him coming back into form he is a player we need. With this said no player is bigger than anyone club and if the offer is right maybe it would be a good time to cash in? You can understand his frustration (if Gamst genuinely does feel the way the quotes are saying) but if he only wants to “sing when we’re winning” then maybe it would be best for all concerned for him to move on as we only want players playing for the club that want to be here.

It’s that time of year where rumours are ripe so this probably is nothing more than just that?

Meanwhile other reports are saying that Mark Hughes is keen to revive his interest in 40-year-old veteran Teddy Sheringham? Would he really get much more football at Ewood Park than he is getting at Upton Park though, is there room enough for two outfield veterans in our side!

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22 Replies to “Gamst to Sign for Tottenham?”

  • MGP going to Spurs surely won’t happen, not in January anyway although money can talk and as I say if the “rumours” on what he’s meant to have said are true maybe it’s best he did??? As for Sheringham could he offer much more creativity than that we already have in the shape of Tugay? I know he’d add that extra link between midfield and attack but I couldn’t really see him playing much more than he is at West Ham? Maybe I’m wrong?!?!

  • maybe it is about time MGP moved to a big team and spurs are a big team. He could fill our problem left side problem and he is a real footballer rather than a long ball expert like that of Blackburn. Lets be honest, gone are the days Blackburn were a big team, they now set their site on survival rather than silerware!!!!!

  • even when Blackburn won the league we were a bigger team. I do like blackburn, and really rate MGP, he would make us a much better team by filling the only real weak spot we have in our squad/starting 11. we would have Lennon and him on either wing, with the creativity of Malbranque and Huddlestone in the centre… Berba and Defoe up front, it would be looking a lot better come Feb with him in or team!

  • Good player yet I don’t think he’s played that well this season in comparison to his previous ones in England. Hence, I believe this is made up and won’t be happening. Spurs have enough midfielders as it is!

  • Id love to see it happen, ive alway’s liked him and yeah ok he’s not on form this year but saying that nor is the whole team…and he will bring extra flair and wiidth with his a well gelled hair doo!!

  • I think there are better options than MGP, hes got good technical abilities i.e shooting,crossing,set pieces, but in general play he isn’t that effective, we need a left winger with pace, Quaresma !!

  • I agree with you Lennon25 – I think there are better options for us -I would have a punt on either Harry Kewell who is wasted in the Liverpool reserves or Huckerby who could easily add some width and flair – he should be playing in the premiership for sure

  • I’ve given up trying to argue against one of points FOLKESTONE YID makes; if you can’t open your eyes to the fact that Rovers are more than just a “long ball” team why should I even try arguing against it…once again! Also believing that Spurs are a bigger club along the lines of United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool is what makes so many fans dislike Spurs, not that I’m neccessrily saying I’m one of them.

  • Huckerby?! Do me a favour!! Kewell?! He never plays because he is always injured, open your eyes. MGP is a good player and would be per for our left sided problem. He hasn’t been playing well but Blackburn have been poor this season so no player is going to be outstanding. Bentley has been a good signing but players like this will always look better in a good side. No disrespect to Blackburn, they are struggling at the moment, but I believe that Spurs are a coupe of players away from being a regular top six side. I’m not saying we’re going to be up there challenging but we just ha I would like to see him a couple of positions to fill before I think we will be consistent.

  • MPG doesn’t have pace I’ll agree here but to say you’d rather opt for Kewell (who is currently injured not in the reserves) or Huckerby instead of MGP surprises me, not that I’m unhappy as keeping him suits me.

  • I’m not sure what makes a ‘big’ club but I’m sure it is based on funds available, fanbase outside of the club’s area and the history of success at the club. I’m afraid Spurs have you beat hands down on all of these factors but feel free to argue. Spurs also fill their seats home and away, week in, week out wether the game is on TV or not. The same cannot be said of Blackburn I am afraid. I’m not trying to knock Blackburn, we all think that our own clubs are the best thing since sliced bread but they’re the facts.

  • I’m not saying that I think Blackburn are neccessarily a big club, we’re not certainly in terms of Liverpool, Chelsea, Man Utd and Arsenal that are! Based on fans base and funds available you do beat us hands down. In terms of history of the clubs success I don’t totally agree, recent history certainly suggests quite the opposite. It’s easier for Spurs to fill their stadium as you are London based and have the masses of surrounding areas to draw from, Blackburn is in Lancashire, hardly the hot bed of activity and a LONG way for fans based around the country to visit.

  • Hughes Da Man i would actually like to appologise, Mark Hughes has done miracles with you guys. From when he first took over he has now got you playing football, yes you were in the Watford mould under Souness, i never used to like watching Blackburn but now you do play the ball on the ground and play some attractive football. Your main problem is a small squad and when injuries hit, like they are now, you look to fragile. That is the one thing Spurs have now and maybe selling MGP will free up funds to spend on strengthening the squad and it is such a close league this year Europe is not out the question. Good Luck

  • Thank you FOLKESTONE YID. We can’t seem to shake the tag which was relevant, maybe even when Spraky first arrived. This kept us up but since then he has moved us on. Injuries haven’t helped but I don’t like blaming these. When they strike you “should” have others to step up to the plate, these either aren’t ready, not prefered, aren’t good enough or a comination of all of these. When Nelsen, Reid and Roberts return and players arrive we’ll be really pushing on again and will be able to cope with key injuries. Spurs have a HUGE squad and do have a lot of talented players with potential tp see you step up. Selling MGP would give us funds to do likewise but on the other hand we’d need to spend most of it on one player to replace him?!?! We’ll see what happens?

  • MGP will be going nowhere! You could see the delight on his face when we scored on sat. If he wasn’t interested in being at this club, I’m sure his reaction would have been very different. He and alot of people are aware of the fact that Rovers are struggling this season through a combination of injuries and bad luck, plus some stinkingly bad performances. We will soon be rising up the league to contest UEFA spots. It is also refreshing to see Spurs fans not slating Rovers (particular reference to the apology by FOLKESTONE YID). We, as Rovers fans, know your club are recognised as bigger but it riles me when arrogant Spurs fans come on here dismissing Rovers as a nothing more than a thuggish long ball team. We have quality, just watch the Liverpool goal for evidence. Good luck to Spurs for the rest of the season!

  • tottenham 2 championships 8 fa cups
    blackburn 3 championships 6 fa cups
    the difference is that tottenham think that they are a big club and rovers know they arent

  • Kewell & Huckerby..??What a load of tripe,you aint being real are you…??Thats the most stupid thing i have heard from a Spurs fan in a LONG time.Back on Planet Earth…….Pederson signed a new contract in the summer so Rovers hold all the aces.Lua Lua is a name never far away & Boa Morte wouldnt be out of the question.Can we tempt Joe Cole from Chelsea..??

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