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It looks like its Beauty and the Beast, and for the first time, Sas is the Beast!!!!!

Well Well Well, hiding in the corner of the closet, it looks like we have found our first female Vital Blackburner!!!! Read below as she teaches all us guys a few lessons, and really gives us a good rant on a few issues, a rant that makes Sas and York Rover’s running rant on Benni McCarthy look childish!!!

1) Tell us a little about yourself. Whats doing in your life, where you from and why Rovers!!

Well I am originally from just outside Blackburn, moved over to Leeds 2years ago for work, I still work in Bradford, but have moved to Burnley (yes I know) just before Christmas! It’s traumatic but at least I can walk around with a smug smile on my face these now that order has been restored and they are plummeting!!

I am a season ticket holder in the Blackburn end, have been for the best part of 16years.

I got in to football through watching with my Dad and Uncles when I was small we all used to sit and watch the live match on a Sunday afternoon, when it used to be on terrestrial TV, and then for my 12th birthday my dad took me to my first live match, it was Acci Stanley v Crew in the FA Cup but it was at Ewood!! I was hooked and pestered my dad to take me to more and more matches and eventually we got a season ticket in 1995-96 season!

2) If you could sum up our season in 1 word, what would it be and why


As a rovers fan I have found the best way to get through most seasons is to have very low expectations, it has served me well, I am negative to the point of stupidity, but I find I am being swayed this season.

Things have been so poor at some points that when we do have special moments like the derby match I start to get carried away. Next match I arrive at the ground sit in my seat full of expectation and then they serve up 45mins of bilge like the first half against Portsmouth!! I know that they have the ability to be decent players, that can compete with the clubs around lower top half of the table, but up until the last few weeks we haven’t seen this!

I am hoping that things can push on from the Villa and Wigan results to push us onwards and upwards!

3) Where there any available players within our budget that we really should of signed. Or did Sam do the right thing and just let this window ride?

I am a little divided on this one.

We do need some one to start banging the goals in, we can’t put all the responsibility on Nicos shoulders, Jase is a hard worker but really, that miss against West Ham kind of sums up his season, and Nelse second top goal scorer this season????
So with this in mind I start thinking we really should of brought someone in…….however, I do believe that it is a bit of a circus, the whole January transfer window thing. With Benni only leaving on the last weekend we were pushed for time once we knew we had money to spend, so options were limited, and the clubs willing to off load players knew anyone looking would probably be ‘desperate’ therefore they had them over a barrel so to speak. This is why I am quite please BSA made the decision to pull out of the Dindane deal and not fold to the terms and prices being asked for him! We don’t have the money to throw away, save it for the summer when we can hopefully unearth more gems like Nzonzi and Kali from last year, and hope that the boys start to pull their weight with the goals over the coming months!

4)A Big Game this weekend v Stoke. How do you think we will approach this game, and what will be the result

I am hoping that with the new confidence the boys seam to have we will go out and be positive. Week after week we sit there and watch the team we love so much. Now I work in travel, I don’t have very much experience in football management but I can see that the formation that they have employed over the last few months has not worked…….why can the management team not see this???!!!!

Be positive, if we lose at least we have tried, and the fans can go home happy that they have watched 11player who fought for every ball and took every opportunity they could to go out and win the match!!!

Over the last few matches we have started to see this more positive attitude more and more, and I just hope it continues!!

I’m going to predict a 1-1 with Martin Olsson, who is like a new signing at the moment by the way, getting the goal, and i would be pleased with that!

5)Benni McCarthy- Will he be missed at Blackburn?

Again another one I am divided on.

He was a good servant to the club and scored some vital goals last season especially to keep us in the top flight. But this season he has looked, in the main, lacklustre. I know he has been dropped games after he has put a good shift in , and this is so frustrating for him, but as has been pointed out on here, he was set targets for his weight and fitness, both things that we know are important to BSA, and he ignored them.

He will be missed, but he never lived up to that first season he had!!

He didn’t want to be here any longer, so good luck to him, I will give him a warm round of applause when he returns!

6) Where will we finish, who will win the EPL, who will get relegated, and will John Terry keep the English Captaincy?

Well I feel this is where being your first girl will come into its own!! I can give the female view point on JT!!!

I am so annoyed about this I don’t even know where to start!!!

I should apparently be outraged at the wrong doing of one of my gender but if I was sat in my office and found out that the guy sat across from me had had an affair, I would not ask him to resign his position and I would not boo him!! What is going on in the world!! The Hull fans the other night who were giving him abuse are idiots!!! Are you telling me that not one of them has cheated on their Mrs/Mr??? get a grip of yourselves!!

People are saying as England captain he is a roll model for children…….two points I would like to make on this, A) Kids are not gonna go out and start having extra marital affairs now just because JT did and think it’s alright and B) if this is the case that he is a role model then lets tell kids, look he did an bad thing but he got caught, lesson learnt!!!

Yes JT should keep the England captaincy, if we take it away from him who we going to give it to, the guy who should of been sent down for GBH or the granny sh*gger!!!

Sorry rant over, but it’s really got me wound up this week.

I think it’s going to be incredibly tight this year for 1st place, either one of the big three, as I now like to call them, can win it! But I am going to go with Chelsea, they easily have the most options upfront Arsenal have no fit recognised strikers, and United can’t keep relying on Rooney, plus it’s a world cup year so he’s bound to get injured in the next month or so!!

Relegation, I can’t see Pompy pulling out of the bottom three now, I do count my blessings every day that I’m not fan, it’s just falling apart around their ears.

It puts a big smile on face to write the next one….Burnley!!!! After the 2-3months at the beginning of the season when they were above us ‘riding high’ it’s all falling apart for the dingles!!! First the results start dropping off, then the saviour leaves, then he starts to take his back room staff with him, and then the appointment they make to replace him is not good enough for a poor Championship side!!! Good times being a Blackburn fan living in the dark depths of dingle-ville!!

I would like to see us push on and possibly try and get one of those european spots just a few positions above us, however, I did state above, i am a negative little sole, and i would currently be happy with tenth. We are nowhere near in the same league of spending as those around us and above us, and we have a few players bedding in with very little PL experience such as Steven Nzonzi and Nico Kalanic, and then have the perenial Dunny/Grella/Reid treatment room merry-go-round so all in all i would be happy with 10th

A superb read! Cheers Miss Bennipoo!

Just a reminder to all VBERS, if you would like to be part of Vital Blackburn’s most popular segment, please send me a private message in the forums!


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