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In the latest edition of Getting to Know, Sasman asks Vital Blackburn Legend, Clint, the important questions…

I have chased and finally hunted him down. The man we know as Clint, one of the original Vital Blackburners, and it’s time to hear his thoughts.

Clint, you are a Vital Blackburn Veteran, been here from the beginning with HDM/Walker. How has the site developed over time

The site has come on leaps and bounds since I first stumbled over one day in work, randomly looking for news on Rovers, although I may be one of the first to have joined im not around as much as others but any time i get the chance to log on I know im always going to have something to comment on and that is credit to everyone on the site – Im not being biased but when compared to other vital sites the Rovers one stands out a mile above even the 2nd best one!!

How have Paul ince and his new signings performed so far this season. Has anybody impressed you?

was one of the ones that wanted Ince – a new hungry English manager – the start to the season hasnt gone off with a bang, maybe the team is still getting to know Ince and his tactics/backroom staff and vice versa but it hasnt been a nitemare either. Injuries in midfield haven’t helped the man either! I would think TOP 10in his 1st season would be good for him but most Rovers fans will want more I do believe that this will be a bedding in season more for Ince and Rovers and we’ll be more able to judge next season – As for his signings, well Grella is going to be a great asset to this club once he gets a run of games, Villaneuva, im not sure where to play him, i think he’s prob best as a 2nd striker – but that is our strongest unit here so he’ll be lucky to play there, which leaves the left wing (is he a bit like Gamst when he 1st came here – too weedy for the midfield??) Andrews will be a decent lad to have in the squad and shows that there is quality in the lower leagues!! and Robinson – well this was a great buy for Rovers – I love big Brad to bits but to get £2m for a 38yr old and to replace him with a 28yr old keeper with international experience for lets say £1m, well it should go down as one of the best buys ever – money wise lol Robinson will surley get his England place back and Brad as good as he is, was starting to look a little shaky but good luck to to the man. It will be interesting to see who he brings in this Jan – we need (again only my opinion) a rite winger – i like Emerton a lot but he’s not quick enuff(PUT HIM IN THE MIDDLE OF MIDFIELD WITH GRELLA) I would look to bring in a rite back as well, cos we’ll more than likely lose Simpson a few months after and Rovers are a team that NEED a solid, continual line up at the back. I would personnally add a good centre back as well, Ooijer is not getting any younger, Samba can ar&e about too much and Zurab is just good back up.

Who do you think will be most important if Rovers are to challenge for a European spot

There are a few players that would fall into this – keeping Santa from the clutches of the dark dank Manchester (who in my opinion are living in a dream world, plz like Kaka and Messi will join lol) in Jan will be the biggest fight, although I do believe that Hughes will have a fight on his hands to stay there as manager,i just dont see how he fits into the plans of a billionare who wants to have the biggest club in the world, as good a manager he is, is he good enough to take on the worlds biggest players and the egos, the money on offer will bring them there so its all about Hughes but sure we’ll see how that plays out!! Getting Benni back would be a massive plus for Ince – i feel i could have done better than him the last 2 seasons and i play as centreback lol – Speaking of CB’s we have to AT ALL COSTS keep God fit, the others are good but they never look the same without Ryan, i would prob throw Grella in there as well as from wot i have seen so far we need a player like him with a bit of fight. But overly I would say Nelsen to stay fit, Rovers are a different team with him in it! I would add that this season there is a great chance to get into Euro, cos of the other teams who u would expect to be there – Spurs, Everton and Portmouth – have all had a bad enough start, so a run of games would get us up round there!!

Do you think we are strong enough to win a domestic cup. How will we fare?

I think Ince will be desperate to win something and Rovers do not have the luxury of throwing in the weins to cup compos, so depending on who we meet, which is granted always the case, we could have a chance in the cups, prob more the Carling Cup as this is the one the big boys kinda take the p**s in and after all a cup is a cup!

Where will we finish, who will win the premier league and who will get relegated?

I think we will finish about 8th just outta Europe but safe enough – people will boo me here but i think that would be a good result this season, we started building later than the rest – no excuse for results on the pitch – but it does count!!

I think Man Utd will win the league – as much as it pains me to say it, cos im in the Hate Them camp lol but Chelsea im not sure are as consistant with big Phil, more exciting def but maybe more beatable, Liverpool have started great but hey how many times has that been said – if they lose Torres and Stevie G I dont think they have players in the squad to cover them and Arsenal – as much as I love watching them – I dont think they have enough players with experience to calm the youngsters down at times, when Cesc is one of the older outfield players then u have to worry a bit

Going down – Um obviously Bolton and for no other reason than Megson is crap, Stoke should fall though i like their attitude, Would love to see Newcastle go – God that would f**k off the ex lol – with West Brom and Wigan in the running as well so i think i will say – West Brom, Bolton and Stoke in that order

Thanks Clint, we are looking forward to hear more from you in the coming weeks.

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